Thursday, June 21, 2007

Who's Your Jack Wagner?

Getting over Jack Wagner by Elise Juska was the latest book on the reading list for us.
My sister works at Chapters Books here in town, and gets a stack of books every so often. She passed this one on to me few weeks ago.
This book is about a woman who had a crush on actor/singer Jack Wagner and then dates only rockstars.
I love Chicklit which has left it's prints all over my blogging style. But this book, just sucked. In talking about the book, both my sister and me agreed this one just wasn't worth it.
It did however bring up a topic : Who/What is your 'Jack Wagner'?
A common thread between my sister, me, our friends seems to be musicians,actors, bartenders, hockey players and finally artists.
One friend seems to pick gay guys (serious put her in a room of 500 men and she will find the only gay man sexy) where as I seem to be a jerk magnet.
Thou I have dated my share of musicians, actors,(both of which I swore after the first time never again) bartenders, and artists I am still looking for what I consider my ideal guy.
A wrestler.

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