Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Music Break.... Adam Cohen

Look what I found while tripping the net for cargo lint

His self titled cd from 1998 is still one of my all time favourites. Hard to believe these vids are 12 years old. They totally hold up.

I got Quouted -Good or Bad?

Well, bloody hell Vim, it's a Marshall!    - Comic Strip Presents More Bad News A Heavy Metal Nightmare

Get this, remember my rant the other day  about the whole Mommy Bloggers thingie
Well, I got quoted.  I did.  And it was by someone I have never heard of before!  Spiffy very spiffy. 
I'll link to them cause that's what you do.  And I stand firm behind my words.   I believe that all press is good press. 

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some evil to your head

Quoting Artificial Joy Club song Psychic Man for that opening title.

Okay, so I have said on this monster mash over a year ago that I had started trying to learn belly dancing. Trying being the key word. Why I am not getting too far with it, and there for no vid of me yet at it, has alot to do with my shoulder/ribs and back.

Remember the car accident I had back on Sept 1st 2006, it mangled my entire right side from my waist to my shoulder. And well I have that nasty back issue since I was 10. But anyway, I started up again with the trying to learn belly dance. Seems when I am not trying I seem to be able to make a hoser out of myself by half way dancing.

Let me set the photo for you shall I. When I think about doing the moves, my zombie eaten brain can't seem to get my stupid body to move, but when I am standing around just waiting for a bus with my iPod on, well I end up having people stare at me like I am having a fit or something.

Yes that's right my Spudguns, I dance when I am not even thinking about trying to. And I'm sure that I make for a fairly interesting - to say the least- idiot of myself without even trying to.

So the message of the day is .... Don't even think about it. Move, groove and be on intuition.

Which brings me to my next little mouth dropping.

I have shown my ability for poetry. I was published years ago when still in high school, and college and a few years after that, in local papers and an underground American mag (Macabre Manse Best of Gothica and Beyond) And I've added bits and pieces on this bloggy-blog over the years.
Well, last year I had written a piece for a guy. I never gave it to him, totally chickened out cause I'm a total coward. But I did show it off to a few of my friends and their husbands. Wanting mostly the opinion of the very straight married guys. The reactions were like this....

50 year old Female friend : "If he doesn't scoop you up right on the spot he's a looser who doesn't deserve you."
Her husband : " That's beautiful. Send it now send it now. That's just beautiful"
Her 20 something year old son : " You have a nice way with words. I could turn that into a song."
The High Priestess : "KIM!!!! SEND IT!!! He's going to love it"
High Priestesses husband : he had nothing to say cause he cried. I made a 35 year old straight man cry with my writing.

Well, I am a coward and just could not send it. Freal, I don't even know if he's into poetry. That would be a big bad had I sent it to this guy I don't even really know, and find out he doesn't even like poetry right... right?

And the point is still go with your gut on things. My intuition was to write the pretty little poem and send it to him. Here I am a year later and it's just too late. This is one fear I don't think I can face. And no, I am not going to post that one here. It's too revealing, too innocent, too raw, too naked. No, it's not a dirty smutty poem either, just very ... sugary. Not the me I have let you all see on this blog. It's more Kimberly less Ardeth.

I just can't seem to get it out of my head to send it to him. The universe needs to start sending me some clear signs cause I'm as mixed up emotionally as a girl can get.

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for March 29th 2010

I used screen capture for this post

iTunes Canada had it at a good time today. Lovely

We start with crap. Why the frealing hoofers do we need a damned recap every week? I don't. And I'm sure the editing crew have better things to do, like create a new opening... Oh my god I'm scared now. Lethal I love you to death but put some pants on... and the crowd chanted "fire Bubba" I agree completely.
Then Eric Young (Mr. Yummy in my world) got the 5 minute beat down from Nash and his guys.

Doug Williams/Brian Kendrick vs Kaz/Moore. I would have liked to have seen Kaz and Williams in a singles match or on the same team. Kendrick looks like he's wearing a diaper. Moore started by pulling Williams into the ring and putting him face first into the corner. Followed it with a kick and a series of punches. Kaz then tagged in and they used a double team move on Williams. Kaz followed up with a scoop slam and a sling shot leg drop. He went for a pin but only got a two count. Williams then pulled the leg out from under him, getting enough time to tag in Kendrick. Kaz gave him two deep arm drags, before whipping him hard into the far turnbuckle. Kaz then used his swinging double drop kick. Kendrick then pulled the ref in the way, which gave Williams a chance to run in and cheat. Williams then tagged in, where upon he used a hard knee to the face of Kaz following it by a scissors stomp. I've seen better scissors stomps this was a little on the clumsy side Kendrick tagged back in, and started to work on the neck of Kaz. Kaz managed to fight out, then both went for a running shoulder block and both went down to the mat. Both Williams and Moore tagged in. Moore went wild with a series of drop kicks and a spin kick on Williams before using a hurricanrana. He got a near fall but Kendrick broke up the pin. Kaz came in and they double teamed Kendrick then turned their attention back to Williams. Then it looks like Williams blindtagged Kendrick in and Moore got the pin on kendrick.

Pope came out ... now before the commercial he was in his gear - I'm still waiting for someone in the X-Division to snag me that wicked trenchcoat- then when he came to the ring right after commercial he was in his street clothes... Editing team didn't I tell you that you had more important things to do No cookies No cakes and No dinner for you who's checking the continuity
Then suddenly we were watching a piece from the Blair Witch Project... oh my bad it's the return of Samoa Joe ... sort of.
Then Orlando Jordan did some creepy Cirque du Soleil thing that just made me scared.

Knock Outs match first blood between Daffney and Tara.... don't care but Tara won

Jeff Jarrett vs A.J. Styles. They start with a collar tie up, Styles tossing Jarrett across the ring. Another collar tie up with Styles locking on a side headlock, then turning it into a armbar swinging around into another side headlock-snapmare. Styles went for another armbar but Jarrett countered. Styles went off the ropes then used an armdrag-hiptoss on Jarrett. Once more with the side headlock into a running shoulder block from Styles, then Jarrett tripped up Styles before giving him an arm toss. He used a series of upper cuts on Styles before an inverted atomic drop. He then tossed Styles over the top rope. Back in the ring, Styles attacked with a double axehandle, and went for a flying headbutt in the corner but missed. Jarrett turned the match in his favour with a kick to the back of the skull knocking Styles to the mat. Styles then countered with a kneebreaker. Which he followed with the figure four leg lock. Jarrett broke the hold and slapped one of his own on Styles. Some issues outside the ring for a few minutes. Back in the ring, Styles had a modified choke hold on Jarrett. He broke out of it and went for a sunset flip, but Styles managed to stop it in midmove. Styles used a high knee drop then continued to work on the neck of Jarrett. He had Jarrett in the corner, face first in the top turnbuckle, a chop to the chest, snapmare and back to working on the neck in the modified choke hold. Jarrett broke the hold and sent Styles flying in what looked like a 7 foot high back body drop. Needless to say, Styles came down hard on the mat. He followed up with a series of running clotheslines and and a back drop suplex. Jarrett then used a double underhook but it only got him a near fall. Jarrett was going for a top rope move, but Styles caught him in midair, turning it into a flip. Styles then used his trademark flying forearm but it only got him a two count. Styles was setting up for the styles clash but it got reversed into a flapjack. The ref got knocked out of the ring, and Styles was sent into the ringpost face first. Jarrett then used his trademark Stroke off the second rope. Styles put the styles clash on him and the ref was brought back in giving Styles the win. You could see the blood pouring from Styles' hand from where he hit the post few minutes before. Blood everywhere... You so can not tell me he didn't break that hand

Oh my god the return of Jay Lethal! He went against Beer Money Inc in a handicap match.
Roode jumped in and started it off, but Lethal ducked, giving him a few punches before Storm ran in hitting him from behind. They double teamed him for the next little bit, before tossing him in a massive back body drop hard. Lethal then rolled out of the ring, but Roode followed and started right back in with a series of punches. He got thrown hard into the steel steps shoulder first. They used a double team suplex, and it looked like Lethal was starting to turn the match around when he got another double team move slapped on him. But somehow Lethal got Roode in a small package for the win.

Wolfe vs Pope. Now the Pope is in his gear. Wolfe barely waited for the bell before blind siding Pope with a forearm to the neck. Wolfe then put him in a modified necktie slamming him back onto the mat. Pope countered it by rolling him over, into a chicken-wing. They then went against the ropes, with Wolfe using a back elbow to break the hold before using an upper cut staggering Pope. Wolfe used what looked like a figure four but not really, pushing on the one knee of Pope, but Pope was able to roll him over reversing it. Wolfe then sent Pope face first into the top two turnbuckles then began to work on the left shoulder of Pope. Wolfe spent way too much time showing off. Pope managed to fight back with a series of axehandles, an inverted atomic drop and a flying shoulder block. Wolfe was going for his corner to corner move but Pope slid out of the way, giving him an open hand palm thrust. Wolfe then used a steel chain for a cheap shot and got the pin.

The final match of the night was a steel cage with Eric Young teaming with two guys I don't care for vs Nash and his guys. ....

Okay, people I read the spoiler sheets from another fan site this week, and this show did not match up with anything. The spoiler sheet had a MMG/Team 3D match which I am guessing was used for a web show or was the dark match or something cause It was Not on my iTunes download. Not too mention everything is out of order compared to the spoiler sheet's list of matches. Again, I have to ask who's job is it to check the continuity?

Next week special start time 8pm Est

An Award

Whoo-Hoo! Andrew and the Aluminsidings first blog award.
Nice. Beauty even.
Rules are

1- Thank the person who gave it
2- Tell 7 things about you
3- Give it on to 15 bloggers
4- Let them know you picked them

Well Okay Thank you Paula over on WWE GIRL for this award

7 things about me....
A) I like black olives on my pizza
B) One of my favourite actors is Stanley Tucci
C) The Tea Party's cd Edges of Twilight from 1995 is currently in my dvd player
D) I still want to meet wrestler Eric Young
E) I always wanted to be Darth Vader when playing Star Wars when my cousins and I were little but always got stuck being Princess Lea cause I was the only girl
F) I love movies with sword fights
G)I really am not much for chocolate chip cookies at all

Passing the award on to 15 people. I can't think of too many at the moment.

1) Magaly Guerrero at Pagan Culture
2) Austen Blog
3) Maggie Holbik at Crystal Clear Coaching

Monday, March 29, 2010

Menopause. You're kidding right

Crying for no reason check
Angry for no reason check
Insomnia check
Headaches for no reason check
Memory loss for no reason check
Extremely painful periods check

So, it would seem that the universe took me serious when I said before that I was praying for early menopause. I asked for a Alex Shelley look alike too but the universe hasn't taken me serious on that now has it.
Dude, I'm 36; this isn't fair! Man, this sucks. Oh but don't worry cause it could be a full ten years of the pre-menopause part. Ten years! of this hell? It's no secret that I have zero interest in having kids, but really; the idea of the choice being taken away, not fair. Yes I'm whining now. This has already been going on for 3 years.
Yes, seems the car accident (the surgery I needed after the accident actually) put into motion the early stages of Menopause. Or so it would seem. It's one of those crazy things that you can't really put a shelf life on. But, I've got over half the symptoms of early menopause. Over half!

So, basically what is wrong with me isn't really WRONG with me as much as EARLY.
At least we know why I've been having the unexplained skull shattering headaches.

But the universe is a cruel bitch, cause what else is it doing to me, it's throwing me to the mommies.
  1. All my friends are mommies
  2. When I went to Edmonton in the fall of 2008 I spent the full two weeks in the middle of Butterfly's Mommy and Me group just surrounded by the mommies and their kids.
  3. All the mommy bloggers that I seem to run into, it's like they are haunting me
  4. Suddenly the mommy movie has become a genre all it's own. (Motherhood was on sale previewed at Blockbuster today too when I went there)
  5. The Empress, 9 of Pentacles, 3 of Pentacles in tarot are popping up like madness in all my readings lately.
So, now I am wondering if the universe is setting me up for ... do I even want to think it?  I have to wonder if I would even make a good mommy?  All I know is that if The Fates have it instore for me then no matter what I want or feel or think; it will happen.  Well then, whomever my soulmate is, he's got about another 3 years if he wants kids, to show up in my life. Cause if I've already spent the last 3 in pre-menopause then I've only got about another 4 years roughly before I'm a Crone.

Then there is all the talk about what kind of mommy they seem to be. I'd be the Addams Family mom for sure.  Let my son (I refuse to believe I'd ever have a girl ) run around in a cape and fangs watching Mona the Vampire cartoons all day eating Count Chocola by the handful with a stuffed bat for a favourite toy. 

I have a thing for stuffed bats okay

Missing Photos

Seems photos are missing all across Blogger.

This is a massive issue. I know it freaked me out at first, caused a panic and I even updated my browser but .... Just have to wait it out.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why am I still red?

I just spent the last hour bleaching out my hair. I should be white, but no, I am still red.
Dude, I just want to be ... well not red.
The last 4 times I've tried to bleach out it has not worked, and one of those was at a stylist. They used their industrial strength colour and it did nothing.

This today was a bottle job and I'm still red. A shade and a half lighter towards blonde, but red none the less.

What's going on here? There was one stylist a few years ago who could bleach me out to a perfect white, he's not around anymore. Moved. Damn it!

The last time I was at the stylist a year ago, she asked me what my natural colour was. I was my natural colour at that time, auburn red. She made a face and took in a deep suck of breath saying that it would be impossible to get much more then a lighter red as auburn are almost indestructible . Her words not mine.
So it would seem she was not joking.

So the universe wants me to stay a redhead does it? I can only guess that means that my soulmate must dig reds.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Meanwhile in a messy room across town part 5

I used screen capture for this post

So you heard me say this afternoon that I am having writers block again.
Not good.

Well, I was watching a match from the 2009 Against All Odds ppv and suddenly I had a scene.

Oh yeah, I quickly hit the pause button on the iTunes and opened the novel again, and wrote a scene where one of my leads is sitting there eating cereal.

You're thinking What? how does a ppv match equal you thinking of cereal?

Oh yeah man. True grit on this one. It was the tights. For whatever reason, my brain thought "bright sugary puffed cereal everywhere" Just a big bowl of Fruity-Os. You get the picture?

Between the green and yellow in Mr. Shelley's tights and the neon orange and day-glo green in Mr. Young's tights, I started thinking of coloured cereal.

Why I keep connecting Mr. Shelley with food I have no idea. It's some odd domestic desire or something.
But, yeah, dude I got an entire paragraph written because of that spark of thought. So, um... thanks boys for breaking down my writers block.

Friday Noon :14

I'm sitting here my mind stuck but spinning in circles at the same time.

I need a new ending for my novel and I'm just hitting a blank wall. Well, more like a large grey one with a rocky texture. Or more on the point, a dirty once white one with little thumbtack holes and grease splatters. Cause I am in the kitchen with my laptop as I sit here staring at the last paragraph of my novel.


I'm starting to begrudge my characters. This might be a problem as I still have to deal with them for at least another year.

My ending sucks. Just blows goat.

I keep thinking of that scene in the movie Stranger then Fiction when Emma Thompson is standing over the edge of the building and you realize she's not really.

Yeah it's one of those days.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh my Now My mom is worried about him.

I used screen capture for this post

You all remember this post ... yes?

Well, it doesn't stop there. It should but it doesn't.
I was on the phone with my mother, talking about my day and how the review was finally done for this week, and I mentioned that the fan sites are saying that the show is suppose to be changing time slots in a few weeks. Mom said "That's the beginning of the end for TNA isn't it? Cause when a television show gets the shuffle it's all down hill from there on."
That is the general thought right now on the fan sites/spoiler sheets. I am not thinking that way, trying to stay positive and believe that TNA will make it. Then my mom said something that created a bit of an uncomfortable and very strange few minutes.

Mom: "What will that Alex guy do if the show goes do you think?"

Me : "Where the hoofers did that come from? And what does that have to do with anything?"

Mom: "He'd be out of a job wouldn't he? Think he'd show up on the other one... the other company with Randy Orton " (note mom has a soft spot for Randy Orton )

Me : "I don't know. To be honest, I hope not. To me that would be like selling your soul. "

Yes, my mother was worried about Mr. Shelley's career. My Mom! This just reached a new level of creepy. First my mom thinks Mr. Shelley is cute ( but we can not blame her for that as who with eyes doesn't) now, she's actually worried he won't have a job if TNA sinks. What's going on here?

Does my mom know something about my favourite wrestler that I don't?
Does she have him on speed dial or something? Should I worry? I'm starting to wonder.

My mom is not even a wrestling fan, she can point out who she thinks is cute and that's about as far as it goes. So for her to make a comment about wither or not Mr. Shelley will have a career in the wrestling business if TNA ends... I am not sure what to say on that, other then Mr. Shelley you have done something no one else on the planet has been able to do. You've made my mother give a damn about something that I'm interested in. Hands down, you're the man.

Told you it got to a whole new level of creepy.

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for March 22 2010

iTunes Canada was 3 days late this week. It did not seem to be on Spike Tv official website all week either.

We open with some massive retardedness (that even a word?) Bishoff playing guitar. I'm not big on musicians. Once you've dated four or five watching a man play guitar losses its flavour. Bishoff, I do not want to know a frealing thing about you shut up. Was there camera issues on the show this week? Cause my download is hic-upping.

Knock Out tag match.... I don't care

And then I just fast forwarded till I saw Tomko in the ring. He went up against Rob Terry for the Global belt. Tomko did not wait for the bell, just slapped a large forearm up against his temple. Followed it with a running shoulder block that did nothing. Terry answered with a hard short clothesline of his own knocking Tomko down. Tomko then was tossed from one corner to the other, but managed to get an elbow up making Terry stumble. Terry countered with a hard slam press then followed that with a spinning kick. He then used a choke slam for the win. When the hell did Tomko end up being the jobber of the week?

What's with all the flashbacks? Dude, my memory might be bad, but it's not that bad that I need you to recap what happened fifteen minutes ago. Stop it! Editing crew no more cookies for you.

Does JB look out of sorts to anyone else? Loose the suit it makes you look ... uncomfortable in your own skin. I liked the old JB.

Jeff Jarrett vs Mick Foley with a looser is fired match. Beer Money Inc as the double special refs. Storm stayed in the ring while Roode was outside. We started with a collar tie up, turned into a side headlock on Jarrett, with Foley then going off the ropes landing a clothesline on him. Jarrett down. Another side headlock on Foley, he countered and pushed Jarrett into the ropes, landing a back elbow on his jaw as he came off them. Jarrett down. Foley only got a two count. Jarrett used a sunset flip but Foley countered with a simple clap of the knees breaking the hold. Foley used a backslide for a near fall, following it up with a series of hard right hands before tangling Jarrett up in the ropes for a modified clutch. Foley then was going for the double armed DDT, but Jarrett broke out of it, going for his Stroke, Foley countered. Alot of back and forth in this match so far. We then went outside the ring with Foley slamming Jarrett face first into the guardrails. Up the ramp and Jarrett used a few upper cuts getting the match turned around. Jarrett then suplexed Foley on the ramp. Back in the ring and it's all Jarrett with a series of hard punches. Roode is the inring ref now. Jarrett went for a cover but only got a near fall. Jarrett then used a DDT on Foley but it was only a two count again. Foley somehow managed to turn it back around into his favour with the double armed DDT this time, but it was only a two count as Jarrett used the ropes for a break. Foley then used the sock and a rear naked choke but Jarrett got out. A steel chair was brought in, and Jarrett used the Stroke on the chair for the win.

Did I hear right ? Moving the company forward? No you're not. You've moved it about twenty paces backwards. You say you listen to the fans, but you're not. I've been telling you for months what I think, and I'm just screaming into the darkness aren't I?

Matt Morgan the evil druid vs Hernandez. Morgan came down to the ring with both tag team belts in his hands, and Hernandez slammed him from behind knocking him to the ramp. They made their way to the ring by Hernandez punching Morgan the whole time. He tossed Morgan into the ring . Dude what was the look in Hernandez's eyes? He then knocked him out of the ring with a running shoulder block. It was one brutal attack, slamming Morgan face first into the ring apron then the stairs before using an upper cut and a double sledge handle. Back in the ring now, and Hernandez used the t-shirt toss sending Morgan the full length of the ring. Morgan finally turned it into his favour by tossing Hernandez out of the ring. Hernandez then dragged Morgan out of the ring, going for a slam against the ring post but Morgan ducked sending Hernandez into it. Morgan then used the carbon footprint against him smashing him into the ringpost. The match was called and medics were brought out. At this point I have to say, that it was reported on another fan site that Hernandez suffered what looks to be a career ending injury.

Beer Money Inc had a match against two guys I don't care about so... sorry about your damned luck.

The whole staff at hope that Hernandez recovers quickly.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Food Laughter and ....

One of my favourite movies in the last year, has been Ramen Girl. There is a line in that film that talks about how when you feed someone something you made, you are feeding them part of you. Part of your soul.

That is so true.

Grandma Perry, Aunt Winn to so many people, believed that. She's most likely staring down at me from the big kitchen party she's at tisk tisk tisking me for my lack of food... grace.
Before I had become a vegetarian, which she would have tisk tisk tisked me for too as she believed there was nothing wrong with a good steak, I used to make a really great pot of Oxtail soup. Grandma's recipe of course. I actually miss that. I do not miss having rotting flesh in my stomach and intestines, nor do I miss the smell of meat cooking, but I do miss making things like that. Grandma's main recipes.
Hence the bread the old fashioned way last week. Which you can catch a video of me doing on my cooking blog.

I can't tell you what's "gotten into me" as of late. Why I am obsessed lately with cooking. I don't know. It's not even a passion of mine. I admit, I have thrown myself into this to have something to do. Something to keep me busy while I waited for my Editor to get back to me with all her notes so that I could start the next draft of the novel.

Just something to keep me busy.

Well, the neighbours have been sniffing around the door. Literally. For the first time ever I had the landlord's daughter ask what smelled so damn good. I had made pasta and mushroom sauce. But just between you and me, I am the only one in this building who DOES cook. Everyone else has the delivery guys on speed dial. I'm not kidding. There is a revolving door policy here for every single delivery guy in town. Every night three different delivery cars will show up, and I know this cause I do not drive so my parking space is the spot de jour for the pizza/sub sandwich/Chinese/pasta/kfc take away delivery guys. I live in a fourplex. Myself, the landlord, his daughter and the teen aged couple who live in the apartment below me.

And the point to all this rambling... I told you last week there was going to be a shift in attitude on this blog.
One of the wishes I have for myself this year, is to find someone to cook for. Yes, I know I need a husband.
I've had a bad attitude towards food most of my life. My weight has been a sore issue with me. I've been as large as 300 pounds and as unhealthy as 119 pounds. Been Bulimic, and looked at food as a dirty idea. It's a fear I have.
It took years to get to a healthy 135 pounds. Then the car accident happened and I shot back up to 225. Here it is almost 4 years later and I am sitting comfortably at 160. Unable to work out since the car accident and cooking again. Vegetarian now, but cooking none the less. My attitude towards life now is I'm here. I survived something I should not have (the car accident ) and if lugging around an extra 25 pounds for the rest of my life is the trade off, it's a small price to pay.

This year, is about facing fears. I'm 36. I don't have time anymore for self doubts.

Life should be about food, laughter, and bad camera work always.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

There's no happy ending

*deep sigh*

There is no happy ending.

My friend's mom, whom I respect completely, hated my novel. It made her uncomfortable.

Characters I created, that I spent the last year working on, pouring my soul into made her want to puke.

There is no happy ending. I put my lead character- Protagonist- through hell. I put my Antagonist through hell. The same hell actually. And one character I was told is redundant. The character of Cole, who is based on my buddy Joshua, my friend's mom and my editor by the by, feel that the story is being blocked by having him in there.

I can't seem to win.

Okay here is the deal. I'm not as creative as I wish I was. I need a guy in my life to feed the creativity. I need to be in a relationship, or at the very least crushing on someone. This blog over the past year proof of that. I mean, man really the most interesting posts on this frealing thing have nothing to do with me and everything to do with either the bad dates I had over the summer or my addiction to Mr. Shelley and Mr. Sabin.

So what do I do now? I'm trudging through the re-writing of draft 3 and my heart is no longer in it. I have been working towards this point for the last 15 years.

15 years! Since the first time I had some of my poems published in high school. Yes, I am that old. Most writers have cranked out four or five full length novels by this age and not still struggling to get noticed.

I got asked today ironically "what would Jane do?"
What Would Jane Do? Well, I think Jane Austen would have laughed. She would have laughed and then dug up a pile of potatoes. Cause by this age, she had 4 of her novels published and had already turned down one offer of marriage. See, massively ahead of me in a time when women couldn't own anything.

What did I do? I drank 3 glasses of wine and cried.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hey Thunder Bay I got my ticket did you?

Doors opened at 930am at the Gardens today for Great North Wrestling tickets.
I got there at 845am and there was a line up to the door already. Big news wrestling, even bigger that Vampiro and Kevin Nash are on the card.

The poster said $15. So imagine my shock when I heard the guy at the front of the ticket line say out loud "How Much?" He had just ordered 8 floor ring side seats. The price $480. Yeah my Spudguns, ring side were $60

Half the people downsized to the cheap seats up in the nosebleed section but us die hards we pulled the lint out of our pockets to pay for our tickets.

All I have to say is Mr. Nash you better be worth it. I have not paid that much for a ring side seat in over twenty years. Neither have most of the regulars who always crush into the building like this for our floor seats.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Since All Silliness Ends Tomorrow

I used screen capture for this post

I had to get one more Mr. Shelley post in.

I loved this episode (Nov 27th 2008 Turkey Bowl) It seriously takes a brave man to be willing to do something like this on international television.
Also proves he's got a wicked sense of humour.

So as my last crazed fan post, cause tomorrow all the silliness stops when we hit my birth.... William Shatner day. (I share William Shatner's birthday so tomorrow is William Shatner day around here) ... so as my last post as a crazed fan totally unmistakably gaga over Mr. Shelley, I have to ask....

.... what's for dinner?

Oh come on you were thinking it.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Meanwhile in a messy room across town part 4

Got the Alice Cooper on, sitting here feeling like I should be writing.
Yes, the whole cycle has started again. I have about 4 different ideas rolling around in this brain of mine, and have no idea which one to play with.
I should be working on the next draft of my current novel, but I'm waiting for all the notes from my Editor before I do.

So, in the mean time... I made a Chick Pea Curry for dinner. I've never made curry before so this was interesting. I did not have any Cumin, instead I added extra Turmeric. My kitchen has not smell this good in god knows how long.
I think I just want to boil Turmeric instead of burning incense for rituals and meditation from now on, it smelled that good.

If we broke down the recipe of me it would look something like this

Writing (books and blogs)

I'm wondering if I can combine all those somehow? Don't ask, I don't know. I'm trying I am really. It's late and now I'm sort of babbling like a goof. But that's okay, cause come Monday I have to stop everything. I do.
Come Monday, I am that much closer to another decade. Yes, the big evil happens on Monday.

I turn 36 on Monday. I know all my silliness over Mr. Shelley and Mr. Sabin has to stop. I will officially be too old. I have no idea what I am going to do with myself once Monday comes.
I really will have nothing to talk about but my book and cooking.
God, I will go insane! Like honestly, for real insane. Unlike the light drizzle of creepy-chic I am now, and ... well can't someone just hire me for comedy? Then you know I could continue being the total freak I am... right? No? Yes? Maybe?

You upset my mom

The other day when I was at mom's, she was on Facebook. As always. And got very upset.
My cousin Jessica wrote something on her status.

Now, I know I normally give people a stage name for this blog, but damn it, this little snot faced (I so want to use the c -word right now ) deserves to be called out.

She keeps talking about taking pills, stealing, drugs and sex with her older boyfriend. Did I mention she's 14.
Yeah, she's driving my aunt insane, and scaring the dren out of my mom. What kind of moron posts photos of herself on Facebook with a bottle in one hand and a massive joint in the other when it's clear they are an under aged child.
Oh right my cousin.

She's acting out.
Um yeah. The question is why?
And the answer to that is... my aunt just moved them out of Winnipeg.

Her brothers all had the same attitude and one even landed in jail. So my aunt moved the family out of the influenced area. Now, my cousin is 50 times worse.

So, I wrote the little ... an email in Facebook. Told her that she's freaked out my mom which was bad enough, and that she is a self centered selfish spoiled brat.

Okay, I just needed to vent. I know giving her blog time is counter productive, but maybe my aunt will see this and get Jessica into rehab or something.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yummy ...

Please head over to comedy central... er um I mean My Newfie Kitchen to see the latest episodes of my cooking videos.

Episode 2 is my challenge to the MMG
Episode 3 is my Ugly Ramen
Episode 4 is making homemade Bread

They're funny funny things.
Life should be about food, laughter and bad camera work. Always.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The sun has faded

I used screen capture for this post.

I will hope that someone has finally gotten the hint with my screaming every week, that the MotorCityMachine Guns! do not get enough air time.
I love them. My Spudguns love them. It's why we're here. To be the sick puppies we are and get crazy when we see them.

I have been saying for months that they need to have the tag team titles. And if I don't see those belts around their tiny waists in the next few weeks; someone is getting an angry letter. (Mr. Sabin, Mr. Shelley) Oh yeah, you don't want to make a Canadian angry cause we will have you neck deep in paperwork. Plus the paper cuts sting like hellfire, and you can't hold your Tim Hortons roll up the rim to win coffee cup proper.

I was glad to finally see them have a promo on this weeks episode (March 15th 2010) cause it has been 3 whole months since they did a promo. Little short for my taste, but then again I could watch them read the lyrics of a Headstones cd. Or you know cook.

Hey... you know how alot of novels go to audio book; well, do you think in a million years from now when my novel finally gets published and sees the bright neon lights of a book store Mr. Shelley will do the voice reading of it? (actually things are on course enough that it might be out by next year this time)

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for March 15th 2010

I used screen capture for this post.

iTunes Canada had it at a decent time this week.

I still hate the opening credits. You have one shot of the MMG and it's in the uber speed, which you can only see on iTunes with pause. No cookies for the editing team. None.

We open with A.J. Styles.... now you're just doing the bad earrings to bug the snot out of me.
Why the freal is that painted waste of flesh on my screen? Yes I am the only wrestling fan on the planet who frealing hates that painted up freak. I could rant on but...

I get it, now I know why Mr. Shelley and Mr. Sabin are too thin, the food service gets destroyed before them or any of the other X-Division guys can have supper. I never picked up on that before with the million times a food fight breaks out.

Team 3D vs Nasty Boys/Jimmy Hart. ....bored now. Team 3D brought back in Brother Runt. Nasty Boys cheated for the win.

Mr. Anderson/Wolfe vs Kurt Angle/Pope. Angle and Wolfe started it off. Collar tie up into a chickenwing which was revised by Angle who took down Wolfe in a flip. It was countered by Wolfe, but Angle used a deep armdrag on him. Mr. Anderson tagged in with a series of stomps. Wolfe tagged back in, having Angle in the corner. Angle fought out and used a belly to belly suplex. Pope tagged in with a short clothesline, short running back elbows and an over head toss. Pope went for a cover but Anderson broke it up. Angle came in and put an Angle slam on Anderson and went for one on Wolfe but Wolfe countered, just as Pope grabbed Wolfe by the ankle for a roll up. Pope got the win. Angle landed wrong on his arm and was holding it in the mid-mark, looks like he might have broken it.

Now you all know I am vegetarian right? So why do you keep trying to feed me filler? I've told you before filler is for hot dogs not tv shows. You need new writers bad.

Knock Outs.... I don't care. Hey TAZ nothing wrong with being Pasty pale! You have any idea how much sunblock and years indoors it takes to get that pale?
Did I just hear the human cheese right?...Sting building TNA from the ground up? What? Wasn't Styles/Daniels/Sabin/Joe/Shelley there a good 3 years before Sting?

Kevin Nash vs Scott Hall. This was a 5 minute challenge. If Hall lasted 5 minutes in the ring, he won $25,000. He stayed at the far end of the ring for the first 2 minutes. Nash then laid in a knee and a series of forearms knocking Hall to the ropes. Hall came back with a few punches of his own, rocking Nash. Hall followed it up with a few short shoulder blocks. You all forget that Hall has been in JCW for the last few years so he's really not all that ring rusted as you might think. Nash fired back with a hard shoulder block of his own sending Hall to the mat. Picking him up, Nash got Hall into the corner with his trademark knees to the guts before using a series of elbows. Waltman ran into the ring taking out the knee of Nash. Eric Young then ran down for a save. Why the freal is Waltman so vulgar? He was ... you know what Not going to give him the blog time. Hall seems to have won... er still standing so he got the money.

Hernandez vs Beer Money Inc in a handi cap match. Jeff Jarrett as ref. BMI went right for him before the bell even rang, Storm ripping Hernandez's shirt off him as Roode laid in the punches. They put an inverted atomic drop on him, and a high double knee before going for the cover, but it was only a two count. They then switched off with choke holds while the other distracted Jarrett. Hernandez turned it around with a double short clothesline knocking them both down. He then used a shoulder block sending Roode across the ring. He then countered their double team move, sending them both over in an overhead. Hernandez was going for a border toss but ended up with Storm's foot in his face. BMI used their trademark DWI for the win.

Hey Foley while you have the clippers half the X-Division need a haircut!

Another painted up waste of flesh... he said he represents the tattooed? Oh hell no you do NOT represent me.

Abyss was the special enforcer between Styles and the waste of flesh... I really really don't care.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Yay! They had a promo. Though they came out in the outfits I thought the other week made them look odd. Mr. Sabin had the microphone, and I must say has really improved with his promo skills. That's worth a full plate of cookies and a cup of coffee. And then Mr. Shelley said they are great... that's funny, I thought you were a god. (to me Mr. Shelley is ) And then a bunch of guys I don't like came out and it was chaos. One of them jumped off the trust and landed on Mr. Shelley, is he okay?

... TNA you are sleeping on the sofa tonight cause you are in the doghouse with me.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Blogging in the kitchen

Spudgun, I'll be working over on the cooking blog for the next while. Now that the weather is nice I am able to get out of the apartment to get to the grocery and mom's and such to make the recipes and all that fun stuff.

I'll also be posting all the rants I know are coming to do with my oven blowing up.... oh right I didn't tell you about that.... I posted it on the cooking blog.

So, hop over to My Newfie Kitchen for the next few days cause that's where I am going to be for a bit.

I hope to have finished reading My Life In France by Julia Childs this week too, where upon I'll post a review on that blog.
As well, I joined a bunch of internet food groups. So, I want to bring in some fresh readers from those sites.

Don't worry, this weeks TNA will still be posted here. Otherwise .... Bon Appetit

And what about the non-mommy bloggers?

I saw the article in the New York Times about the mommy bloggers meet up.
I saw some of the bad reactions from the angry mommy bloggers.

Dude, what about the rest of us?

The article made it seem like the only kind of blog out there is the mommy blog. It made it seem like the only women blogging were the ones who used to be CEO and are now just filling time talking about dippers and cashing in their ad-sense.

There is a whole untapped group of us non-mommy bloggers out there.
Don't get me wrong, if you are a stay at home mom who managed to make a name for yourself, great more power to you, like being Diane Keaton in Baby Boom, having it all. Only instead of a boardroom you're using a laptop.

But there are other women bloggers out there.
And I don't see why the mommies are getting all huffy. All press is good press right? Means someone is talking about you; you grabbed someone's attention.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I have a temper.
I tend to act sometimes without thinking.

I threw out the dishes.

Yes Spudgun, the sink was backed up, and instead of grabbing the bleach and plunger I just grabbed garbage bags and tossed them.

I did end up using the plunger and bleach to clean the clog. I don't have Draino. But now I have to go to the store for more dishes.

Maybe I'll just buy paper plates this time?

If any man ever fell in love with me, he would be very smart to buy me a dishwasher instead of a ring.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Do I Tear You Apart?

Last December I posted a poem on my gonzo blog. I 'm in the mood to post it here. I wrote it for the hopes a particular male reader would reply. He never did.


Locks and keys are made for each other.
Are you the key to my dreams?
Am I the missing piece to yours?
Do I rip you from your own reality when you need it most?
Do you think I should?

Crying in the night only brings misery and headaches.
Do I cause you to weep over the thought of me with someone else?
Did you miss what you thought was your way to me?
Are you anything when I am not beside you?
Do I hold the key to your future?
Do you think I should?

We melt into each person who we are meant to be with.
Have you given yourself over to the idea of me ?
Are you willing to try?
You believe that I am yours body and soul?
Do I hold the key to your future?
Do you think I should?
Do I rip you apart, does it hurt to know we're miles and days away from each other?

Locks and keys are made for each other.
Are you ready to find out if we are a perfect fit?

love always Ardeth Blood

Lighten up Bud

Time to add some laughter to the blog. I found this on youtube. It's one of my favourite scenes from the movie Blood and Donuts. The second half of it, the bathroom scene

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for March 8 2010

I used screen capture for this post

iTunes Canada was very late this week, and has it listed for the 11th not the 8th for anyone whom might be going to download it.
This was the big move to Monday nights.

New opening credits..... um... er... *cough cough* Moving on....

We open with Abyss and Hogan.... yeah, um don't mind me, my mind is so not on this as I just found out Corey Haim died which I know has zero to do with TNA but given the fact I compared Alex Shelley's hair to his few weeks ago.... Back to Abyss, dude, that vest looks like you spilled mustard on the back little Tide and it should be good as new. Then big bird came out... sorry my bad that's just A.J. Styles in that ugly ring robe with Ric Flair. Taz is right, I am not proud of this version of Styles, and would someone please tell Styles to loose the damned cuff-links in his ears. Abyss and Styles started it off, with Styles giving a series of kicks to Abyss. He then grabbed Styles and power slammed him in the middle of the ring. Flair tagged in, with a collar tie up and a series of his trade mark chops. Abyss turned it around with some of his own then a large back body drop. Flair used a low blow on him before Styles used the ugly robe to blind Abyss. Hogan came in NOT tagged just wandered into the ring standing on Flairs neck for a few minutes then took a paylay from Styles. Nice. Heels up, Faces down and in comes.... crap. Sting came in for what everyone thought was a save but yay Heel turn. I just said yay to Sting, and I am so NOT a fan of his. Bats and chairs and blood oh my. Are we off to see the wizard now?

Um... AUDIO!!!! MIC CHECK IN THE IMPACTZONE... were none of the mics working proper everyone sounded hollow. And I see Styles has taken up his ventriloquist routine again as he was standing with Flair during the promo "silently" reciting Flair's speech. Busted!

Kaz was in the ring looking .... um maybe you should put the Suicide mask back... okay tell me the truth, is he or is he not Antonio Banderas' stunt double?
Finally, someone is saying something worth listening to, as he was talking about the X-Division being the way to be. Then Curry Man... oh my bad again, Fallen Angel Daniels came out to the ring. Then Doug Williams came out who by the by is the X-Division champ for the moment. I still think that belt belongs on Alex Shelley but that's just me. ohhh lovely, a 3 way X-match.
Daniels went for a roll up on Williams but Kaz broke it up, going for one of his own, which was broken up by Williams who went for one. Daniels was going for the angel's wings on Williams, but Kaz tried to stop him, getting a back body drop for his troubles. Kaz then gave Daniels a series of punches before turning his attention to Williams. Williams used a flying forearm to get Kaz off his feet, following with a round of upper cuts. Kaz had a roll up on Williams but Daniels went to break the hold getting caught in a northern lights suplex. Daniels then in the corner, Kaz with a float over that landed him right into the set up for a suplex but it was cleverly turning into what looked like a double team move, which Kaz countered sending both of them out side of the ring. Kaz then used a suicide dive knocking them both down. Daniels then got thrown into the ring post, as Williams rolled back into the ring. Back in the ring, Williams and Kaz, Williams used a knee lift on Kaz in the corner but only got a two count. Kaz then countered with a jawbreaker before Daniels got back into the ring, with a slingshot leg drop on Kaz and a running clothesline on Williams. Daniels followed it with a BME on Kaz but only for a two count. Daniels then used a running forearm in the corner followed by a large death valley driver on Kaz for another near fall. Williams back in the ring now trading short clotheslines with Daniels while Kaz came off the top rope with a double drop kick. He then ran havoc on both men getting another near fall on Daniels. Kaz gave an inverted atomic drop on Daniels following it with a boot to the skull and a spinning neck breaker. Williams, who had been kept out of the ring for the last few minutes ran in using his chaos theory suplex on Daniels for the win.

Shannon Moore? you have got to be kidding me... how did he get a X-Division title shot at the ppv next week? That blows goat

Knock Outs match.... I don't care.

Promo for Pope, dude still waiting for someone in the X-Division to grab me that wicked trenchcoat of yours... well then Wolfe ran into him literally with a chain and cuffs.

Sting vs RVD! no way.... and somehow the crowd in the front row knew before even Sting did, how is that possible? Oh right, someone read the script... er production notes. RVD used a 5star frogsplash and the rolling thunder for the win. NICE! SWEET!

Then Eric Yummy... er um Eric Young came out to the ring... he's still on my Canadian Celebrities I'd love to meet list. And Bishoff told Young to "slap that punk up side his bitch ass" in regards to Waltman. Okay, were you watching Big Money Hustlas before the show? Just think it's funny to hear a middle aged white man say things like that.

Handi cap match between Jeff Jarrett and Beer Money Inc. They jumped Jarrett backstage, then dragged him to the ring continuing the beat down. Roode had Jarrett in the corner with a series of fists. Jarrett fought out of it with a boot to the face and a running clothesline. Then used a drop toe hold on Storm before Roode caught him in mid move power slamming him. They then used a double team DDT on him, following it with an eye of the storm. Jarrett turned it around with a large back body drop on Roode. He tossed both men out of the ring. Foley was the ref in this, and handed Jarrett the barbed wire bat which did not get used, as a second ref came out to call the win. BMI used their DUI for the pin.

Christ I'm bored, I might have to do some housework to liven things up around here. And where the hell were the MotorCityMachine Guns! ?

Program note next week TNA has 3 hours. The show and Epics. I will try to do a review on Epics but it's not available on iTunes Canada at this point, and sometimes websites uploads don't work in Canada.

Corey Haim RIP

I got home about an hour ago, and went to check my emails. The first thing I see is Corey Haim dead at 38.

I have been crying off and on ever since.

One of my favourite actors growing up. The fact he was only 2 years older then me was part of the shock. I was sitting here, thinking, "dude, I just mentioned him in a review post few weeks ago."

Monday, March 8, 2010

Dance Baby Dance

Found this on youtube. How can you be in a bad mood after watching this?

Let me tell you about me

I was just having a chat with Buddy #P and the topic turned to photos. I have only ever seen a photo of him once over a year ago and it was not the greatest.
I just saw one new one of him. Buddy #P does not have a good self image.

He had visited one of my websites the other day and said he really like one photo I have up.

I've talked more then once about how I view myself. I believe I am realistic in my self image. But it took alot to get to this point.
Most women when you talk to them, will have the same comment, that the older they got the better they viewed themselves. That's so true of me.

You read on this blog me asking what is wrong with me, and the next day I'm telling you how adored I am by the X-Division. The truth of the matter is somewhere in between. As I am sure it is for everyone.
This is a blog. A mirror to hold up to ourselves at later points in life. Some days are rocking others not so much. I know my self esteem is mirrored back at me that way. Think about it, yours most likely is too.

Where are you going with this?

I always felt like I was nothing. Frankenstein's monster. Well, give me some neck bolts then. I embraced it and smile. Smiling, laughing and just enjoying the idea that someone at some point will look at me and say "You're such an Addams" cause honey, Lily Munster ain't got nothing on me.
Dude, I'm push another decade soon (36 in 2 weeks) I have no time for self doubt.

The Pages Cards

The Pages are the first sets of the Court cards.
Strange creatures these ones.

They tend to represent messages and learning, innocence and childishness.
Depending on which Page pops up, the situation surrounding the kind of message will differ.

For example, the Page of Cups usually represents a birth, where as the Page of Swords can uncover a spy.

So I am jammering on about this because the pages are haunting me, or taunting me depending on how you want to look at it. For the last week, the pages; all 4 of them (cups, pentacles, swords and wands) have been slamming me in my readings.
Well, I suppose that's no real surprise given I am a writer and am having communications with my editor right now.
I've also been doing some self realization work, with the Soulmate Secret and the Law of Attraction. The pages could be screaming at me from that point of view.

The planets are also at this time shifting, as are the seasons. The pages might be picking up on the movement astrologically speaking. (I have no idea what planet matches up with what card.)

Well the sex is good

I got some of the chapters back from my editor. I'm noticing a pattern with my work.
Everything gets some red ink except for the sex scenes.

Are the editors/publishers just not wanting to read those scenes?
Worse, are they boring?
Are they hard to swallow?

It can't possibly be I am a better writer then even I believe... is it?

Actually, in this case, I think the sex scenes are very readable. Not too over the top, not too in your face. One of the most difficult things to write is a sex scene. You have to know how much emotion you want to covey with it. Do you want your characters to walk away from it unscathed or do you want them to reach a turning point?

Sex is used so differently by everyone. Not just in books.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

But it's Spudgun

Found a clip from Bottom on youtube with the character Spudgun. I thought it was funny.

Cheap Skywriting


It seems to be the topic de jour.

I'm sitting here listening to my Artificial Joy Club cd Melt, with the song Skywriting on repeat.
My favourite track on the album. And it got me thinking about some of my poetry. I ended up going through some of my scrapbooks looking for a few pieces I did back when I was still with Trainwreck. My most creative time for poetry actually.
Most of which I have forgotten about. Why, well because they are all about him. Yeah, I am that cliched and pathetic. When I am in a relationship or have a crush, I communicate to the guy by making him the center of my art.

Not on purpose.

No shocker there eh? as my blog is living proof of that fact.

Also no shocker that men and women communicate differently. Take for example, I had done a drawing of Trainwreck and photographed it. I gave him the photograph of the drawing. He tossed it into the glove compartment of his truck and did not even acknowledge it. I was crushed for days. Then one night at the bar when he was djing, he rigged the door prize of the night for me to win. I was insulted.
Our communication styles were so different. I think in art and he thought in money.

I think that's why so many women are drawn to romance novels/movies. It's the idea of the grand gesture.

What made Percy Bysshe Shelley such hot dren? You know, I have read his poetry and I find it lack luster. But yet, he was considered, and still is considered, one of the greatest poets ever.
It was part of what seduced Mary Shelley. No surprise when you think about it either, that both of their most popular works shared the same title. Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus and her husband's Prometheus Unbound .

I'm still searching for that kind of creative connection. But the message seems to disappear just when I think I have found that soul collaborator.

Can you share such a deep intimacy like that without falling in love? When someone opens the floodgates of creativity in you, what do you do when they close the door?
I think Mary Shelley got off lucky. Percy died on her. She lived her whole life knowing he was the One, knowing she had been his soulmate, his muse. There are some of us who still have to turn the corner down the street and hold our breath that we do not bump into our ex.

Least you step in that dog dren again and the stink never comes off.

We have come along way since the days of Mr. and Mrs. Percy Shelley. Maybe too far. Not only do we have a million ways to decode the communications we developed, we have just as many ways to block out the noise.
Men see a caller id and choose not to answer. They text cause it is less stress for them then actually picking up the phone. Webcamming has replaced a walk as a first date.
All this makes the face to face time that much more confusing when we do get there.

I guess it's time we got back to saying what we mean and meaning what we say.

Another song on the Melt cd has a line that goes "I say what I feel it gets me into trouble I feel what I say "

Miscommunication or what?

Because of my fears

This became an interesting night.

Because of my extreme fears of rejection in every form, and therefore my inability to do something as simple as send an email to Mr. Shelley; I ended up in a 4 hour conversation with Buddy #P about men and women and who should make the first move.

Even with all the society breakdowns we have, there is still a stigma on a woman making any kind of first move. Yeah, even one my age.
Worse if you are not on the same level as the man. As in, not as good looking or wealthy.

My buddy said and I am quoting him "Screw that. Go for it."
I laughed then panicked some more.

One of my favourite quotes is from Trading Up by Candace Bushnell "A woman is limited by the men that desire her."
It does not say anything about a man being limited. You choose us, we do not choose you.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pencil that in between

I just had two people tell me to send a letter to Mr. Shelley.
To stop being a total wimp and just message him already.

I'll get right on that, pencil it in between having my brain eaten by zombies and .... well you can't do much after having your brains eaten by zombies.

What good would that do? He's read the blog; I'm sure. He knows the score. I've embarrassed myself enough as it is.

And besides, what the hell would I say? "You're so frealing hot"
He's looked in a mirror he knows it already, and it's written all over this damned blog already.

I'm at the point where it's just a case of "I want to cut off her head and drive a stake through her heart."
Fear. It's a powerful thing. Fear of being laughed at, fear of being feared.

Being viewed as creepy on this blog is one thing, it's my blog. I just open my mouth and let the thoughts hit the page in a splatter punk of colour.
Messaging him would be a totally different level of creep factor.

Besides, what would I do if he actually replied back?

Play Nice

I used screen capture for this post

What's going on there?

Now that is how you can tell Mr. Shelley's comfortable in the ring Eh? Maybe he was dizzy from lack of food?

Seriously now, is he tired or not feeling well?

I know this was after the match, but the camera did not stay on the MotorCityMachine Guns! like it could have. Instead the camera was jumping around between them and Beer Money Inc. so we missed alot of what they were trying to convey to the crowd. But I got the impression that creative are itching to split a rift here. If you read my review for this week's show (March 4th 2010 episode) then you know I made the comment asking if Mr. Shelley reads the production notes before hand because he's reactions to things are very very believable. Almost as if he really does not know what is in store for him.
What does creative have up their sleeve for the MMG? Gold I hope.

I have said this before on here, and to anyone who will listen to me for five minutes; Alex Shelley is the greatest pure wrestler around. Maybe even in the last 15 years.

Like so many people, I tuned into Spike tv back in the fall of 2005 to check out the "new wrestling show" that was TNA, and was hooked within minutes. Part because it was truly a new wrestling show and not the same old brainless brawls/gimmicks, but I continued to watch because of Mr. Shelley. His talent has only gotten better over the last few years. His timing is perfect, his movements in the ring flawless, and he makes everyone else in the match look good.
I've compared him to a dancer, a god, and a vampire. He's that captivating. Yes I know I'm getting a bit creepy again with the romanticizing of the man, but try and argue with me on this, you just can't. Why is there no gold on this man's waist?
He should have the X-Division belt again.

Friday, March 5, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for March 4th 2010

I used screen capture for this post

iTunes Canada had it for download at a decent time this week.

They opened with a reminder that next week is the big move to Monday nights. I'll have some thoughts on that topic in a post all it's own later this weekend.

I'm watching this dren that is your filler and I can't help but hope there is going to be a big swerve by Styles soon. Please please please let A.J. Styles dump Flair. Please.

Back to raping Shakespeare this time they only went back a few years in scripts. Yeah, I know you had Eric Young do the cleaning of the toilets gimmick around 2006....

Yeah, this lead to Jeff Jarrett being in a falls count anywhere match against the creepy sex guy. In the men's room. I don't know if I want to touch that one. Morley was just tossing Jarrett from one end of the bathroom to the other. that sounds so wrong and it looked like Jarrett took a shoulder hit a little too hard. Morley pinned him for the win. yeah, um I found that nearly disturbing and oddly reminded me of the video Raspberry by I Mother Earth. It also reminds me of the bathroom scene you all did back in 2006 with Nash/Shelley/Aries...which was a hell of a lot funnier.
Second match for Jarrett was against Tomko. It started with a collar tie up and a side head lock on Jarrett which went smoothly into an off the ropes shoulder block by Tomko. He continued to work on the left shoulder of Jarrett, there was a small cut on Jarrett's face too by the by. Jarrett did manage to turn it around getting Tomko on the ropes, but it didn't last long, as Tomko used a running closeline. He got a two count with a flying armbar takedown, but Jarrett got a DDT on him. Jarrett then used a roll up for the win.

Doug Williams vs Rob Terry. Both guys got in each others face before the bell, then Rob Terry walked the length of the ring with Williams over head before slamming him down. He then slapped a bear hug on him, Williams got out of it for a few seconds, but was caught with a jumping leg larria. He then put a choke slam on him for the win.

Mr. Anderson... leave the comedy routines to the MMG and JB.

Anyone else find Hogan touching Abyss's arm a bit on the creepy sexual side? That was just a little too much.... I feel like I am watching a cult leader or something.

And no cookies this week for the editing crew. None. You did not need to have so many flashbacks.

Four corners match. Styles vs Wolfe vs Pope vs Abyss for the belt. Scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit and we have 11 minutes on the show how does that work? Just when I thought Styles fashion sense could not get any worse he proved me wrong with that ugly robe. I really hope between now and Monday that A.J. looses that frealing robe in traffic or something that is just ugly. Pope and Styles started it off, with a high knee from Styles and a series of chops. Pope turned it around quick with a short shoulder block knocking Styles to the mat. Abyss and Wolfe tagged in. Wolfe tried a sunset flip but Abyss sat on him instead. Styles jumped in, but Abyss got them both with short closelines. Abyss then put a sideslam on Wolfe for a near fall, but Styles broke the pin. All four men in the ring now, and Styles and Wolf got tossed out. Back in the ring, Styles and Pope, the Pope down with Styles laying on the fists. Styles took the leg out from under Pope with Flair using a chair on him. Styles then put the figure four on him. The ref called it, giving the win to Styles. but um... there were two other guys in this match why did they not break the submission?

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! vs Generation Me vs Beer Money Inc vs Hernandez/Matt Morgan the evil druid. Chris Sabin and Jeremy started it off, with an armbar that Jeremy countered. Sabin countered right back then tagged in Alex Shelley where upon they used three double team moves in about 30 seconds. Shelley went for a cover but only got a two count. Jeremy turned it around again with another armbar then tagged in Max who used a moonsault to get into the ring and land on Shelley's shoulder. Another quick tag to Jeremy who did a double stomp on Shelley's arm before Shelley was able to tag in Sabin. They used a double team move off the second ropes on Sabin -a modified swingset- and went for a pin but Shelley broke it up giving Hernandez a chance to blindtag himself in. He then grabbed Max and power pressed him a few times before just dropping him over his shoulders to land hard in the middle of the ring. Morgan then tagged himself in who then got both members of Generation Me in a double choke and a boot to the face of James Storm before, Roode tagged himself in and got the roll up for the win. I wanna know, does Mr. Shelley read the production notes (I really don't want to say script) before hand, cause his reactions are amazingly vivid. It's like he's reacting as a fan would.

The Canadian Wants to Know

What do you feel defines YOUR culture?

Give me a book or a band or a movie or a product that you feel strongly represents your culture and tell me why.

The reason behind this challenge is this brilliant documentary that came out couple of years ago. Douglas Coupland created this piece of living art by using iconic Canadian items. It went over brilliantly here in Canada, and not so well over seas, simply because the cultural status did not translate well.
So, let me know what you think defines your culture.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Before Monday...

I used screen capture for this post

Back to the ring.
Yeah, I know I said I would back away from talking way too much about TNA's MotorCityMachine Guns! like some sick teenager, but you know me. I'm like a dog with a bone.
And they're my favourite topic, and they're your favourite of my topics, and you know they are just so damn hot.
Besides, I need something to distract me from the mess my real life has become.

Okay, so this coming Monday marks the move for TNA Impact. How do we feel about this?
Well, this is the laundry list of what I would like to see happen

I also think Eric Young deserves a title shot.

I would like to also point you to this here cause I think it's a pressing issue, but then again that is just me. Anything that has to do with Alex Shelley having more air time is a pressing issue to me.

As far as raping Shakespeare (reusing old script ideas from a decade ago) nothing really grabs me, other then ... bring in a boy band gimmick hahahahahaha It's funny. To me.

I was a big Steve Corino fan back in the day of ECW, if he's still wrestling, I would love to see him pop up.
I also happen to dig Trent Acid...

The other company, all seem to be worried over who the "face of the company" is. This makes me wonder, who is the face of TNA? And what makes one wrestler better then another to be considered the "face of the company"? It's more then talent, it's more then looks. It's more then ego, and it's more then the amount of fans they have.
Well, you know where my vote goes on this topic.

But you know what would make alot of fans happy... oh sshh you were thinking it too.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How do i keep my voice?

Got the first round of notes on the first draft from my editor.

She's changed the way my female character comes across. How do I continue to work with my editor and not loose the soul of my characters?

This is only the first draft, how can I bring across the story I need to tell if my character's core identity is being shifted? I don't know if I can keep my cool on this.

You all know me, I have a temper for starters, and I have a do it 100% with passion or not at all attitude. I have been living with these characters now for over a year, and not sure I can let anyone else fiddle with them.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Poke Poke Poke the freak

You have heard me say more then once that I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type 1

I have been the favorite freak of nature for every frealing medical student who's ever come through this damnable town. Today was no different.

You also remember me saying I was suppose to have gone to the Neurologist back few weeks ago for a follow up from the MRI. That appointment got moved to today.
So there I was, sitting in the clinic staring at the computer screen with the MRI results and when the Neurologist realized I have O.I. he did what every frealing medical personal has done in the last 35 years, got in my face to stare at my eyes. Literally, this dude was nose to nose dragging my bottom eyelids down all giddy like I was the latest Cabbage Patch Doll or something. I was starting to feel like Alex from Clockwork Orange in the torture scene, just waiting for the sounds of Beethoven to come screaming out of the woodwork.

Yes, my sclera (whites of the eyes) are blue. Robin's egg blue. The bluer the sclera the more broken I am. OOOHHHHH Let's all run pointless tests on the human eggshell.
Both my mom and my sister have this. It's genetic. Why am I the only one being poked and bleed out like a lab rat?

Jesus I am going to start charging admission soon. I'm sure they had fun after I left, pouring over my medical records. God knows my x-rays read like a medical journal themselves.
You know, when I was 5 or 6 years old, it was cool being the center of attention like that. Now, I just want you to tell me what the hell is broken this time and what pain pills to take for it.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Seems I have cursed myself

You need to read this post first

Okay, now you have heard me say a million times that I believe in soulmates and that I am doing the Soulmate Secret by Arielle Ford. You have also heard me say a million times that I am a Pagan.
(hopeless romantic + practicing spellcaster who's main God/Goddess are Love/Sex God/Goddess + thinks the big puffy white a waste of time = crap I'm screwed) Well, you know how every other normal average woman on the face of the planet puts years and years and years of energy into the big puffy white layer cake and dress. Seems because I have not, I have unknowingly blocked and sabotaged myself.


Yeah, it would seem so. The Law of Attraction baby, the Law of Attraction. Because I have never seen myself having a "wedding day" and therefore never so much as ever even bought one damned bridal magazine, therefore never putting any energy into it, I've condemned myself to never getting married. I have never even been to a wedding

Can this be fixed?

Maybe, maybe not. Might be too late. Remember back in high school, having family planning class or home ec or whatever it's called now, well in grade 12 we had to do a wedding planning thingie. I just was not interested at all in any of it. I failed the project. I got 41% out of 100. I know this because this afternoon while I was hunting for something in the mess that is my apartment, I stumbled upon the project. Yeah no joke, I still have papers from 1991 sitting around in boxes. I'm a pack rat.

I still see nothing wrong with the drive-thru-wedding chapel. Nothing wrong with it at all.
Being Pagan, if I were to ever end up finding a guy who was willing to spend the rest of his life with me, I would be content with a handfasting. For those of you that don't know what that is, it's a marriage type ritual done by the High Priestess or High Priest. Every Alternative Religion has a version of it. And what was the point of my post I got off track again

I think it had something to do with the Law of Attraction and basic wish magick.

Yes of course Spudgun, she says a day later. Because I have not ever pictured myself having a big puffy white wasted day... er um wedding, and not put the energy into creating the perfect "day", I have unknowingly set up a huge roadblock to ever meeting my soulmate and having a happily ever after. That means, I can try to put some energy into creating that imaginary "special day" and hope it's enough to turn around my bad mojo.

See, I really do not have the bride gene. It's like the lead character in the movie Cake played by Heather Graham, she is very anti-wedding and ends up having to run her parents bridal magazine. Her attitude is why do the big party when you can just live together.

Okay people, lets' see if I can honestly turn my attitude towards weddings around enough to bring some positive energy to the situation. Like I said, I only have to believe enough to turn the bad luck around... right?


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