Monday, March 15, 2010

Blogging in the kitchen

Spudgun, I'll be working over on the cooking blog for the next while. Now that the weather is nice I am able to get out of the apartment to get to the grocery and mom's and such to make the recipes and all that fun stuff.

I'll also be posting all the rants I know are coming to do with my oven blowing up.... oh right I didn't tell you about that.... I posted it on the cooking blog.

So, hop over to My Newfie Kitchen for the next few days cause that's where I am going to be for a bit.

I hope to have finished reading My Life In France by Julia Childs this week too, where upon I'll post a review on that blog.
As well, I joined a bunch of internet food groups. So, I want to bring in some fresh readers from those sites.

Don't worry, this weeks TNA will still be posted here. Otherwise .... Bon Appetit

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