Friday, October 30, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Oct 29th 2009

Had to hunt it down on youtube. So it's hours late.

Okay, right off, if you read my rant few days ago you know how I feel about Hogan. Let me show you my letter here. There now that issue is out of the way on to the show...

We open with Wolfe who called out Kurt Angle, and I have to say I like this story plot. This is going to turn into a wicked feud.

We cut to AJ Styles doing a promo only whoever uploaded it to youtube pulled a prank or something cause the sound makes everyone sound like monsters or so crap....

Okay, we pick up with Team 3D in the locker room for their promo....

Eric Young had a Legends Title match vs Lashley. Young got tossed about 7 feet straight up in the air to land hard on his back. Steiner interfered in the match causing a DQ.
The rest of World Elite then came out to the ring in white jump suites looking like Elvis impersonators. Why? Oh but wait the rumours are true... no not that the big ugly useless one is a flaming hoop or who knows maybe ..... that the British Invasion is not allowed to work for a few weeks. Um that's just stupid. Eric Young changing the title of the belt to Global Championship, I 'm digging on that. As a Canadian, I just wish Mr. Young would start wearing the Canadian colours again.

I can't believe I am about to address this but....Mike Tennay your comment during ODB's match was so not needed.

Dr. Stevie vs Abyss. This was a hardcore match. At one point Abyss slammed Dr. Stevie's jaw into the steel steps. this was all Abyss, and he got the win with the shock treatment.
Mick Foley came down to the ring after the match ended and hit Dr. Stevie... okay

Rhino vs the evil druid Matt Morgan. I got distracted during this match. But the evil druid Matt Morgan won. Hernandez ran down after the match was over and scared off Rhino.

Whomever uploaded it to youtube had glitches and sound issues on Samoa Joe's promo

Homicide's promo was different. Going after Don West was a brilliant move. Nice to see a new element.

Kurt Angle vs Wolfe. Hmm, bald and British yummy. Angle came across strong for the first few minutes with kicks. Wolfe took control with a series of elbows to the face before Angle tossed Wolfe out of the ring. Wolfe got back on top with another series of short close lines and forearms to Angle's throat. It looked like Wolfe injured Angle with one of his closelines.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! in the bad kiss concert pants. Serious boys you're doing now just because you know I don't like those pants. They went against Team 3D to a full on chant of MotorCity. Always nice to hear. Alex Shelley started off against Devon, with Devon getting a nice arm bar on Shelley. Shelley managed to get the better of Devon by simply tripping him. Shelley had a quick cover but Devon kicked out. Both Brother Ray and Chris Sabin tagged in. Brother Ray had Sabin in what looked like a very painful shoulder lock, before Sabin used his quickness to get out of it. Sabin who we all know is part monkey, got a spring board splash on Brother Ray for a near fall. Sabin was then dropped on his neck. Shelley ran into the ring and slammed Devon in the knee right after Devon had tagged in. Shelley got the tag and started to work on Devon's knee in the middle of the ring. Brother Ray tagged in and got another near fall on Shelley. Devon tagged back in and Shelley got a single leg crab on him causing Devon to tap out.
*Note* This is the match Chris Sabin suffered an injury taping last week. I am not sure how I feel about the fact Alex Shelley kept going on this match. I have mixed emotions on the fact that he continued without even stopping to check on Sabin till after the match was over.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

All Vampire Challenge repost

Don't forget to come over to my vampire blog Alucard's Rose and sign up for my first challenge.
The All Vampire Challenge

It will run from Nov 1st 2009- May 1st 2010

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Are there any single straight men left on this planet? part 20

I think this is a nice rounded number to make the last post in this series.

Why is it so difficult to find a nice Pagan guy?
I'll even settle for a Wiccan. A Shaman? A Buddhist ? A Taoist? A dude who knows his Feng Shui?

I realize I am not going to find half the qualities I want in a man, such as a guy who is a vegetarian. A decade ago veggy men were the big fashion accessory, now they are a urban myth.

And what brought this on tonight?
Well, I got a message out of the blue from the Austen Aries Look A Like, and he's rambling on about paranormal stuff. Which normally is totally something I love to chat about, only he's making less sense all the time and talking out of his ass.
Haven't heard from him in months and poof he messages me asking my bra size.

Dude, what the hell does that have to do with anything? See I am a magnet for creepy men. Creepy men who can't type to save their life.

But anyway, the paranormal topic got me missing Dargo. He was the only guy I ever dated who was into the Occult. He's a meter stick to live up to. So any men reading this thinking "maybe she's worth checking into" you must think outside the puzzlebox so to speak.

Unless you are of course an X-Division wrestler from Detroit, then you have a free pass.

Naked on Air

So I was just tripping the net for cargo lint, when I saw an article on yahoo , about the sexual double standard for men and women in the media.

The article talked about the big "scandal" Milly Cyrus went through last summer over her magazine photo shoot comparing it to the fact Taylor Lautner spends over half of the next Twilight movie shirtless. pssstt he's a werewolf doesn't he kind of have to run around half naked?

It got me thinking, how do men really feel about it?

I know the guys I have been involved with over the years never had an issue running around naked, and half of them were in the entertainment business.

Do men ever feel like they are being exploited sexually?

You have just ruined TNA

This is the frealing worst thing TNA could ever frealing do!
What the freal are you thinking? And I suppose I am directing this at the owner Dixie Carter. Bringing in Hogan? Are you a frealing moron?

Bad frealing decision. He's going to kill the company.

You should be putting your time and money into finding more X-Division style guys, not the lamest gimmick ever created.

I can only see this as a desperation move on your part. As a major TNA fan and supporter I am disgusted.

You have just lost my faith in you.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sexy Nightmares

What is the point of having single straight male friends if they won't answer your sex questions?

In this case, I was wanting a little feedback on the one scene in the short story I am writing about a succubus. Just wanted to know if the scene was working or if it needed some re-writes.
And the guy who said he'd read the scene said "boobs are a weakness."

That's all your going to give me is that boobs are your weakness? The succubus is already naked.
So basically what he is saying is that all it would take is a woman removing her top and he'd be dead if the woman was a demon. Cause boobs are his weakness.

Can you vague that up for me?

So either my buddy there is easier then most men or he didn't bother to actually read the scene. And this is a guy who has never been afraid to tell me in the past if I am doing something wrong, so he would not be shy in telling me the scene was crap.
But he didn't tell me that, didn't tell me if it was good either.

Just said that boobs were his weakness.

I think I lost me in a dream

There is an old heavy metal song that goes "I lost me in a dream"
I'm starting to feel that way. I don't know if it's just where I have gotten into too many online projects and am sitting infront of this computer more then even before or if it's just where the season is changing and another year is creeping up on me?

Could be all the above I really don't know. My brain is mushy lately.

I have been chiming in along with my friend and her husband, trying to get my Niece to read more. The fact she's been reading the same 180 paged book for the last 5 months was an issue.
Now the universe is slapping me around for nagging the kid (she's 14) cause I received a copy of the first book by the same author for review, which is only 180 pages itself, and I have been trying to read it for the last 5 days. I keep putting it down to do other things.

180 pages, I should be able to knock that off in under two hours.
My review was due yesterday, I am only on page 73. And it's not like its a bad book either, it's really good for the genre and the fact it's a Young Adult novel.

Sad isn't it.
I think I blew my chance at getting an author interview though by not making deadline for the review. Which sucks big time as the author just had a movie made out of his book and it would have lead to a secure spot on their book tours in the future.

And you have heard me say before...or read actually... that I am part of a bunch of other blogs and sites. The internet is sucking the life out of me, it's a vampire it has to be.
Anyways, last night I was working on a project with wwegirl from Blind Tag Blog, and we got it in our heads to do a wrestling site on
Brilliant aren't we. When trying to figure out the name, we searched the ning sites to see if there were any other wrestling sites. There were already 240 ning sites listed under wrestling.
I had second thoughts. That's alot of wrestling sites. Anyways, we went ahead and found a title we agreed on and then the big question Who will be the "site creator" ?
As you can only have ONE site creator and the rest are admins.
I got stuck with the honor. Lovely. Great. Just what I needed.
I already have my horror site, my pagan site, and my vampire fan site. Not too mention I am admin on a Networking site for other site creators, an admin on the Women's site, and a very active member in a bunch of book sites for authors/publishers/reviewers.

I think I just sealed my own fate. Starting to feel like I am in the Matrix or something, always jacked in. Always online.

1am rolled around and I was heading to bed when I get a dren load of messages from my Admin on my horror site. Bunch of issues that needed to be brought up. He'd spotted me online and thought that was the perfect time to tell me what he'd been dealing with on the site with a few members.
It was 230am before I finally got done with the situation.
Admins are there to look after the sites. He could have banned the member himself.

I can't even remember the last time I had a chance to sit down and work on my studies. Last year this time, I had started to study Vodun. I am guessing the universe has another path for me cause it got off course very quickly. Most pagans believe you do not choose your spiritual path, it chooses you.
This had been the 3rd time in my life I had wanted to study Vodun and was derailed.

I'm at the point where I am not feeling like "me " anymore. I've lost me somewhere.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Frogsplashes and Piledrivers

So over on Blind Tag Blog, wwegirl and myself got talking and decided to start yet another site, this time for wrestling.

Visit Frogsplashes and Piledrivers

2 cups of coffee and 3 homemade tea buns later

I am trying to write the final nightmare scene for one of my short stories for the book.
Stuck. Very stuck.

So I went to my music and movie collection for a kick start. But did I watch an episode of Twin Peaks or one of the Nightmare on Elm Streets ? No of course not, that would be foolish and actually make sense. Why would I want to make sense?

No, I infact dug through a very dusty closet shelf till I found my Backstreet Boy's vhs tape. You know, the white one not the green one. Don't worry, those who know will know the rest of you, just sit back and relax.

So there I am zoning out watching the Extended Remix Dance Version of the Backstreet's Back video, thinking about the scene. And then I got it!
I am thinking about this too hard! Yeah, great A-HA moment eh? Beauty of a realization.

So why BSB? Well, because you don't want to pull something for inspiration that you would expect to pull for inspiration cause then it will show in your work and people will notice. They will be like "oh look she's had her characters go to a basement and fall into a wood stove just like in all the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. What a rip off." or you know "oh look she just had her characters puke up cream corn and talking backwards. That is sooo Twin Peaks".

Can't do that. Must do something new and slightly fresh. I say slightly fresh, cause you know zombies. They tend to run amuck.

So yeah, stuck on the final big nightmare scene in my story, and can't figure out how to tie the main character together with the plot twist. At lest not at this moment without it feeling like a forced ending. I hate those.
When you're reading along and then suddenly the characters do something so frealing out of well character just so the author could have an ending.
It's such a let down when that happens. Like sex with the wrong person or something. You know you hate the lackluster climax admit it.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Join Me!

Visit Disturbia

Visit Fist Full of Garlic

I realized I haven't posted my badges on here from my sites. The first is a horror site, the second is a vampire fan site.
I can't believe I've had them running for a months and forgotten. yes I have a zombie brain.

Dear Chris Sabin....

I used screen captures for this post

I said less then two weeks ago I would shut up about it, and I was trying to keep my word.
But, as it's still my most popular post (people are googling it still) I have to bring the topic back again.

Chris Sabin's hair.

We love this man don't we; yes we do. And why?
Well, he's an amazing wrestler (Sept 3rd 2009 episode where he went against A.J. Styles is proof of that) he's funny (remember the time he dressed up as an old man back in 2007) and he's hotter then hell in a bathtub (#2 on this blog's Sexiest Man Alive List)

Yes we love the Hair Gel King.

So for anyone just tuning into this blog you are thinking "if you love him then what's going on?"

Well, I love him to death but the hair makes me cringe. Sorry but it does.

This is my favourite Sabin hair do, from around 2006.
Hey wasn't that around the same time Alex Shelley had the bad two toned Pepe Le Pew hair?
Yes, it seems that they need to balance out or something. When Mr. Shelley had bad hair Mr. Sabin had good hair, and now that Mr. Sabin has bad hair, well Mr. Shelley is a hair god.

So what's the big deal it's just hair?

But in this case it's not. In this case, you really have to go back and read this here
and then you will see what the what is.

Okay Miss Blood so you are trying to get his attention by slathering all over him and baying at his ego.


And that's worked for you how?

Um.. It's improved my readers ratings and his ratings on the internet. (We've had that conversation remember) Not too mention I have given him something to read every few days when he's bored and needs a good laugh.

He reads your blog? Chris Sabin was here and I missed him again?

Well, maybe you never know who is watching you.

He looks angry in the top photo

EEEKKKK...... he does look angry, hide the chainsaws... and the hairspray.... maybe he's just hungry offer him a cookie ( no wait that's the gimmick for Alex Shelley cause he's too thin! ) Hold on, that's just his "I'm too serious and sexy" pout.

Yeah he might have bad hair but he's got great lips.

Friday, October 23, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Oct 22 2009 (Ultimate X version)

I used screen captures again for this post

We open with another new set of opening credits, and yes I like this one.

I know I said months ago I would not talk about the MainEventMafia anymore, but I have to point out that when Kurt Angle came to the ring alone, I did a little dance of joy. Oh and sidenote, I love the idea of printing the wrestler's height and weight under his name. (right) Rhino running out to give the official word that Booker T has left the company (another happy dance)

A.J. Styles and Daniels promo was... and I have said it before but it seems to need repeating, guys who do goth over the age of 18, never a good thing ever. (unless Daniels is going for a drag queen thing?)

Homicide getting a head start on his match with Amazing Red as he gave him a five minute beat down in the tunnels. Seen that before, give me something fresh. The match finally started with Don West at ringside. Homicide got the win

Steiner vs the evil druid Matt Morgan. I will stop calling him the evil druid when he gets rid of that bad horror movie robe. Interesting way to set up the story with Lashley and Steiner for upcoming shows, though a little over the top for my taste almost comical. In case you didn't pick up on my tone, Lashley interfered. But because of a blind ref, the evil druid matt morgan got the win.

Nash/Samoa Joe vs Styles/Daniels. Styles and Joe started the match with a flash of quick moves that left me spellbound. Daniels tagged in, getting two near falls on Joe before tagging Styles back in. Joe managed to ground Styles with a kick and a centon before tagging in Nash. Taz announced that Kevin Nash has been wrestling with a broken hand for the last while. Daniels tagged back in and managed to get a near fall on Nash by double teaming Nash and Joe. Nash got the win with a choke slam.

Eric Young's promo was well done. It's nice to see him with a belt. I have been saying this for awhile, I love him as a Heel.

Rhino vs Hernandez. This looked to be all Hernandez until Rhino caught him on the ropes. Team 3D were on the mic for this match, and I have to say, even I am finding it difficult to tell if Brother Ray's commentary was scripted or not. But Hernandez managed to turn it back in his favour with a top rope splash for the win.

Desmond Wolf (ROH 's Nigel McGuinness) introduction was slick. Love it! Angle went to the ring shortly after and called him out.

Beer Money Inc vs British Invasion in a six sides of steel match. Nice. Roode came to the ring holding his side and when he removed his ring shirt you could see his injured ribs. Doug Williams got a lovely suplex on Roode. (I've had broken ribs not fun) Either it was a real injury or Roode's acting has improved. Brutus Magnus tagged in and slapped a camel clutch on Roode. Storm finally tagged in, with large fore arms for both British Invasion members. He then got a backbreaker on Brutus. Beer Money managed to get a tower happening from the top of the steel cage, slamming both BI members to the mat. This gave Storm a near fall before Brutus slapped the ref. Smart move by the British Invasion as it caused a DQ, they loose but keep their belts.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Their promo was very ....sad actually. I was sitting here thinking that Alex Shelley was looking sick then I heard him try to talk with his bad throat and understood why. Hope he recovers smoothly. And with the camera angle I couldn't take my eyes off Chris Sabin's hair. Sorry, I know I promised but you know whats coming...the hair rant. It looks like our hair gel king is trying to cover up a small....they went up against Lethal and Creed in an Ultimate X match. Shelley, Sabin, we have talked about the bad kiss concert pants but you still refuse to listen to me...all four men took a corner and tried to start the match by finishing it, but Sabin grabbed Creed pulling him down just as Lethal ran down to grab Shelley. They used a beautiful double team kick on Lethal knocking him out of the ring. Oh lovely, they baited Creed and Lethal with what looked at first to be a double suicide dive only to have Sabin distract while Shelley ran for the X. Creed then got half way to the X before the Guns! each grabbed a leg and pulled him back down to the mat. Lethal was making his way to the cables, and Sabin with a hand from Shelley catwalked the top rope to grab Lethal and hang him upside down from the cable (Lethal was upsidedown) Somehow Lethal made it almost to the X and Sabin being the monkey he is leaped almost the whole cable to land right beside him. Sabin shot off a few rapid kicks to Lethal's ribs knocking both of them down to the mat. Lethal grabbed Shelley and tossed him overhead landing Shelley on his nose (that boy breaks his nose so often) Creed then got a nasty looking closeline on Sabin. Lethal slapped a Boston Crab on Sabin in the middle of the ring, giving Creed a chance to climb the cables. Shelley got the sliced bread off the cables on Lethal and injured his knee (Shelley's knee) Sabin got the X for the win.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Because I know the damned blog is heavy thought it could use a few bloopers.

Unpack your baggage

Today's topic of choice on the women's group was relationship baggage. Or past drama as men seem to like to call it.
I was asked to; ask myself if I had dealt with all mine yet. Well, I thought I had until this conversation today.
So fine okay I sat down and did the little exercise to exercise my exes. Because according to the rest of the group, it's what's blocking me from finding the right guy.

Holy Anne Rice Novels Batman!
Is it really as simple as that? Honestly? Am I my own biggest issue?

What I knew before the conversation today.

*I pick the wrong men.
Um duh.

What I know after the conversation today.

*I pick the wrong men and I don't trust anyone.
Um duh again.

I have had a life of evil badness from guys, and in the end I have learned not to believe a frealing thing that falls out of a man's lips.
Which it seems is my blockage.

So how do I learn to trust men? When I have been abused, mocked, lied to, cheated on, and stolen from. How do I turn the results of my past into a new beginning?
Not sure on that one. But hey, I have identified the problem and can move forward.

Busy Blogging Day

Yes I know this is like blog post number 4 today or something.
Well, actually I am waiting for the kitchen floor to dry before I continue cleaning so I am kind of bored.
And of course writers block big time. Figures eh?
Finally get a nice quiet day where the neighbours are out so there is no noise from the building at all, and I could sit down and write, only my brain is baked.

It's a Backstreet Boys kind of day. Yes you read right, I am cleaning and listening to really old BSB cds from like 12 years ago. yeah, one of those days.

And the broom fell, company is coming. Great last thing I need.

The book has it's own blog

Why not eh?

Okay don't know how successful this idea will be, but Spin Cycle and other Nightmares is up and running.

You can follow the book's progress there.

He's Perfect Can I Have Him?

I'm up, took a look at my emails, same old same old. Then I see on one of the billion ning sites I am part of "blah blah blah has added you as a friend on books"
No surprise there as it's a networking site for authors and publishers. So I go in and accept the request without even thinking twice.
Then I see this dude's photo. Holy Anne Rice Novels Batman!
He's hotter then hell in a bathtub!

So I am just sitting there spellbound for a few minutes, then tell myself don't even think about it. So I go back to my emails, and poof there is a message from him. I blink thinking it's most likely one of those uber lame "thanks for the add" crap then hit the link and check it out.
Totally not. He's asking about me.
Um...okay that's new and shinny. Check out his profile a bit, yeah new author. But I reply to his comments and then think I'll send him a private message asking about his book.
No answer. Just as I thought, he's one of those internet guys. Everything has to be comments in the open for the world to see under three lines. Bummer.

So I will just guess when he's ready to have someone review his book I will hear from him again.

The universe is just teasing me isn't it?
Well if the ceiling gods are not going to give me a husband, at lest give me the means to get my books out there and on a few best sellers lists. Is that too much to be asking for? This is me trying to network in case you didn't pick up on it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Are there any single straight men left on this planet? part 19

I have something to confess, I'm Newfie.

(oh my god! No! pssst! What's a Newfie?)

And I love Newfie men. The only issue is that when you're from an area like that you end up being related to so many people. So I am not going to end up marrying a nice Newfie boy and live happily ever after. There would be just too many "are you related to blah blah blah" to go through to find a Newfie guy who's DNA was clean enough.

And we've already covered a few times on this blog, the fact that men in this city are kind of off limits too for the same reason. All the guys in this city have dated all my family/friends and everyone is related to everyone else.

I hate small towns.

But that is why I keep getting into long distance relationships. Trying to find not just the "one" but someone who has not been "there done that" with people in my life already.
I am actually starting to think I have to start looking more then just out of town, but I might have to start seriously looking at guys outside of Canada.

I know I know, but it seriously might be time to import a man from the U.S. again (remember the dude from Boston, he was sweet)
They stack them a little too tall for me in the states, and a little too blonde it would seem too, but I'm running into too many Canadian men who are popping up with similar last names. Starting to get a little too Village of the Damned for me.

So I guess I am looking for a short man (under 6 feet) with dark hair somewhere in the U.S. and glasses are always sexy on men.

You know that movie

My friend phoned, laughing and I had no idea why at first. Then she says your Niece has something she wants to ask you.

Niece : Can I borrow that vampire movie.

Me: What vampire movie?

Niece :You know that vampire movie.

Me: What vampire movie?

Niece: That one we watched that time.

Me: You don't remember the title?

Niece: No. But can I borrow it?

Me: You remember who was in it?

Niece: You know the dude from that other vampire movie.

Me: You wanting a dvd or vhs one?

Niece: DVD silly. So can I borrow it?

Me: I need to know which vampire movie you are meaning because I need to know what storage bin to look through.

Niece: Well how many vampire movies you have?

Me: 6 storage bins full. So can you tell me which vampire movie it was?

Niece: The one with the dude from Dracula. You know the one with the flying cows.

Me: Oh, the Littlest Vampire. Okay.

Now I know why my friend was laughing so damn hard.

And a cover goes here part 2

Oh the ceiling gods love me. Out of nowhere a graphic designer emailed about the wrestling blog the other day, and we started talking about the book.

Then he never replied back and it's been a few days. The ceiling gods must hate me.

I have figured the title, and have a design in my head for the cover. I did a mock up myself with a sketch pad and pencil. Wonder how much blood I can get away with on it?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

That's why I don't have a husband

Can't keep anything in my mouth.
Damn eh?

I was chatting with a male friend of mine, it started innocently enough, talking about food actually. And I asked "is it true that the way to a man's heart is food?"
Buddy answered "yes, and head."

This friend has never been so blunt about things before. I have gotten used to him being the shy sweet guy, the kind of guy you can picture at church every day carrying groceries for little old ladies across the lake when it's frozen over. Then he makes a comment like that and whoosh suddenly I 'm dealing with a typical man.

I have this thing about keeping guys in categories.

*Just Friends (guys you would never ever freal because they are like family)
*Business Partners (guys you might freal but respect)
*Heroes (guys you would love to freal and respect)
*Sex (Freal me now!)

I don't like to have them cross over each other. It complicates things. Dargo was .....complicated.

Holidays are coming up, and I really do not want to be alone again. There is nothing worse then being the only single woman in the family during the holidays.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Don't taunt the Crazy Vampire Lady!

There is a reason I don't have kids. I don't like them.

Do I look like a swing set or jungle gym? Cause I am not.
And it never stops weirding me out that people will let their kids run around public places and bother strangers. But yet once again today, while I was at the doctor's sitting in the waiting room, this guy let his two little ones run around. One of them, little boy that could not have been more then 2 and a half, decided I was the perfect thing to play with. Seriously. This kid ran right over to me, started leaning on me, taking my hand wanting me to swing him around, started to scratch at my scar thinking it was a toy or something.

Dude, get your kids under control. I am totally harmless, little pissed off that some two year old got their dirty sticky fingerprints on my silk shirt, but harmless none the less. If you let your kids run around like that unsupervised, there is no telling what kind of person will snatch them up.

Bad parenting, very bad.

Meanwhile at a doctor's across town

The next round of appointments start today. Oh joy oh bliss.
Maybe I will find out why I have been having skull crunching headaches.

Well, you know my theory, Ghost Pains. and as someone who has suffered from headaches my whole life, I know the difference between a migraine, a cluster and sinus headaches.
This is something different.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Are there any single straight men left on this planet? part 18

Actually the question is are there any men in this city that are not actors or musicians ?

Every guy I have met in the last decade has been an actor or musician. It's starting to make me feel like I am in Hollywood or some crap.

So having writer's block today I decided to sit down and watch a movie. I ended up watching Love Actually. Bad move, just made me depressed. Well, except the scene where Hugh Grant is dancing, that always has me in a fit of mad laughter. Thinking it might turn into a Hugh Grant double bill, Notting Hill might be a good follow up.
Anyways, so I started thinking about how I never meet guys who have normal jobs. For anyone who has not seen Love Actually, you won't get my train of thought. In the movie Hugh Grant plays the British Prime Minister, and his part of the story is about him falling in love with a co worker.
The whole time I was watching this film, I was thinking, do guys really act all crazy like that in real life? Then I thought, I guess in the end no matter how big a celebrity you are you can't control who you fall for.

Still with me?
So what does this have to do with me only meeting guys who want to be actors and musicians?
I'm tired of it. Seriously. Where are the men in this city who have normal jobs with normal hours who don't travel half their careers? Starting to think they don't exist in this city.

My dad traveled for work, my uncle traveled for work and look at the messes they created.

And a cover goes here

I think I bruised my zombie brain.
I have been thinking alot about my book, flipping back and forth between what the title should be and what the cover should look like.

I wasn't joking when I stated I'd love to have the MotorCityMachine Guns! pose for the cover art. I think, no I know Chris Sabin would cause people to snag up copies.
I spent some time in the horror and paranormal-romance aisles the other day just looking at the covers of books. So many of them look the same, and damn it, I want something different for mine.

Then I found myself looking at dvd and cd covers.
Anyone else notice a theme with the Headstones/Hugh Dillon? Coffee shops.
Yeah, coffee shops.

One of my all time favourite cds happens to be Adam Cohen 's self titled album. The cover art is just him in black and white with another black and white shot of him inside. Simple and spellbinding.

There is still so much to do for the whole thing, and just over a month to do it all in. I am starting to panic.

Creeping Screams! Episode 2 :Stacey Voss Book Reading

On October 17th 2009, author Stacey Voss did a book reading in Thunder Bay.
I was there and video taped it.
I am a terrible camera operator. (and I am a trained camera operator how sad)
Normally, I don't have my youtube channel embed link turn on, but I had tried uploading this straight to the blog, but it was too large a file.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Are there any single straight men left on this planet? part 17

I think we're at #17 aren't we? I haven't bothered to check.
Anyway, all has been silent from that dating site for over a month, and today I get 5 guys message me out of nowhere. Hum.
I haven't had any assholes yet, until just now.

Some guy messaged me asking how I was. Was polite, said my day was fine and I was very busy.
Then he calls me a bitch and asks if I am like that with everyone or just "ugly guys who message you that have no right because you are so hot!"
That is a cut and pasted direct quote.
Then he messages me right back and calls me superficial with a "good luck you're going to need it!"

Wow. Someone is angry and bitter. Now that is someone who really needs to get laid eh?

I didn't even bother replying back as he's a waste of time.
Me superficial?

Dude, I can do better then that. And I have.
Hey, I know I 'm not Elvira or anything, but I've had my share of good looking men; okay so they used and abused me but they were hotties.
I seem to be good enough to get a hot young 24 year old who likes me enough too so can't really complain now can I? Nope can't.

So then why am I bothering to talk about this one?
I'm not even sure myself really.

New Hugh Dillon video

I saw this and had to add it.

Friday, October 16, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Oct 15 2009 (3hour show)

I waited all day and finally found it on youtube.

I don't know about anyone else, but it is great to see A.J. Styles with that heavy weight belt.

Pope's promo was different, nice way to sluck the product. I am still waiting for someone to snag me that trenchcoat of his

Whomever uploaded the show, dude you had alot of glitches.

X-Division title match. Suicide vs Amazing Red with Don West. As always this was a fast paced match with a few near falls. Red pulled off one of his trademark corkscrew dives. This was a fabulous match, until the Pope ran out and caused a DQ.

World Elite's Eric Young was on mic for the next match. Hernandez vs all three members of British Invasion in three single matches. Hernandez won all three rounds.
Eric Young then hit the ring for a beat down on Hernandez. Can we get rid of Rob Terry he's useless.

Four point promo between British Invasion, Team 3D, Beer Money Inc, Booker/Steiner. Which turned into a small riot. Where upon the Guns! ran out to help break it up. Interesting.

A.J. Styles' promos lately seem like he's reading the same script over and over. Maybe after this ppv coming up he'll have some new material.

The Pope vs Daniels. Not one of Daniels better matches, he's been alittle off last while and he's starting to look creepy. But Daniels did manage to get the win. Homicide came out dressed as Suicide at the end of the match for a beat down on Daniels.

Foley came out with popcorn. Doesn't he normally come out to the ring at the beginning of the show? This by the by was the first time of the night we see him (if the dude who up loaded it to youtube got everything that is) Actually I like the fact Foley is upset over the Abyss gimmick. I have been saying that its time to let Abyss go without the mask for months. Then Abyss came out to the ring

Homicide's promo could have been better. What, was he doing it off the cuff without a script?

Rhino vs Lashley in a stretcher match. Lashley won.

Styles vs Angle. They take so frealing long to get their butts down to the ring I could grab a coffee in that time. This was a twenty minute match, and was all submission still stuff. You don't see matches like this anymore, and it was nice to hear Taz admit to that during his commentary. This one did something I haven't seen in a long while, it hit it's timelimit. It was a draw.

This was being called the Super Show. Personally, I don't see what was so super about it. The last hour was wasted on comparing each wrestler for their match at the ppv this weekend.

And where the hell were the Guns!

This is what happens when you have too many bloggers

We got an Anonymous comment on Blind Tag Blog on the Global Impact 2 post.
It was a rude and sexiest comment.

Danny Remain the Camera Man and myself decided we would leave the comment as it was and not delete it.
We then each left a remark.

This was last week.

Now, in the last twenty minutes one of the other staff on that blog has suddenly found issue with it. Not with the anonymous comment that deframed a wrestler, he glossed past that one, but something I said.

What did I say you ask?

I said that every man I have been with has been Bisexual, and that doesn't say much for the city I live in.

Now, how or why he freaked out on that is beyond me. But now, I am left with a string of angry comments not from wrestling fans or blog readers but from this one staff member.
Dude, frealing get over yourself.

And it's true bi-guys love me. *shrugs*

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Am I missing the Bride Gene?

You have heard me say a million times over that I need/want a husband, but you have never heard me say anything about a wedding.

I just don't get it? What is it that makes other women so psycho about having a wedding? The wedding is never for the couple, it's for the bride's mom. Plain and simple. It's a day for the bride's mom to show her daughter off to the world like a pony or something.

I have been chatting with a few other women in my women's group, and weddings are all any of them have been talking about.
My sister's friend just got married last month, after spending 3 years planning it. Three years!
That's nuts.

Marriage is not about who has the fluffiest dress or the most layers on a cake, marriage is about two people who decide they want to commit to each other.

I have said this before, why are "weddings" so damn interesting? No sir I don't like them.
And I personally see nothing wrong with one of those drive-thru-love-me-tender-chapels with an Elvis Impersonator as a minister.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eddie Eastman video

Just because I found this on youtube I had to add it.

A challenge to any men reading my blog

I might even add a Mr. Linky for easy access (that sounds so wrong)

I am struggling with my last challenge for the All Jane Austen Challenge, the essay on the men of her books.
I am set to have it finished by the end of the week, no matter how drenny it turns out. I just want that final challenge done so I can move on to my All Vamp Challenge and work on my meeting the deadline for my own novel.

I would love to know what guys really think about Jane Austen's characters. We have one married man in our Jane Austen online group, but he's an English Professor, so his answers to all the discussions are well "prepared" and "by the book".

For the challenge guys this means you have to either actually read a Jane Austen novel or/and watch the movies. Then leave me comments.

Why am I putting this challenge out you ask. Why not?

So the challenge questions are this
*Which story did you pick and did you pick the book or movie?

*What did you think of the characters, who did you like and why, who did you hate and why?

*Who did you identify with the most and why?

So who has the balls to step up and take my challenge?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You snuck past me

I have been saying for the last few years that I am not a fan of Micheal Buble. Dead sure I was not going to jump on the Buble bandwagon. And I love a jazz song, so refusing to go to one of his concerts, and he's come here alot, was tough.
Then the other day, I'm in Starbucks and they had the radio on, playing some cool sounding dude that I happened to remember hearing all the time in Edmonton when I was there last year.
It was Micheal Buble.


I had become a Buble fan without even knowing it. Months of sitting in my friend's kitchen listening to her favourite radio station and mixed cds, without her once saying who it was we were listening to. DAMN IT !

So yesterday when I was working on my novel, it was a Micheal Buble day. It was. Then thought what does this dude look like? Had to google his videos.
Guess what, I have seen him before. In the movie Duets. He has a small cameo at the end of the movie in the karaoke sing off.
And the fact he looks like wrestler A.J. Styles doesn't hurt either.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Title Goes Here

Here is the update on my book.

I have another chance at having things published in the next few months. I just need to do 5 short stories under 10,000 words each to package as a collection. The smutty werewolf story will be part of this, and the publisher decided we should use it as a freebie for download.

Yes my weak link will be a taste sample of my work. Why do I have mixed feeling about that part?

Anyway, I have no idea what I am going to call the collection or what I want as my cover art.
I have 4 of the 5 stories written, the smutty werewolf one is ready to roll and the other 3 I wrote years ago and just need a re-edit. The fifth story I need to write still.

We're half way there I suppose.

I have come so close to being published properly so many times, that I won't believe it fully till a physical book is in my hands.

So then what do you title a collection of stories that have killer clowns, vampires, werewolves, ghosts and witches? Not too sure yet but it will come to me, it has to.

As far as my cover art, wonder what it would take to get the MotorCityMachine Guns! to model for it? Hey I can dream can't I.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Are they digitally fixing him?

I used screen captures again for this post

Awhile back, months ago actually I made a comment about the state of how sweaty Alex Shelley's arm's were. Months ago.

I have noticed a few times in the past while, that when he's on he seems to be, well digitized a bit.

Now, I first thought it was my computer, but I pointed out an episode to a buddy and they said they spotted the same thing on their television. And only on Alex Shelley. So the question is, are the editing crew digitally fixing his arm pits?
The problem is, you do get alot of shadows from the studio lights and he wears black almost all the time but come on, that's not all shadows.
Oh and check out his scratching again. These were all taken from the same episode (October 1st 2009 episode.) He was scratching through most of the promo.

It's a yam sham

In Season 4 of Buffy the episode "Pangs" Buffy is set to have a perfect Thanksgiving and of course all hell breaks loose. The point of the episode is family. You could say the point of the entire series is family. The subplot, of which Buffy, Giles and Willow fight over through the whole episode is the true reason we have certain holidays.

As a Pagan, there are very few holidays that I celebrate, Thanksgiving is one of them. This is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. And once again I have started mine off the same way I have been for the last few years, watching that episode of Buffy and having pumpkin pie. Store bought of course as my pie baking ability sucks.

That episode makes me cry every time, but then again I cry over everything. I could watch a wrestling match and start crying over a really beautiful suplex or drop kick. Okay not quite that bad but close enough. But have you ever wondered why food? Why do we as a society gather around food? It's just such a natural thing to do, but I have always wondered what makes us do that?

You go to someone's house, you bring wine or a casserole. Why is that bred into us?
You go on a date , you take that person to a restaurant. Why is that considered a proper date?
You have a business meeting over breakfast. But why?

I may never understand the motives behind the rest of society and maybe I am just one of those strange creatures that is not meant to. There is a line in the episode Pangs that goes "you mark the season by eating a cooked animal. So Thanksgiving is a ritual sacrifice with pie". That I understand. An offering to the spirits/gods/nature. It makes sense to me. Does frying up breaded Tofu count? I'm vegetarian remember.

Anyway Happy Thanksgiving

Call Me

When is it okay to phone?

I have never had an issue with phoning a male friend. I have never had an issue with phoning a guy for a friend who has a crush. I just can't pick up the phone and call a guy when I have a crush.

Can't do it.

I can email, I can blog about them, I can damn well find any form of written communication on the planet to talk to the guy, but I can not pick up the phone and call. Even when I am in a relationship I just can't seem to do it. I have dragged my ass on an hour's bus ride to visit the guy across town but phone him? There is just something terribly wrong with me.

Did you know that more single women commit suicide between November 11 and February 16?

Don't worry. I'm pathetic not crazy.

I have a dvd on in the other room, it just ended and for whatever reason the damned disk started again on it's own. My apartment is haunted !

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Global Impact 2

I used screen captures for this post

I guess iTunes Canada loves me too after all. They got the hint and had the show available this morning.

The show started off very different then a normal episode of Impact, with a low key over view of the press conference that was held before the event. I am not talking about the typical promos that are staged as "press conferences" on other wrestling shows, but a real news and proper media press release.
The flash back from the year before was packaged nicely, giving just enough information to give the audience a back story between the teams.

First up was the MotorCityMachine Guns! They wrestled No Limits for the IWGP Jr belts. I was caught up watching this one and it wasn't until the Guns! slammed into each other that I remembered I'm suppose to be taking notes. Alex Shelley got crushed with a leg drop to the jaw twice, before Chris Sabin was able to land one of his suicide dives. We then see Shelley is bleeding; not sure if it's his nose or mouth. Sabin managed to get a submission hold on, don't think I have ever seen him use submissions before. Sabin got in one of his beautiful spring rope DDTs. They used a combined move to get the win. The post promo showed just how much damage Shelley had taken during the match, with a swollen lip and broken nose.

Next was Kurt Angle/Kevin Nash as part of an 8 man tag. (sorry I didn't get the names of the other men) Nash started this one off with a few trademark forearms. There were so many quick tags I lost count. Angle finally made it in to the match near the end, and used a beautiful suplex. Angle managed to get this trademark Ankle Lock on for the win.

Final match was Team 3D vs Togi Makabe/Toru Yano for the IWGP belts. Devon started the match off. Both teams went for an early pin. Brother Ray tagged in turning it into a slug fest. Weapons then appeared as this was a hardcore match. Brother Ray managed a frog splash with some humour. They used a 3D and won the belts.

This was a very well put together episode. I liked the seriousness of it, and the quick packaged promos.

And given it was only an hour show, the three matches were well paced.

Friday, October 9, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Oct 8 2009

It's after 7pm here and it was finally available on iTunes Canada.

We opened with Abyss in the ring redecorating for Hallowe'en. Mick Foley came out and challenged ....we talked about this no more using the phrase "tweek" stop it! .... Abyss to Monsters Ball at the next ppv, for copyright of the gimmick.

World Elite cut a fabulous promo. Now Eric Young has a hit out on him. What's up with everyone wanting a bounty?

Hernandez vs Nash. For the Legends Title. Eric Young ran out and caused a DQ

Samoa Joe vs Amazing Red in an X-Division title match. Lashley interfered. This gave Red the advantage and the belt.

Daniels/Suicide vs Pope/Homicide. Pope got the win, and Homicide had a fit.

4 team signing for the ppv's ladder match. Beer Money Inc/Team 3D/British Invasion/Steiner and Booker. What the hell is that flaming hoop Rob Terry doing?

A.J. Styles promo was boring.

Abyss/Matt Morgan the evil druid vs Foley/Angle. Abyss swore and the camera got an extreme close up. The evil druid Matt Morgan got the win.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! And right off Chris Sabin has returned to his sexual um gestures in this case. Alex Shelley looked almost embarrassed. Then Samoa Joe did us a favour and turned the still crappy music off. Boys, I thought you were going to improve your intro not make it suck worse?


Screwed up

Anyone who has stuff on email..... sorry I hit the publish instead of save. Still working on the TNA review this week

Grace -Movie review

Grown men fainted at the Sundance showing of this film. What? seriously?
I don't know, maybe because I have seen hundreds of vampire movies over the years, or maybe because I am female and have seen the craziness pregnant women and new mommies get to, but other then the animal slaughter (What did the PETA people think of this film?) there wasn't much to faint over. Nothing actually.
Oh did I mention it's Canadian? Yes people, we Canadians have a strange lust for vampire movies and morgue humour.

Plot: Madeline has had 2 miscarriages in the past, and is doing everything different this pregnancy. Everything seems to be going good on this one till her and her husband get in a car accident. He dies, and Madeline is told the baby will be still born. Set to carry it to term anyway, she hopes the doctors are wrong. The baby is indeed still born, or so everyone thinks at first. Taking baby Grace home, Madeline begins to live her life now as a single mom thinking her worst problem is her Mother -inLaw. The two women battle it out for the baby, only to find Grace is needing something thicker then formula.

Gabrielle Rose ( the aunt in Lost Boys 2 the Tribe) manages to make you hate her through most of the film then find yourself cheering for her at the end.
I did not like the animal stuff, but it was a slick move on the film makers part to add the vegan theme. This movie will hold up for decades to come and belongs on the same shelf as Rosemary's Baby and Omen. Brilliant!

Meanwhile at the Hoito

I can't frealing believe it either. I'm being dragged to the Hoito for lunch. 35 years in this city and I have escaped most of the crappy "Thunder Bay Landmarks" but I promised to help Stacey Voss put up flyers for her book signing. She'll be at the Waverly Library on the 17th of the month for a reading of her book and autograph signing. And well that's the area of town it's going to be on.
And I have learned from past times, if a pregnant lady says you are going someplace for lunch cause they are craving something you can only get at that place, you don't argue. I would have more of a chance of surviving a match against Awesome Kong then I do surviving saying no to a pregnant lady. Trust me on that.

Speaking of coffee which I have not had any of yet, I need to have coffee. Lots of coffee. Was up way too late being foolish talking on Skype with Cole Cash.

Here's hoping I don't get left on the other side of town for saying something uber stupid today.
Here's hoping this week's Impact is available somewhere on line before midnight. I like to have the reviews up in the morning, but it's been supper time last few weeks before I have been able to find it either on iTunes Canada or on youtube. Spike TV needs to start adding it to their website right after it airs on their channel. Oh and it will be a total miracle is someone uploads last night's special Global Impact 2 to the net. Totally didn't have any way to get anyone to tape it for me. Yes I suck.

Since the show's not on right now, I am going to go watch Grace which I rented last night. I am now doing a horror film count down on the women's site I am on. One horror movie a day till hallowe'en. Then posting about it. Much like I have been doing here. Why ? you ask. The owner of the site thought it would be a way to get the members to part take in something other then our sex chat group. Haha. Good luck. Think of we have over 1000 members on the site all women between 18-92 and all they do is post photos of their kids, dogs, write sappy poetry and talk about their sex lives. I heard a few things in there I didn't ever want to know about.

Speaking of drag queens. They love me. Gay men and Drag Queens follow me around town. Which is great, it means I have a fan base starting. It would be nice to have a few straight guys start to follow me around though.
Or you know my biggest fan who we all know lives in Detroit. Is that too much to ask? I didn't think so.

Anyways, I'll update everything later. Might even take a few photos today who knows. But we are talking the North side of Thunder Bay which is even more drenny then the side I live on.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ask Ardeth

Time to dig into the fang mail for another batch of emails from beyond the grave.
Welcome to an overdue issue of "Ask Ardeth" Where anything that can be thought of to ask will be answered by my horror film Heavy Metal Goddess alter ego Ardeth Blood.

Dear Ardeth:

I read your wrestling blog Blind Tag and like the layout you have going on. But why is it that you only show pics from TNA and not from WWE? And why is it you never have any pics of the Divas/Knock outs?

Signed WWE fan in TEXAS

Dear WWE fan in TEXAS

Very simple. I download TNA weekly from iTunes Canada. I take screen shots of things from the shows. WWE is not available on iTunes Canada thus no screen shots.
I will start taking a few more of the women if enough people ask. So far no one has.
If any wrestlers in the Indie companies want to grant us photos to use I will gladly use them. If any one reading this has photos they have taken themselves at live shows and want to send them in, I will use them.

That's all the time we have for this one, come back around and see what other gobs of wisdom Ardeth Blood will dish out and serve to her fiends.

You can email Ask Ardeth at

Countray to Popular Believe My Mouth is not that Big

Or maybe it is.
My last challenge for the all Jane Austen Challenge is an essay on the men in the novels. No pressure That's just 6 novels, 10 movies, and roughly 20 characters to decode.
I know I have whined about it before. How do I get myself into dren like this? Or right, I open my damned mouth and speak without letting my zombie brain kick in first.

Well you know 35 years of bad habits are hard to break.
Well then let's see, Mr. Darcey, Mr. Knightly, Mr. Collins divide by 5 and carry the 7 equals Mr. Rushworth. I think?

This time around my quick wit and heavy handed sarcasm won't be enough to pull my ass out of the pit. I was never good at essays. Totally blew dog backwards on the whole five pages or more doubled space blah blah blah part of school.

Good thing I never became a teacher like everyone expected of me eh? God that would have killed me. Being a teacher. We have more then enough teachers in the family. Damn this is what happens when I haven't had any coffee yet, I babble ruthlessly about myself. But then again it is my blog so I am entitled. (what do you mean your blog I thought this blog was about the wrestlers Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley? You talk about them so much I thought it was dedicated to them or something)

Was so out of sorts last night about a bunch of stuff that when I went to watch Lost Boys, I didn't even notice I had grabbed the sequel and had it in the dvd player for a good five minutes before I came around. By that time I was just too damned lazy to get up and hunt for the proper movie that I ended up watching Lost Boys 2 the Tribe. yeah I'm loosing it big time. Worst of all, I found it funny. LB2Tribe that is, not the loosing my mind part.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Black outs

It's a good thing I love candles cause we have had 2 complete blackouts in the last 17 hours. Just seems to be my end of town too.
The first one lasted 5 hours, the second one was only 45 minutes. We have never had that happen here before. No lights, no heat, no phone, no internet.
The whole time I was thinking this is how all those zombie apocalypse movies start off.

Monday, October 5, 2009


I just went to see this, and was expecting a horror. It was packaged here as a horror, the trailer only showing the zombie fight scenes.
It had Bill Murray. It was a laugh out loud comedy.

Still one of the better zombie films I have ever seen. Then again, zombie films aren't really my cup of slime. But given the zombie/vampire cross over I have no choice but to start excepting them as part of the genre. There I said it, happy now.

Plot: Mad cow disease has mutated into a virus that causes zombies. 4 people in the U.S.A. are still human and now all they have is each other and a copy of Ghostbusters.

Yeah pretty basic.
Alot of cheap jump scares in the first half and a few killer clowns for spice.

The Vampire Diaries : Brother vs Brother

There was alot of huffing and puffing over this "new" vampire series geared for teens.
I was both giddy and upset over the whole idea. Giddy because this was one of my favourite series of books when I was in high school 20 years ago.
Upset that so many people are shocked to find out they are that old.

Yes, L.J. Smith's uber cool vamps are older then most of her new fans.

These are the covers I remember.

Now, it was cool to find out they were getting a double volume reissue last spring, as I only had part one in my collection, the others I remember having borrowed from the library a million years ago, so the new packaging was cool.
Then the tv show happened. And yet again another set of covers. Confusing isn't it?

Anyway, I just checked out the first episode of the show, and found it to be decent enough. Like everything they modernized it to fit the times. Which given there is to be a second series of books out in the new year, that's fine.

The main theme which is two vampire brothers fighting over one girl seems to be a popular one for many reasons. And one of my favourites I must say.

The first book was released within months of the movie To Die For (later to be renamed Dracula a Love Story to Die For) which follows the story of two vampire brothers who are fighting over one girl. This spawned a sequel called To Die 4 Too Son of Darkness.

Then less then a year later, we were given from Full Moon what one might say is the longest independent vampire series Subspeices.
Once again two vampire brothers fighting over the same girl. This time they even name one of them Stefan.
It had 3 sequels under the Subspeices name and a spin off under the Vampire Journals.

All of these films are part of my collection in one way shape or form.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Free Range Kitties and Manwhores

Danny Remain the Camera Man and I went to see Trailer Park Boys :Countdown to liquor day.
I was little disappointed. I loved the other movie, loved the show just this didn't live up to it for me.
I've missed the last two seasons so there were elements that I was lost on, character changes from what I last remembered.
If you can get past the bad wigs that they put on the women it wasn't half bad, but still not as good as promised.
I laughed enough, and there was some good old fashioned Canadian shout outs in it. Beauty.
But I have to wonder how the biggest Canadian joke plays for American audiences ? There's $4 Canadian Tire Money for anyone who can tell me.

Friday, October 2, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Oct 1 2009

iTunes Canada did not have it for download till after 3pm.

New season of the show with a few new edits to the opening. I don't like it.

Abyss opened the show screaming for answers from Mick Foley. New Heel in Foley. Yay. Is this the end of the Abyss gimmick?

Amazing Red vs Kyotsi vs Bashir vs Creed vs Lethal. X-Division ladder match. Ohh Ohh my god Creed threw up all over the ring. Ohh Amazing Red won.

Dr. Stevie vs Nash. Both men need to get a hair cut. Nash won.

Hernandez vs Kurt Angle. Double count out then World Elite ran out.

Eric Young vs Matt Morgan the evil druid. It was a DQ as Kurt Angle came out of the crowd with a chair. Then World Elite and MEM ran out, with security. When did Scott Da'More return to TNA? Always cool to see him.

Team 3D/Lashley vs British Invasion/Rhino. Beer Money Inc on the mic. British Invasion tapped out.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! What is with Alex Shelley sniffing the female reporter's hair? Dude you a puppy? Must be cause then he started scratching his skull again. Voo-Voo a new MMG video and theme to be on next show. Nice. I'm the only one on the planet who liked Chris Sabin's old theme eh? LOL. Yeah.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mushy Brain

Yeah it's one of those weeks. I have been hitting the book blog circles trying to network the authors, reviewers and publishers.
Keep entering contests and forgetting to do one major thing. Leave my email. Yeah talk about dead teenager brains and I am not even a teenager. Unless 35 is the new 16, but I doubt it.

Fearing the mail right now too. The bill for my cell phone has been sitting on the table unopened for over a week. I don't want to know how high my cell phone bill is. I don't want to know because I am sure I can't afford it. So just going to walk gingerly around the little red and white envelope that says "Rogers Wireless" try not to disturb the dust that has started to collect on it. I'll deal with it later, on the weekend, maybe.

That made my night

I rented Crank 2 High Voltage last night, and it was a fairly good comedy. I had liked the first one enough that I thought I would give the second a shot.
All I can say is "Corey Haim in a bad wig."
Totally not an element I was expecting in a Jason Stathan film, but a cool surprise none the less.
So in true me fashion 3 cheers for Corey Haim in a bad wig hooray hooray hooray


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