Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I signed up yesterday for the computer site Second Life.
You know the 3D world where you can have a business meeting, ski and all that crap. Well, I picked a bad day to do it. Yesterday 9-11. The game was hacked all day from what I could see. Just hope my laptop is okay.
Further more, I have to go with mom to her appointment today. Great, just what I need mom hanging around today. I still have too much to do before tomorrow night.
That's right, leaving for Edmonton on Friday morning. Should be cool.
Busing so I will see some of Canada I have never seen. Never been that far west.
Have my own doctor's appointment tomorrow too.
Well at lest the next two weeks will not be dull.

Just finished reading Tayna Huff's Blood Books Volume One. I think I found my new favourite author.

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Trenting said...

Hmm.. Well looks like you have a lot going on, Speaking of moms, mine went bezerko yesterday, ranting on about the craziest random things and practically rearending an unsuspecting driver, I could not wait to get out of her car! I think she needs to lower up her bloodpressure meds!


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