Sunday, October 11, 2009

Are they digitally fixing him?

I used screen captures again for this post

Awhile back, months ago actually I made a comment about the state of how sweaty Alex Shelley's arm's were. Months ago.

I have noticed a few times in the past while, that when he's on he seems to be, well digitized a bit.

Now, I first thought it was my computer, but I pointed out an episode to a buddy and they said they spotted the same thing on their television. And only on Alex Shelley. So the question is, are the editing crew digitally fixing his arm pits?
The problem is, you do get alot of shadows from the studio lights and he wears black almost all the time but come on, that's not all shadows.
Oh and check out his scratching again. These were all taken from the same episode (October 1st 2009 episode.) He was scratching through most of the promo.


ardeth blood said...

I hate the fact every photo lines up nice in preview then goes twisted in print. Tried to fix the layout but couldn't.

GingerRoot said...

I like photo#2. He's smiling there. In fact, since you made the comment back in August I have noticed he's been smiling and outright laughing more.
Did you catch the Youtube with them and Don West?

ardeth blood said...

It's in my Youtube favourites.

GingerRoot said...

You know what else I have noticed. Chris Sabin's outfit.
He wears the same thing all the time. He really needs to get a second set of so called street clothes for his tapings. Always the same pair of brown pants and the grey MMG shirt.


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