Monday, October 19, 2009

Don't taunt the Crazy Vampire Lady!

There is a reason I don't have kids. I don't like them.

Do I look like a swing set or jungle gym? Cause I am not.
And it never stops weirding me out that people will let their kids run around public places and bother strangers. But yet once again today, while I was at the doctor's sitting in the waiting room, this guy let his two little ones run around. One of them, little boy that could not have been more then 2 and a half, decided I was the perfect thing to play with. Seriously. This kid ran right over to me, started leaning on me, taking my hand wanting me to swing him around, started to scratch at my scar thinking it was a toy or something.

Dude, get your kids under control. I am totally harmless, little pissed off that some two year old got their dirty sticky fingerprints on my silk shirt, but harmless none the less. If you let your kids run around like that unsupervised, there is no telling what kind of person will snatch them up.

Bad parenting, very bad.

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