Friday, March 19, 2010

You upset my mom

The other day when I was at mom's, she was on Facebook. As always. And got very upset.
My cousin Jessica wrote something on her status.

Now, I know I normally give people a stage name for this blog, but damn it, this little snot faced (I so want to use the c -word right now ) deserves to be called out.

She keeps talking about taking pills, stealing, drugs and sex with her older boyfriend. Did I mention she's 14.
Yeah, she's driving my aunt insane, and scaring the dren out of my mom. What kind of moron posts photos of herself on Facebook with a bottle in one hand and a massive joint in the other when it's clear they are an under aged child.
Oh right my cousin.

She's acting out.
Um yeah. The question is why?
And the answer to that is... my aunt just moved them out of Winnipeg.

Her brothers all had the same attitude and one even landed in jail. So my aunt moved the family out of the influenced area. Now, my cousin is 50 times worse.

So, I wrote the little ... an email in Facebook. Told her that she's freaked out my mom which was bad enough, and that she is a self centered selfish spoiled brat.

Okay, I just needed to vent. I know giving her blog time is counter productive, but maybe my aunt will see this and get Jessica into rehab or something.

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