Monday, March 8, 2010

Let me tell you about me

I was just having a chat with Buddy #P and the topic turned to photos. I have only ever seen a photo of him once over a year ago and it was not the greatest.
I just saw one new one of him. Buddy #P does not have a good self image.

He had visited one of my websites the other day and said he really like one photo I have up.

I've talked more then once about how I view myself. I believe I am realistic in my self image. But it took alot to get to this point.
Most women when you talk to them, will have the same comment, that the older they got the better they viewed themselves. That's so true of me.

You read on this blog me asking what is wrong with me, and the next day I'm telling you how adored I am by the X-Division. The truth of the matter is somewhere in between. As I am sure it is for everyone.
This is a blog. A mirror to hold up to ourselves at later points in life. Some days are rocking others not so much. I know my self esteem is mirrored back at me that way. Think about it, yours most likely is too.

Where are you going with this?

I always felt like I was nothing. Frankenstein's monster. Well, give me some neck bolts then. I embraced it and smile. Smiling, laughing and just enjoying the idea that someone at some point will look at me and say "You're such an Addams" cause honey, Lily Munster ain't got nothing on me.
Dude, I'm push another decade soon (36 in 2 weeks) I have no time for self doubt.

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