Sunday, October 18, 2009

And a cover goes here

I think I bruised my zombie brain.
I have been thinking alot about my book, flipping back and forth between what the title should be and what the cover should look like.

I wasn't joking when I stated I'd love to have the MotorCityMachine Guns! pose for the cover art. I think, no I know Chris Sabin would cause people to snag up copies.
I spent some time in the horror and paranormal-romance aisles the other day just looking at the covers of books. So many of them look the same, and damn it, I want something different for mine.

Then I found myself looking at dvd and cd covers.
Anyone else notice a theme with the Headstones/Hugh Dillon? Coffee shops.
Yeah, coffee shops.

One of my all time favourite cds happens to be Adam Cohen 's self titled album. The cover art is just him in black and white with another black and white shot of him inside. Simple and spellbinding.

There is still so much to do for the whole thing, and just over a month to do it all in. I am starting to panic.

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