Saturday, June 16, 2007

Family Vaules Math (1 + 1 = 2 not 3) :from aug2006

Okay, I know I have ranted and bitched about this before!6B4F3D986B8B73E0!134.entry

But I do feel the need to once again.
I came across a blog today that set my teeth grinding. Now, Everyone on this planet is intitled to their opinion, but when you start acting as if your opinion is the only one, then I have a problem. The blog that got under my skin was talking about how the upswing of couples choosing Not to have kids was demoralizing and destructive to families. Claiming that because alot of younger couples are wanting to be a family unto themself without the additon of babies they were Not really families.
If you have read my other entry, you know how I feel about this topic. I DISAGREE TOTALY!!! Not everyone on this planet's surface desire the extra weight a child adds to a relationship. Not everyone on this planet's surface can from a medical standpoint have children.
So I feel the need to defend not just myself for being a woman who's perfect ideal family contains a husband, myself and 2 dogs, but also anyone else out there that falls into a "nontraditonal" family. They went on to say how a family was simply a husband, wife and baby, with the baby being the link to what equals a family. But they said the link was in the bloodline which completed the family unit.
I must say then, are couples who choose to adopt then not real families? Are single parents who work hard raising their child not families? Are you no longer a family if one spouse dies in an accident leaving you widowed with your kids? Are you not a family if youre sexual preference is for the same sex eventhough you are raising kids together?
Again I say, how can there only be one real definition of what a family is when the world has evoulved to the degree it has?
I was raised to understand family to mean 2 or more PEOPLE that care for each other and love each other, helping each other through the bad parts in life, and rejoicing in the good with each other. Be that your blood relitives, your spouse or your best friends. Weither your question is To Children or Not to Children, shouldnt your family-vaules be your family-values?

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