Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dear Chris Sabin....

I used screen captures for this post

I said less then two weeks ago I would shut up about it, and I was trying to keep my word.
But, as it's still my most popular post (people are googling it still) I have to bring the topic back again.

Chris Sabin's hair.

We love this man don't we; yes we do. And why?
Well, he's an amazing wrestler (Sept 3rd 2009 episode where he went against A.J. Styles is proof of that) he's funny (remember the time he dressed up as an old man back in 2007) and he's hotter then hell in a bathtub (#2 on this blog's Sexiest Man Alive List)

Yes we love the Hair Gel King.

So for anyone just tuning into this blog you are thinking "if you love him then what's going on?"

Well, I love him to death but the hair makes me cringe. Sorry but it does.

This is my favourite Sabin hair do, from around 2006.
Hey wasn't that around the same time Alex Shelley had the bad two toned Pepe Le Pew hair?
Yes, it seems that they need to balance out or something. When Mr. Shelley had bad hair Mr. Sabin had good hair, and now that Mr. Sabin has bad hair, well Mr. Shelley is a hair god.

So what's the big deal it's just hair?

But in this case it's not. In this case, you really have to go back and read this here
and then you will see what the what is.

Okay Miss Blood so you are trying to get his attention by slathering all over him and baying at his ego.


And that's worked for you how?

Um.. It's improved my readers ratings and his ratings on the internet. (We've had that conversation remember) Not too mention I have given him something to read every few days when he's bored and needs a good laugh.

He reads your blog? Chris Sabin was here and I missed him again?

Well, maybe you never know who is watching you.

He looks angry in the top photo

EEEKKKK...... he does look angry, hide the chainsaws... and the hairspray.... maybe he's just hungry offer him a cookie ( no wait that's the gimmick for Alex Shelley cause he's too thin! ) Hold on, that's just his "I'm too serious and sexy" pout.

Yeah he might have bad hair but he's got great lips.

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