Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Award

Whoo-Hoo! Andrew and the Aluminsidings first blog award.
Nice. Beauty even.
Rules are

1- Thank the person who gave it
2- Tell 7 things about you
3- Give it on to 15 bloggers
4- Let them know you picked them

Well Okay Thank you Paula over on WWE GIRL for this award

7 things about me....
A) I like black olives on my pizza
B) One of my favourite actors is Stanley Tucci
C) The Tea Party's cd Edges of Twilight from 1995 is currently in my dvd player
D) I still want to meet wrestler Eric Young
E) I always wanted to be Darth Vader when playing Star Wars when my cousins and I were little but always got stuck being Princess Lea cause I was the only girl
F) I love movies with sword fights
G)I really am not much for chocolate chip cookies at all

Passing the award on to 15 people. I can't think of too many at the moment.

1) Magaly Guerrero at Pagan Culture
2) Austen Blog
3) Maggie Holbik at Crystal Clear Coaching

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