Sunday, March 21, 2010

Since All Silliness Ends Tomorrow

I used screen capture for this post

I had to get one more Mr. Shelley post in.

I loved this episode (Nov 27th 2008 Turkey Bowl) It seriously takes a brave man to be willing to do something like this on international television.
Also proves he's got a wicked sense of humour.

So as my last crazed fan post, cause tomorrow all the silliness stops when we hit my birth.... William Shatner day. (I share William Shatner's birthday so tomorrow is William Shatner day around here) ... so as my last post as a crazed fan totally unmistakably gaga over Mr. Shelley, I have to ask....

.... what's for dinner?

Oh come on you were thinking it.


Anonymous said...

You not ending your blog are you?

ardeth blood said...

As I said in a few posts down.
I'm 36 years old (as of March 22 2010)
so I am just way too old to be screaming after Mr. Shelley and Mr. Sabin like a maniac.
I'll still do my weekly TNA reviews, and rant about the rest of my lack of a life.


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