Sunday, October 25, 2009

2 cups of coffee and 3 homemade tea buns later

I am trying to write the final nightmare scene for one of my short stories for the book.
Stuck. Very stuck.

So I went to my music and movie collection for a kick start. But did I watch an episode of Twin Peaks or one of the Nightmare on Elm Streets ? No of course not, that would be foolish and actually make sense. Why would I want to make sense?

No, I infact dug through a very dusty closet shelf till I found my Backstreet Boy's vhs tape. You know, the white one not the green one. Don't worry, those who know will know the rest of you, just sit back and relax.

So there I am zoning out watching the Extended Remix Dance Version of the Backstreet's Back video, thinking about the scene. And then I got it!
I am thinking about this too hard! Yeah, great A-HA moment eh? Beauty of a realization.

So why BSB? Well, because you don't want to pull something for inspiration that you would expect to pull for inspiration cause then it will show in your work and people will notice. They will be like "oh look she's had her characters go to a basement and fall into a wood stove just like in all the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. What a rip off." or you know "oh look she just had her characters puke up cream corn and talking backwards. That is sooo Twin Peaks".

Can't do that. Must do something new and slightly fresh. I say slightly fresh, cause you know zombies. They tend to run amuck.

So yeah, stuck on the final big nightmare scene in my story, and can't figure out how to tie the main character together with the plot twist. At lest not at this moment without it feeling like a forced ending. I hate those.
When you're reading along and then suddenly the characters do something so frealing out of well character just so the author could have an ending.
It's such a let down when that happens. Like sex with the wrong person or something. You know you hate the lackluster climax admit it.

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