Thursday, October 22, 2009

Unpack your baggage

Today's topic of choice on the women's group was relationship baggage. Or past drama as men seem to like to call it.
I was asked to; ask myself if I had dealt with all mine yet. Well, I thought I had until this conversation today.
So fine okay I sat down and did the little exercise to exercise my exes. Because according to the rest of the group, it's what's blocking me from finding the right guy.

Holy Anne Rice Novels Batman!
Is it really as simple as that? Honestly? Am I my own biggest issue?

What I knew before the conversation today.

*I pick the wrong men.
Um duh.

What I know after the conversation today.

*I pick the wrong men and I don't trust anyone.
Um duh again.

I have had a life of evil badness from guys, and in the end I have learned not to believe a frealing thing that falls out of a man's lips.
Which it seems is my blockage.

So how do I learn to trust men? When I have been abused, mocked, lied to, cheated on, and stolen from. How do I turn the results of my past into a new beginning?
Not sure on that one. But hey, I have identified the problem and can move forward.

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