Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What I learned from Sex and the City Part 2

Once upon a time (2001) in a crappy little place on the edge of Lake Superior lived a girl. This girl made the mistake of falling for a boy she met in a bar. They had fun, they laughed, they sang badly, they drank, they played pool. Then one night the boy cheated on the girl. And worst of all he lied about it. The boy had the affair with the girl's cousin/best friend. The girl cut them both out of her life and moved on.
A few years later (2004) after many cocktails, some dental work, a new hairdo and going from a size 40w down to a size 12 (!) the girl spotted the evil boy on the bus. The boy flirted (with bad jokes) with the girl, not even recognizing her. The girl just shook her head and walked off the bus.
Another few years later (2007) after a late lunch and a martini, the girl was standing around the city with her mom, when the boy wandered back into her life. The boy spotting her mom, started to become odd. He recognized her mother, but not her. He did stare a whole in the girl as he stood around smoking and beating up a poor helpless pop-machine that ate his change. The boy looked the very same he had 6 years before, even wore the same dirty old t-shirt. The girl said nothing just smiled brightly to herself, knowing she was better off without this one "ex".
As our girl went home to blog about the whole thing, she wondered to herself, 'how many of our exes really exit our lives?' We change as time passes, which is seen in our clothes, our speech, our actions which proves our growth But for those who don't change, do they grow?
And how much of us is really 'us' ? Do we retain any of who we were before the 'ex' entered our lives, and if so do we really truely change? Or do we become less of who we were and more of who they think we are? Do we really evolve; Or is the change forced on us because of fear and hurt; and at what point does it become baggage to be tossed out ?

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