Friday, June 29, 2007

Who you know

Who You Know by Theresa Alan was the book I just finished reading. This one didn't spark any talks with my circle but I did like it more then the last book we read. It's about 2 sisters and 1best friend. One is just getting married, one is just divorced, and one is still looking.
I think I liked this because I was able to see alot of my circle in it, and it had a very familiar tone to it.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


For those who have not been to the original Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on MSN, or to any of my other websites/blogs, I guess a few photos are in order. Most of my photos live at the old AandtheA
This one with my arms out is me. It was taken last summer when I started working with a new photographer RJ.

The next is VLHE. One of my best friends. And one of the main people over here at hardcore Vamps Prods.,

I don't know if I can take this anymore

Yeah. I am serious.
If you have been reading anything on my company blog, company website, or anything else I have going on at hardcore Vamps Prods., then you will know what I mean.
I wrote a script few years back for a short black and white silent film. Something that was only suppose to be 10 minutes long. A vampire film, (there's a shocker for ya) starring myself and my best friend Viva-Loco Homegirl Esq. We tried to get it on tape but it came out like crap.
Just over a year ago, I met this guy (there is a long "twiztid" story I don't have time for) who helped me get the guts to re-work the script into a full length film. Okay, great. We started then to do promotion for it BEFORE we actually shot any of the film (stop laughing it worked for Evil Dead) Here we are now, over a year later, with a completed script, and half the film shot. Yes, half the film shot. And here are some reasons why it's not finished...
  1. I ran out of money. (this was a no-budget thing we were doing with hand held digital cameras)
  2. I had only half a cast/crew
  3. The cast/crew all had day jobs, school, and other lives
  4. My lead male disappeared
  5. My main actress is pregnant.
Even though, I had the lead female role, I didn't have the biggest female role. Confused. Well, my story is about a group of actors, so Viva-Loco Homegirl Esq. who's character is an actor is playing more then one role in the film.
I am not even sure how this came to be the mess it is? Acting was never my love, it sort of became an odd side-effect to the characters I created. Not having to be under the grooling schedule is fine but not having a final film is killing me. I don't know if I can take this disappointment anymore. I have already drained all my money for this project, which is what my company was hinged on, lost a few friends over it, and gotten my heart totally crushed (in more ways then one) With nothing to show for it but a few videos that were for the soundtrack and 45minutes of half edited footage. (it is ment to be a 90minute film)
We had one week were it was fun. It would be nice to find a way to complete this film, and get the fun back into things.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What I learned from Sex and the City Part 2

Once upon a time (2001) in a crappy little place on the edge of Lake Superior lived a girl. This girl made the mistake of falling for a boy she met in a bar. They had fun, they laughed, they sang badly, they drank, they played pool. Then one night the boy cheated on the girl. And worst of all he lied about it. The boy had the affair with the girl's cousin/best friend. The girl cut them both out of her life and moved on.
A few years later (2004) after many cocktails, some dental work, a new hairdo and going from a size 40w down to a size 12 (!) the girl spotted the evil boy on the bus. The boy flirted (with bad jokes) with the girl, not even recognizing her. The girl just shook her head and walked off the bus.
Another few years later (2007) after a late lunch and a martini, the girl was standing around the city with her mom, when the boy wandered back into her life. The boy spotting her mom, started to become odd. He recognized her mother, but not her. He did stare a whole in the girl as he stood around smoking and beating up a poor helpless pop-machine that ate his change. The boy looked the very same he had 6 years before, even wore the same dirty old t-shirt. The girl said nothing just smiled brightly to herself, knowing she was better off without this one "ex".
As our girl went home to blog about the whole thing, she wondered to herself, 'how many of our exes really exit our lives?' We change as time passes, which is seen in our clothes, our speech, our actions which proves our growth But for those who don't change, do they grow?
And how much of us is really 'us' ? Do we retain any of who we were before the 'ex' entered our lives, and if so do we really truely change? Or do we become less of who we were and more of who they think we are? Do we really evolve; Or is the change forced on us because of fear and hurt; and at what point does it become baggage to be tossed out ?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Monday, June 25, 2007

Another Loss

Wrestler Chris Benoit was found dead today along with his wife and son in their home. No further details have been given according to The Canadian wrestler was 40.

7 Things you Never knew you wanted to know about me

I was floating around through some of the links on BloggerChicks, and on my visit to Slacker-Moms-R-Us
I came across this meme. So here we go, and it's my first time so.....

  1. I don't drive. I went for my beginners when I was 16 and failed ...twice. I then got my best friend Erin to try teaching me, but I almost drove us off a cliff. I have never tried since (and I am 33 now)
  2. I love being Canadian. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I am just glad that we get American Fashion magazines. That is one thing about our media that could use some improvement.
  3. I spend my days when I am home alone in my favourite black slip. Nothing else.
  4. My Sears card is maxed. I use it for everything I can find there.
  5. I have a drawer full of bad romance novels that I have on my "must read" list.
  6. I am the only Newfie who hates fish. Won't even be in the room when someone is cooking it, and I well hold my nose when I am at the grocery if I have to walk past the seafood counter.
  7. I hate shortbread.
I am boring aren't I ?
Well, my sister is the wild and crazy one in the family, I am just the writer. Okay, that was more painful then I thought it would be.

Headers part 2

Ever have one of those days?
Yeap, not enough coffee to keep my brain from being perma-baked. I have been trying to find something to use for over a week now for my headers, and it was staring me in the face the whole time.
I did this one awhile back for a book I am working on. The book is far far far from being done, but the painting is pretty. Sums me up too I think, it is me, my career, goals, and everything else all in one. (writing, art, coffee)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A coffee Quiz

Only 73% ? Hhmmm...The dude at my local Starbucks would tell you different. He so nicely pointed out I was tagged. When I asked if that was good or bad (I right off thought my credit card was maxed or something) he just said "you are a regular. Meaning you come in more then once a day"

JCW :An Open Letter To Fans

I tune into JCW every week on Insane Clown
And every week I see the same thing happen. Fans throwing stuff at the ring. Not at all the wrestlers, just one wrestler Trent Acid. The number one Heel in JCW.
I understand if you don't like his character, fine, boo him, scream at him, don't buy his tee shirt. But show some respect, stop pounding him with things!
What are you not understanding? When you throw bottles, shoes, lighters, and every other piece of trash you do into the ring you not only hit him, you hit the other wrestlers, you hit the ICP who are the ring announcers you hit the refs....and if you have a bad throwing arm it just lands on the floor in between the ring and you, where anyone can slip/trip on it. If you have a great throwing arm, it flies over the ring and hits other fans on the other side. People are getting hurt because of a few morons out there who do not like one wrestler. The dude is great at what he does! He has held many titles in many companies, and guess what (at the time of this post) Trent Acid is the JCW champ right now. The company flagship. He wouldn't have gotten that title if the company didn't know that he was good enough to have it.
You people hate him because he is the top Heel. He is the top Heel because he has the talent to make anyone look good when he wrestles them. Some of the other guys that step in the JCW ring with him are not so good. Weaker wrestlers (I mean in talent not strength) almost never go Heel they stay Face, and your hero is only as good as your villain.
And think about people who might be tuning into JCW for the first time, seeing the way the fans are in the program. Because of a few immature fans the rest of us look bad, the idea most have in their heads of us as ICP fans, are that we are immature uneducated and violent all the time.
In the last episode, the fans were screaming one word 'family' through part of the match. How can any of you be a family when you disrespect someone who goes out there every night putting his body on the line for you, to entertain you all?

There was my rant of the week. Now I am going for coffee.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

My other Blog

I just added a new post on my Alucard's Rose blog. It's my reviews/studies on vampires (films, books, folklore etc)

Road to Recovery from the Car Crash Episode 9

Yes, it has been a long nine months. But I am near the end of it all. Thank the Fates.
In the stage now where it's all paper work. Had an appointment the other morning with the Insurance's Doctor for their final checkup. Now the stage of having to deal with Disability starts up. Great, more people poking into my life who I don't want poking in my life. Just seemed alittle odd the doctor only focused on the shoulder and not the thumb, ribs or lung?
Good news though, my family doctor gave me the okay to start traveling. So I am going to Edmonton in September to see Butterfly. If you remember my old blog, I mentioned her just having twins last month. This is one year I can't wait to see close.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Who's Your Jack Wagner?

Getting over Jack Wagner by Elise Juska was the latest book on the reading list for us.
My sister works at Chapters Books here in town, and gets a stack of books every so often. She passed this one on to me few weeks ago.
This book is about a woman who had a crush on actor/singer Jack Wagner and then dates only rockstars.
I love Chicklit which has left it's prints all over my blogging style. But this book, just sucked. In talking about the book, both my sister and me agreed this one just wasn't worth it.
It did however bring up a topic : Who/What is your 'Jack Wagner'?
A common thread between my sister, me, our friends seems to be musicians,actors, bartenders, hockey players and finally artists.
One friend seems to pick gay guys (serious put her in a room of 500 men and she will find the only gay man sexy) where as I seem to be a jerk magnet.
Thou I have dated my share of musicians, actors,(both of which I swore after the first time never again) bartenders, and artists I am still looking for what I consider my ideal guy.
A wrestler.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

WWE In Poor Taste

One week ago WWE's Raw ended with the Chairman and former ECW Champ getting into a limo and having it set on fire.
I get that Sports Entertainment is a soap opera, and that there has to be some kind of new storyline to keep viewers, but this was just wrong! As a gimmick it was over the top, unbelievable, and down right disrespectful. Whoever came up with this storyline needs to have their pens taken from them. Just really really bad taste people.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What I learned from Sex and the City ...part 1

I have made no hiding the fact that two of my favourite writers are Sparkle Hayter and Candace Bushnell.
I have all of Candace Bushnell's books (up to this date that I am aware of)
4 Blondes, Trading Up, Lipstick Jungle and the one that started it all Sex and the City.

I have compared myself to the character Carrie on more then one level. And we all have friends/family who fall right into place of being a Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha. But have you ever looked at the men in your life? How many of us can say 'yes I have a Big in my past' or a 'Tray' ?
I hate to admit it, but if my "MR. BIG" is the guy I think he is; I DON'T want to end up with him!! And if my "Aidan" is who I think he is, I won't get to end up with him. Though my "Stanford" is actually straight, and I have had a "Tray" in my past, I guess I have to admit I am looking for my "Steve". Of all the women on the tv show, Miranda lucked out. Her man was cute, sweet, loyal and down right sexy!
At the moment, someone else in my circle is having a "Carrie Moment" (more like year) she has a sweet "Aidan" type in her life, while her "Mr. Big" just won't let her go. He keeps showing up when she seems to find some happiness only to screw it up for her. Another person in my circle is trying to have a "Samantha Moment", but it's plan to the rest of us she is just covering for her own shortcomings. And the one in my circle who is wanting a "Charlotte Moment" is coming the "Samantha" box.
This has left me wondering is it time to think outside the box?
Have we somehow type cast ourselves into roles that we aren't really fit for?
As I try to learn from our patterns, I hope to find some answers. Every so often I will let you know what (and if ) I have learned.
I guess the first thing to know is that nothing matters but the shoes.

At a Starbucks across town...

It was a 4 Starbucks day.
That's what...$20 in one day just in coffee! No wonder I can't pay my phone bill.
Day went like this....7:45a.m. woke up got dressed
8:15a.m. checked emails
9:30a.m. went to Starbucks for a coffee while waiting for bus
10:05a.m. got to doctor's appointment
11:06a.m. running to catch next bus home
11:25a.m. get 2nd Starbucks of day while waiting for prescriptions
noon start cooking dinner
1:45p.m. check emails again
2:03p.m. clean kitchen
3:00p.m. freak out realizing missing half ingredients for dinner
4:00p.m. 3rd Starbucks of day while leaving grocery

4:27p.m. finish cooking dinner
6:00p.m. guests get here
8:15p.m. sister wants to go for coffee before they close
8:25p.m. 4th Starbucks of day, photos of sister taken
9:00p.m. meet sister's new boyfriend
10:00p.m. home to clean up kitchen-but check emails again
11:45p.m. blogging

No! No Paparazzi! (My sister) Copywrite hcvp'07

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Avoid the Dishes Activity #6-Blogging

Drip drip drip. The tap says onto the top of the green mixing bowl covered in cake batter.
Drip drip drip, it screams 'come wash this'.
'No, not yet'. I answer, 'I have other things to do.'
True I do have a mountain of things on my To Do list for the weekend, but the most important thing is cleaning the kitchen, as I am having a dinner party tomorrow night. I just don't have the energy right now. Hell, I still don't even have a clue as to what I am going to serve tomorrow night!
I am a veggy, my guests aren't. How do I make up a fabulous dinner they will crave the recipes for and complement me on, for hours later when we don't even fall into the same category of eating? How did I get left doing this? Right now I remember. My buddy is visiting from Europe for the week, and over cocktails the other night I said 'before you leave town, come over for dinner, I'll cook'. I can be very stupid when I have a glass of merlot in hand.
Now I need to plan the meal, shop for the meal, cook it, and somehow manage to have a spotless apartment for them to eat it in. All this plus my usual chaos that is my life. Good thing I am a woman, at lest I have a half chance to get it done.


I have avoided headers.
Simply because I don't know what to have as my "icon" to represent me, my views, my company. Yes yes, the company blog would be an easy one to do, just slap up the name in purple, but that still leaves me with the one for here and for Alucard's Rose.
I don't want to fall into the same old same old gothic trap for the vampire site, so I made it a soft shade of pink staying away from black altogether. And this one, well on my original MSN blog I use their smoke background. MMMM? Smoke for this one too? Not sure that would be right. And besides, what would that be saying about me really?
Something will jump out and bite me soon I hope as to what would make a good header. I am doing my best to make this blog better then the original one, but still keeping it's vibe.
I do love the idea of a blog. It is a part of you that is always a work in progress, just as life is.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Baby boom filing cabnets and a bag of chips, what does it really mean to have it all?

from org. blog aug 2005

My best friend Butterfly and her husband just had their first son. Two women I know who work at the same hotel are both off on maternity leave. My cousin and his wife are expecting their second child in a matter of weeks. Seems everytime I turn around someone is having another baby. The other thing they all have in common is the higher paying job they are all leaving. Raised to believe that a woman wants three magical things a husband a career a family all flowing together in one perfect stream of consciousness making you a compelte person is what we have been fed for the past 50years. Is it truely possible? Better question, do we truely want it that way? How hard is it really to "have it all" ? The work force is slim at the best of times, but after you have been out of it for a year or more, can you really handle the stress of returning? And what about those of us who dont want it all? Those of us who only want "half" or just one part of this conformed dream. Does that make us less a woman or just simply less ambitious? In a time when you don't even need a man to have a baby, maybe you dont need the baby to be a woman?

Family Vaules Math (1 + 1 = 2 not 3) :from aug2006

Okay, I know I have ranted and bitched about this before!6B4F3D986B8B73E0!134.entry

But I do feel the need to once again.
I came across a blog today that set my teeth grinding. Now, Everyone on this planet is intitled to their opinion, but when you start acting as if your opinion is the only one, then I have a problem. The blog that got under my skin was talking about how the upswing of couples choosing Not to have kids was demoralizing and destructive to families. Claiming that because alot of younger couples are wanting to be a family unto themself without the additon of babies they were Not really families.
If you have read my other entry, you know how I feel about this topic. I DISAGREE TOTALY!!! Not everyone on this planet's surface desire the extra weight a child adds to a relationship. Not everyone on this planet's surface can from a medical standpoint have children.
So I feel the need to defend not just myself for being a woman who's perfect ideal family contains a husband, myself and 2 dogs, but also anyone else out there that falls into a "nontraditonal" family. They went on to say how a family was simply a husband, wife and baby, with the baby being the link to what equals a family. But they said the link was in the bloodline which completed the family unit.
I must say then, are couples who choose to adopt then not real families? Are single parents who work hard raising their child not families? Are you no longer a family if one spouse dies in an accident leaving you widowed with your kids? Are you not a family if youre sexual preference is for the same sex eventhough you are raising kids together?
Again I say, how can there only be one real definition of what a family is when the world has evoulved to the degree it has?
I was raised to understand family to mean 2 or more PEOPLE that care for each other and love each other, helping each other through the bad parts in life, and rejoicing in the good with each other. Be that your blood relitives, your spouse or your best friends. Weither your question is To Children or Not to Children, shouldnt your family-vaules be your family-values?

Vision (from org. blog June 1 2007)

I have never missed my Grandparents as much as I do right now!
All I want is to be able to go to their house, sit in the kitchen with my Grandma and have homemade bread toasted with homemade jam and tea while she looks after me, with the kitchen widow open so that we can hear my Papa in the backyard as he sings while mowing the lawn. But Papa has been gone for 22 years, and Grandma has been gone for 8. The house was long since sold so it isn't even in the family anymore.
What has brought this on? A vision while in meditation. The vision was pretty much the same but with one little thing added. In the vision the guy I love with is sitting in the backyard on a lawn chair. In the vision, my Grandma is saying what a nice guy he is just if only he would cut his hair and take out those earrings. In the vision my Papa is telling him just how much I care about him and that he needs to pull the turnip from the garden for dinner.
I always thought that when you fell in love with someone they were suppose to fall in love with you too?

Big Money Hustlas (old review from org. blog)

BIG MONEY HUSTLAS - What do you get when you mix 70's style cops shows, mobs stories from the 90's and a lot of greese paint? Why you get one hell of a fun ride with the Insane Clown Posse's verision of an explotation film. Here we follow the chacater of SugarBear around "New York" as he trys to take down mastermind Big Baby Sweets and his gang of "Thugs". Along the way having to balance his romantic life and being hindered by his bumbling sidekick. This movie comes with a warning, it isnt for everyone. But for those of you who are willing to buy the ticket and take the ride, it is worth it. It helps to prove that a great movie doesnt have to come from a large company. I give it a five out of five fangs rating.

June 16 2007 Saturday 1:45pm Gemini

So, you are asking, what is this now?
The simple answer is yet another blog by this crazy chick. The complicated answer is another version of an already existing blog by this crazy chick.
Why not? I love my first blog, andrew &the aluminumsidings
but it was starting to feel small. So here we go with a new cabin so to speak.


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