Tuesday, October 20, 2009

That's why I don't have a husband

Can't keep anything in my mouth.
Damn eh?

I was chatting with a male friend of mine, it started innocently enough, talking about food actually. And I asked "is it true that the way to a man's heart is food?"
Buddy answered "yes, and head."

This friend has never been so blunt about things before. I have gotten used to him being the shy sweet guy, the kind of guy you can picture at church every day carrying groceries for little old ladies across the lake when it's frozen over. Then he makes a comment like that and whoosh suddenly I 'm dealing with a typical man.

I have this thing about keeping guys in categories.

*Just Friends (guys you would never ever freal because they are like family)
*Business Partners (guys you might freal but respect)
*Heroes (guys you would love to freal and respect)
*Sex (Freal me now!)

I don't like to have them cross over each other. It complicates things. Dargo was .....complicated.

Holidays are coming up, and I really do not want to be alone again. There is nothing worse then being the only single woman in the family during the holidays.

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