Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A challenge to any men reading my blog

I might even add a Mr. Linky for easy access (that sounds so wrong)

I am struggling with my last challenge for the All Jane Austen Challenge, the essay on the men of her books.
I am set to have it finished by the end of the week, no matter how drenny it turns out. I just want that final challenge done so I can move on to my All Vamp Challenge and work on my meeting the deadline for my own novel.

I would love to know what guys really think about Jane Austen's characters. We have one married man in our Jane Austen online group, but he's an English Professor, so his answers to all the discussions are well "prepared" and "by the book".

For the challenge guys this means you have to either actually read a Jane Austen novel or/and watch the movies. Then leave me comments.

Why am I putting this challenge out you ask. Why not?

So the challenge questions are this
*Which story did you pick and did you pick the book or movie?

*What did you think of the characters, who did you like and why, who did you hate and why?

*Who did you identify with the most and why?

So who has the balls to step up and take my challenge?

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