Thursday, May 14, 2009

So He's Not Mr. Darcy

This is me addressing the comments left on my post What I learned from Sex and the City Part 10
This is me right now, addressing the comments.

I am so sorry I do not follow the heard. No wait I am not sorry at all. Not everyone thinks alike. That is why we blog. To express our emotions, tastes, and to share parts of ourselves. I have never understood the heard mentality of liking someone your friends liked. It never made sense to me.
You can not help liking who you like, and if they are not the most popular choice who the freal cares. You are being honest to you and your soul.
So this is me being honest to me and my soul. At lest I am not hiding behind a wall, when I give my opinions you have a face to attach to it. I see that the people who had something to say about my taste in men didn't have the balls to do it openly. You all hid behind the Anonymous button on your comment list.

The men on my Sexiest List, the men of my dreams are the men of my dreams not yours. And let me firmly stand behind what I wrote again shall I :

1* Alex Shelley
2*Chris Sabin
3*Johnny Depp
4*Hugh Dillon
5*Joel Thomas Hynes

Guess what I have a few more to add to this list :

6* Monoxide
7* Jamie Madrox
8* Trent Acid
9* Eric Young
10* Kris Lemche

Maybe some of us on the planet don't go for the Mr. Darcys, we go for the Mr. Bingleys.


Anonymous said...

get a grip woman/ listen to Bob Dylans 10,000 men

GingerRoot said...

Bob Dylan. Damn that's nasty.

Anonymous said...

joel hynes is in a haze of self importace that no fog horn can deliver him from.


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