Monday, March 15, 2010

And what about the non-mommy bloggers?

I saw the article in the New York Times about the mommy bloggers meet up.
I saw some of the bad reactions from the angry mommy bloggers.

Dude, what about the rest of us?

The article made it seem like the only kind of blog out there is the mommy blog. It made it seem like the only women blogging were the ones who used to be CEO and are now just filling time talking about dippers and cashing in their ad-sense.

There is a whole untapped group of us non-mommy bloggers out there.
Don't get me wrong, if you are a stay at home mom who managed to make a name for yourself, great more power to you, like being Diane Keaton in Baby Boom, having it all. Only instead of a boardroom you're using a laptop.

But there are other women bloggers out there.
And I don't see why the mommies are getting all huffy. All press is good press right? Means someone is talking about you; you grabbed someone's attention.

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