Monday, March 22, 2010

Hey Thunder Bay I got my ticket did you?

Doors opened at 930am at the Gardens today for Great North Wrestling tickets.
I got there at 845am and there was a line up to the door already. Big news wrestling, even bigger that Vampiro and Kevin Nash are on the card.

The poster said $15. So imagine my shock when I heard the guy at the front of the ticket line say out loud "How Much?" He had just ordered 8 floor ring side seats. The price $480. Yeah my Spudguns, ring side were $60

Half the people downsized to the cheap seats up in the nosebleed section but us die hards we pulled the lint out of our pockets to pay for our tickets.

All I have to say is Mr. Nash you better be worth it. I have not paid that much for a ring side seat in over twenty years. Neither have most of the regulars who always crush into the building like this for our floor seats.

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