Monday, March 1, 2010

Seems I have cursed myself

You need to read this post first

Okay, now you have heard me say a million times that I believe in soulmates and that I am doing the Soulmate Secret by Arielle Ford. You have also heard me say a million times that I am a Pagan.
(hopeless romantic + practicing spellcaster who's main God/Goddess are Love/Sex God/Goddess + thinks the big puffy white a waste of time = crap I'm screwed) Well, you know how every other normal average woman on the face of the planet puts years and years and years of energy into the big puffy white layer cake and dress. Seems because I have not, I have unknowingly blocked and sabotaged myself.


Yeah, it would seem so. The Law of Attraction baby, the Law of Attraction. Because I have never seen myself having a "wedding day" and therefore never so much as ever even bought one damned bridal magazine, therefore never putting any energy into it, I've condemned myself to never getting married. I have never even been to a wedding

Can this be fixed?

Maybe, maybe not. Might be too late. Remember back in high school, having family planning class or home ec or whatever it's called now, well in grade 12 we had to do a wedding planning thingie. I just was not interested at all in any of it. I failed the project. I got 41% out of 100. I know this because this afternoon while I was hunting for something in the mess that is my apartment, I stumbled upon the project. Yeah no joke, I still have papers from 1991 sitting around in boxes. I'm a pack rat.

I still see nothing wrong with the drive-thru-wedding chapel. Nothing wrong with it at all.
Being Pagan, if I were to ever end up finding a guy who was willing to spend the rest of his life with me, I would be content with a handfasting. For those of you that don't know what that is, it's a marriage type ritual done by the High Priestess or High Priest. Every Alternative Religion has a version of it. And what was the point of my post I got off track again

I think it had something to do with the Law of Attraction and basic wish magick.

Yes of course Spudgun, she says a day later. Because I have not ever pictured myself having a big puffy white wasted day... er um wedding, and not put the energy into creating the perfect "day", I have unknowingly set up a huge roadblock to ever meeting my soulmate and having a happily ever after. That means, I can try to put some energy into creating that imaginary "special day" and hope it's enough to turn around my bad mojo.

See, I really do not have the bride gene. It's like the lead character in the movie Cake played by Heather Graham, she is very anti-wedding and ends up having to run her parents bridal magazine. Her attitude is why do the big party when you can just live together.

Okay people, lets' see if I can honestly turn my attitude towards weddings around enough to bring some positive energy to the situation. Like I said, I only have to believe enough to turn the bad luck around... right?

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