Monday, October 26, 2009

Sexy Nightmares

What is the point of having single straight male friends if they won't answer your sex questions?

In this case, I was wanting a little feedback on the one scene in the short story I am writing about a succubus. Just wanted to know if the scene was working or if it needed some re-writes.
And the guy who said he'd read the scene said "boobs are a weakness."

That's all your going to give me is that boobs are your weakness? The succubus is already naked.
So basically what he is saying is that all it would take is a woman removing her top and he'd be dead if the woman was a demon. Cause boobs are his weakness.

Can you vague that up for me?

So either my buddy there is easier then most men or he didn't bother to actually read the scene. And this is a guy who has never been afraid to tell me in the past if I am doing something wrong, so he would not be shy in telling me the scene was crap.
But he didn't tell me that, didn't tell me if it was good either.

Just said that boobs were his weakness.

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