Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm Back

And the road leads to nowhere.
well not really. It my pets leads to me. And Hallowe'en!
So what is so groovy right now in my world? Reading Volume Two of the Tanya Huff Blood Books, listening to the entire Headstones collection (okay not entire I am still missing the cd HiFi) watching a craplode of vampire movies I just bought on dvd. (just in time for a few movie reviews of the Hallowe'en/October season) missing the babies, and still packing for my move out west.
I think we need a photo now.

copywrite hcvp'07

This is me last week in the West Edmonton Mall. As you can tell I did not take this one. Butterfly did. She is the other co-founder of hardcore Vamps Prods. and photos are not her strong point. Yes those are real live flamingos behind me. I just love flamingos!
Okay so more in a few days when I get the rest of the photos uploaded and have settled abit back into my daily routine.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I scare Amish people.

So, the bus out of town was a half hour late.
There was an old lady who sat in front of me who kept reclining so much I had no leg room at all.
Hung out with the younger brother of a couple of people I went to highschool with a hundred years ago.
And scared the group of Amish people who were sitting behind me. The women moved to another seat for whatever reason.
Hanging now in Edmonton with my friend Butterfly and her husband.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Last minute chaos

Okay getting dressed to go to doctor's then when I get home have to pack and finish the last few bits of housework before leaving for Edmonton tomorrow.
So when I get back to the net next I will have photos and stuff.

Have a good weekend all.

P.S. I have a new pic of myself up on My Cup Is Empty.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I signed up yesterday for the computer site Second Life.
You know the 3D world where you can have a business meeting, ski and all that crap. Well, I picked a bad day to do it. Yesterday 9-11. The game was hacked all day from what I could see. Just hope my laptop is okay.
Further more, I have to go with mom to her appointment today. Great, just what I need mom hanging around today. I still have too much to do before tomorrow night.
That's right, leaving for Edmonton on Friday morning. Should be cool.
Busing so I will see some of Canada I have never seen. Never been that far west.
Have my own doctor's appointment tomorrow too.
Well at lest the next two weeks will not be dull.

Just finished reading Tayna Huff's Blood Books Volume One. I think I found my new favourite author.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I have nothing cute to say

We are heading into my favourite season...October!
Yes, it is a season not a month. What? You didn't know that? Shame on you.
Well if you live in Canada you know it is it's own season. It has two holidays if you live in the Great White North because here, Thanksgiving comes before Hallowe'en. Plus this is when the cold really hits turning all the trees colours and forcing the leaves to the sidewalks.
The scent of pumpkin and apples are in everything married nicely with cinnamon and nutmeg. And of course, the stores are already bursting with xmas decorations.
I know, July we see back to school stuff, late Aug we see October stuff, and in late Sept we see xmas stuff. Boy, Zellers sure knows how to keep us in store until the New Year.

Not too mention that now we also start getting those slightly cool, very groovy scary movies for kids on the Family Channel. Helps to get us into the mood.
I went to Blockbuster the other night and rented the latest in this genre.
R.L. Stine's Haunted Hour Episode Don't Think About It.

I found it strong on story, and steady on effects without going overboard.
It centers around a teen goth girl who gets picked on, then takes revenge on the girl who made her the outcast. She finds an old book reads out loud and a creature appears to eat everyone. Then she and her friends save the day.

I am sorry, were you really going to rent it? It will be on tv so you can catch it then.

Friday, September 7, 2007


Yahoo sucks!

I went to log in and hit my bookmarks like I always do and there was nothing there!
I lost everything!
Then I hit some buttons and this thing called MY WEB has all my links. What the F...!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Young Triffie's Been Made Way With

Young Triffie is a fab movie!
Based on the play Young Triffie's Been Made Way With, and produced by Mary Walsh of Codco fame and this Hour Has 22 Minutes, it's a lovely black comedy. Set in Newfoundland in the late 1940's, where a small town is hit by murder. A Ranger must solve the crime in under two days while keeping the town's people from exposing too much of themselves.
It's a very tongue in cheek film and with out a doubt you can't get more Canadian then this.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Black Tie

So you know I was shopping with Ninja (my sister) for an outfit for a wedding she had to go to. Well, here is a very rare photo of her and her boyfriend all dressed for it.
It was his mom's wedding.

copyright hcvp'07


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