Thursday, May 7, 2009

Is your hero a demon or angel?

It was 1995 the 5th of January and I was in my last year of college. Half the people in the building that day came up to me handing me a copy of the local newspaper asking if I had seen the interview. It said "Interview with El Vampiro". A wrestler who had a vampire gimmick and was from Thunder Bay. How did I not know about this? I was known as the crazy vampire Lady (Lady Lestat to some of them) even back then. He became my hero instantly. In 1999 I got to met him at an autograph signing. I shook his hand and it was as if electricity went through my arm. I was in the presence of more then just an idol of mine. My sister whom I dragged with me, who is not a wrestling fan, who is not a vampire fan said the same thing. When she shook his hand it was like a shock wave up to her shoulder.

Jump now to 2009, and imagine my delight when I walked into the Blockbuster today and found sitting on the shelf a copy of a documentary on Vampiro entitled Vampiro Devil, Angel, Hero. I didn't even know there was a documentary in the works.
It was a strange thing watching this film, and seeing familiar places on there that I can see just by looking out my kitchen window. Stranger still getting to see some of the backstage reality of wrestling.
For anyone who is a fan of wrestling, this is a top notch documentary, giving some insight into the things they have to go through to create a show.
It was painful to watch at moments because of the energy of the film, to see someone I have worshiped and given celebrity status to over the years being so raw with their thoughts. Thunder Bay needs to get off their collective ass and pay Vampiro more respect then it does.

Me meeting Vampiro in 1999 (yes it's really is me.)

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