Thursday, June 28, 2007

I don't know if I can take this anymore

Yeah. I am serious.
If you have been reading anything on my company blog, company website, or anything else I have going on at hardcore Vamps Prods., then you will know what I mean.
I wrote a script few years back for a short black and white silent film. Something that was only suppose to be 10 minutes long. A vampire film, (there's a shocker for ya) starring myself and my best friend Viva-Loco Homegirl Esq. We tried to get it on tape but it came out like crap.
Just over a year ago, I met this guy (there is a long "twiztid" story I don't have time for) who helped me get the guts to re-work the script into a full length film. Okay, great. We started then to do promotion for it BEFORE we actually shot any of the film (stop laughing it worked for Evil Dead) Here we are now, over a year later, with a completed script, and half the film shot. Yes, half the film shot. And here are some reasons why it's not finished...
  1. I ran out of money. (this was a no-budget thing we were doing with hand held digital cameras)
  2. I had only half a cast/crew
  3. The cast/crew all had day jobs, school, and other lives
  4. My lead male disappeared
  5. My main actress is pregnant.
Even though, I had the lead female role, I didn't have the biggest female role. Confused. Well, my story is about a group of actors, so Viva-Loco Homegirl Esq. who's character is an actor is playing more then one role in the film.
I am not even sure how this came to be the mess it is? Acting was never my love, it sort of became an odd side-effect to the characters I created. Not having to be under the grooling schedule is fine but not having a final film is killing me. I don't know if I can take this disappointment anymore. I have already drained all my money for this project, which is what my company was hinged on, lost a few friends over it, and gotten my heart totally crushed (in more ways then one) With nothing to show for it but a few videos that were for the soundtrack and 45minutes of half edited footage. (it is ment to be a 90minute film)
We had one week were it was fun. It would be nice to find a way to complete this film, and get the fun back into things.

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