Sunday, September 28, 2008

Just a Sunday afternoon

Not a lot going on today. This week has been a total let down.
I was suppose to get my tattoo on Friday, but when I went into the shop, he refused to do the design I had. Seems when Ninja booked it for me (when she had her's done) she did not mention to the Tattooist that I had one already. That was a bit of a problem for him since I was wanting to add on to it.
So I ended up spending a half hour trying to sort out the design to be something he was willing to do. In the end I re-booked it. I already paid a deposit that I can't get back, and he's the only inker in town so I had no choice.

And this week was the DVD release of Sex and the City Uncut.
What can I say about it? I thought it was fabulous the first time I saw it in the cinema and with the extras I think it is even better.

And just intime for the new release by Candace Bushell One Fifth Avenue you can check out the Queen of Chick-Lit at her official website here

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Andrew and the Aluminumsidings Take 3

Once again I got asked why my blog has this title.
Well, we had a band way back in school 20some years ago, and that band turned into the bases for one of my novels.
I am Andrew and the Aluminumsidings. Lead singer, creator, and keeper of the key.
Yes, we have talked about getting the band back together, and things keep stopping us, like everyone else having grown up and had babies. (not me I am child free thank you)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Twitch City

or How I am a Television Show.
The late 1990's brought a stunning new idea to the Canadian viewer; a show that showed how life was becoming so surreal that it blurred the lines between what we watched and what we were.
Twitch City ran for only two short seasons, but created not only a large and loyal fan base but turned the sitcom on it's head. With episodes like "Planet of the Cats" we saw the old idea of television storylines like group fear and dream sequences mixed to deliver an underlining point of view.( The only episode in the series where the "Rex Reilly show" was not a violent part of things. )
Mixing cartoonish reality with a talk show mentality we saw issues like revenge, loneliness, lust, disgust, racism, cults and depression.

I don't know if my personal love of this series has more to do with the fact I used to be in Television myself, or the fact that I used to be a Television Addict like the lead character Curtis. (my cure was to go cold turkey and get rid of the cable) But I also found myself identifying with the character of Hope at different points of the show. (does she fall for him cause even though he seems like the wrong guy he is the right one or cause he's all she knows?)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So I have a Playstation 2, and am just not a gamer. The game is great non-the less. But if I were a wrestler, I would never be X-Division champ. I have tried and tried over the last week to get that Ultimate X but...fall short every time.
As far as the "story" goes, I can't get out of the first level.
Again, I am not a gamer
But this commercial is cool!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What do you mean the back up isn't backing up?

Used one of those little jumpdrives/flashdrives to transfer some of my work from one computer to the other. Simple right?
Nope never seems to be with me. The program was transferring but the information wasn't . I had to go in and open another application, copy the text manually and then transfer it that way.
Have an instant back up set for the moment, but what is the point of disks and drives if they are not going to copy the entire data?


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