Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's a yam sham

In Season 4 of Buffy the episode "Pangs" Buffy is set to have a perfect Thanksgiving and of course all hell breaks loose. The point of the episode is family. You could say the point of the entire series is family. The subplot, of which Buffy, Giles and Willow fight over through the whole episode is the true reason we have certain holidays.

As a Pagan, there are very few holidays that I celebrate, Thanksgiving is one of them. This is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. And once again I have started mine off the same way I have been for the last few years, watching that episode of Buffy and having pumpkin pie. Store bought of course as my pie baking ability sucks.

That episode makes me cry every time, but then again I cry over everything. I could watch a wrestling match and start crying over a really beautiful suplex or drop kick. Okay not quite that bad but close enough. But have you ever wondered why food? Why do we as a society gather around food? It's just such a natural thing to do, but I have always wondered what makes us do that?

You go to someone's house, you bring wine or a casserole. Why is that bred into us?
You go on a date , you take that person to a restaurant. Why is that considered a proper date?
You have a business meeting over breakfast. But why?

I may never understand the motives behind the rest of society and maybe I am just one of those strange creatures that is not meant to. There is a line in the episode Pangs that goes "you mark the season by eating a cooked animal. So Thanksgiving is a ritual sacrifice with pie". That I understand. An offering to the spirits/gods/nature. It makes sense to me. Does frying up breaded Tofu count? I'm vegetarian remember.

Anyway Happy Thanksgiving

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