Friday, October 9, 2009

Meanwhile at the Hoito

I can't frealing believe it either. I'm being dragged to the Hoito for lunch. 35 years in this city and I have escaped most of the crappy "Thunder Bay Landmarks" but I promised to help Stacey Voss put up flyers for her book signing. She'll be at the Waverly Library on the 17th of the month for a reading of her book and autograph signing. And well that's the area of town it's going to be on.
And I have learned from past times, if a pregnant lady says you are going someplace for lunch cause they are craving something you can only get at that place, you don't argue. I would have more of a chance of surviving a match against Awesome Kong then I do surviving saying no to a pregnant lady. Trust me on that.

Speaking of coffee which I have not had any of yet, I need to have coffee. Lots of coffee. Was up way too late being foolish talking on Skype with Cole Cash.

Here's hoping I don't get left on the other side of town for saying something uber stupid today.
Here's hoping this week's Impact is available somewhere on line before midnight. I like to have the reviews up in the morning, but it's been supper time last few weeks before I have been able to find it either on iTunes Canada or on youtube. Spike TV needs to start adding it to their website right after it airs on their channel. Oh and it will be a total miracle is someone uploads last night's special Global Impact 2 to the net. Totally didn't have any way to get anyone to tape it for me. Yes I suck.

Since the show's not on right now, I am going to go watch Grace which I rented last night. I am now doing a horror film count down on the women's site I am on. One horror movie a day till hallowe'en. Then posting about it. Much like I have been doing here. Why ? you ask. The owner of the site thought it would be a way to get the members to part take in something other then our sex chat group. Haha. Good luck. Think of we have over 1000 members on the site all women between 18-92 and all they do is post photos of their kids, dogs, write sappy poetry and talk about their sex lives. I heard a few things in there I didn't ever want to know about.

Speaking of drag queens. They love me. Gay men and Drag Queens follow me around town. Which is great, it means I have a fan base starting. It would be nice to have a few straight guys start to follow me around though.
Or you know my biggest fan who we all know lives in Detroit. Is that too much to ask? I didn't think so.

Anyways, I'll update everything later. Might even take a few photos today who knows. But we are talking the North side of Thunder Bay which is even more drenny then the side I live on.

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