Friday, October 16, 2009

This is what happens when you have too many bloggers

We got an Anonymous comment on Blind Tag Blog on the Global Impact 2 post.
It was a rude and sexiest comment.

Danny Remain the Camera Man and myself decided we would leave the comment as it was and not delete it.
We then each left a remark.

This was last week.

Now, in the last twenty minutes one of the other staff on that blog has suddenly found issue with it. Not with the anonymous comment that deframed a wrestler, he glossed past that one, but something I said.

What did I say you ask?

I said that every man I have been with has been Bisexual, and that doesn't say much for the city I live in.

Now, how or why he freaked out on that is beyond me. But now, I am left with a string of angry comments not from wrestling fans or blog readers but from this one staff member.
Dude, frealing get over yourself.

And it's true bi-guys love me. *shrugs*


GingerRoot said...

Jesus. Seems he's got a hard-on for you.

Bisexual men rock. They don't complain too much if you don't shave your legs. Ha-Ha!

We gotta get the Canadian Cult of Sabin going. Hail Sabin!

ardeth blood said...

Haven't we? Isn't my blog proof of a Canadian Cult of Sabin?


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