Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mushy Brain

Yeah it's one of those weeks. I have been hitting the book blog circles trying to network the authors, reviewers and publishers.
Keep entering contests and forgetting to do one major thing. Leave my email. Yeah talk about dead teenager brains and I am not even a teenager. Unless 35 is the new 16, but I doubt it.

Fearing the mail right now too. The bill for my cell phone has been sitting on the table unopened for over a week. I don't want to know how high my cell phone bill is. I don't want to know because I am sure I can't afford it. So just going to walk gingerly around the little red and white envelope that says "Rogers Wireless" try not to disturb the dust that has started to collect on it. I'll deal with it later, on the weekend, maybe.

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