Tuesday, June 19, 2007

At a Starbucks across town...

It was a 4 Starbucks day.
That's what...$20 in one day just in coffee! No wonder I can't pay my phone bill.
Day went like this....7:45a.m. woke up got dressed
8:15a.m. checked emails
9:30a.m. went to Starbucks for a coffee while waiting for bus
10:05a.m. got to doctor's appointment
11:06a.m. running to catch next bus home
11:25a.m. get 2nd Starbucks of day while waiting for prescriptions
noon start cooking dinner
1:45p.m. check emails again
2:03p.m. clean kitchen
3:00p.m. freak out realizing missing half ingredients for dinner
4:00p.m. 3rd Starbucks of day while leaving grocery

4:27p.m. finish cooking dinner
6:00p.m. guests get here
8:15p.m. sister wants to go for coffee before they close
8:25p.m. 4th Starbucks of day, photos of sister taken
9:00p.m. meet sister's new boyfriend
10:00p.m. home to clean up kitchen-but check emails again
11:45p.m. blogging

No! No Paparazzi! (My sister) Copywrite hcvp'07

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