Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for April 26th 2010

I used screen capture for this post

iTunes Canada had it at a decent time tonight

I still think that removing the belt from A.J. Styles was a mistake.  A big, big, big, big mistake.  You were setting up to give it to Abyss were you not? Then you swerve and hand it to RVD ?  What the freal for?  Mistake! Styles could have handled holding that title for at lest another 5 months before it got tired. The logical step would have been to have him go against Abyss or even Eric Young for it, but noooooo you had to go and screw it up.  No cookies for the crew. None. 

Knock Outs match... Love vs Tara vs Rayne...  Rayne won with a roll up and keeps her title.

Shannon Moore vs Kaz.  And the story here is, that Kaz won the Lockdown ppv last week, but the championship belt is still in the possession of former champ Doug Williams who is still stuck in Europe because of the volcanic ash.  For anyone who might have been wondering why Kaz came out without the belt. They started with a collar tie up that was quickly turned into an armlock by Moore. Kaz countered by tossing Moore over, then used a deep armdrag before following it with a scoop slam. He missed with the elbow though as Moore rolled out of the way. Moore then delivered two arm drags and a scoop slam of his own on Kaz. Another collar tie up,which Kaz turned into a side headlock on Moore.  Moore fought out getting Kaz in a scissors flip. This was followed with an inverted atomic drop and a double leg take down, Kaz on the mat. Moore used a leg drop but only got a two count.  Kaz in the corner, as Moore came charging at him, but he moved out of the way using the rope as a slide. Kaz from outside slingshot into the ring with an armdrag on Moore. Kaz backed this with a spinning neck breaker but only got a two count.  Moore got to his feet and went to the apron for a inside sunset flip but was caught by Kaz.  Kaz was going for a reversed piledriver but Moore countered and was thrown into the ref. Moore was going for a top rope move, but Kaz delivered a sharp kick to the side of the skull. Kaz then went for a top rope hurricanrana but it was blocked by Moore who then went for a top rope move himself. It was ruined by Matt Morgan the evil druid as he ran out pushing Moore to the ground. Morgan the evil druid then pushed Moore back into the ring, and Kaz used his reversed piledriver for the win.  Kaz is still the X-Division champ.  Samoa Joe then came down after the match for a five minute beat down on Kaz. And the muscle buster will get a large pop no matter who is on the other end of it cause it's such a Beauty of a move.

A.J. Styles/Sting vs Jeff Jarrett/Hardy.... Now, you know how I feel about Sting and Hardy so... that don't impress me much.  This was a falls count anywhere no dq match. Jarrett and Sting in the ring, Styles and Hardy on the ramp. (dude that sounds so wrong)  Oh damn! Styles got suplexed on the ramp hard. But it was only a two count.  I've said this a million times, I am not a fan of hardcore/street fight matches at all. I don't understand why the guys would want to do those type of matches I really don't.
I do however, like the fact they are scrolling injury reports on the screen. Sting pinned Jarrett for the win on the stairs.

Team 3D vs Matt Morgan the evil druid/Jessie Neal.   Neal and Devon started with a collar tie up. Devon turned it into a side head lock, then slammed Neal with a hard shoulder block knocking him down. Neal walked right into another side headlock before Brother Ray tagged in with a wicked sounding slap to Neal.  Brother Ray followed up with a bear hug.  Nash and Hall then came to the ring ruining the match.   I think run ins work much better when you do NOT play the music. When you don't know who is coming till they are in the camera's view

Flair vs Abyss. They started with a collar tie up, Flair getting tossed across the ring. Flair started to kick Abyss then went for his trademark chops. Abyss turned it around, getting Flair into the corner with a series of punches. Followed it up with a back body drop on Flair. another round of chops from Flair now outside of the ring. Abyss put Flair face first into the rails. Back in the ring and Flair used a thumb to the eye,then was heading for a top rope move, but Abyss caught him slamming him down hard in the middle of the ring. Big boot from Abyss knocking Flair down. A hard side slam from Abyss followed that, before a large splash in the corner from Abyss. Flair did his trademark falling flouso on his face and eyes. Lowblow takes the ref down. Hahaha  Then Flair used the brass knuckles as a lowblow. Dude! damn. Flair gets the win.  The ref saw the brass knuckles and restarted the match. Flair went right for Abyss with a kick to the face, a series of punches and chops.  Abyss shook it off before Abyss used his blackhole slam for the win.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Love in India -Movie

I just watched this documentary on iTunes.   Now, you've heard me say before that I am a documentary freak. Been known to rent dvds of movies I've had for years on vhs  just for the commentary.  (best rock-doc I have ever seen was  Metal: A Headbanger's Journey ) 

This film Love in India left me confused. It seemed to ask more questions then actually explore anything. I didn't learn much from it other then the fact Gods/Goddesses are so interwoven.  But, we already knew that. 
This talks about society's double standard on marriages in India, as well as the most popular mythology in regards to sex/love.  Parts of which sounds very similar to that of Dionysus (the interwoven gods part) and left me feeling kind of disappointed.
We follow the film maker and his lover over a course of time (we never find out how long they were shooting for) as they interview friends and family about their personal views on marriage, and the lack of sex education classes. 

I'm not sure I walked away from this one liking or hating it.  It's one I wouldn't mind seeing again and having someone to discuss it with.

Sidenote:  it's a subtitled film.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Book Dork is In... part 4

Last time on the Book Dork, our heroine was bored and insulted by the youth of today.  Now today on the Book Dork....

Book Dork:  You read many biographies?

Book Club Member : Love biographies. Love zombies. Love almost anything. Have a Masters in English Lit and a Law degree.

Book Dork:  What topics are off limits?

Book Club Member: Relationships. So nothing romantic right now.  Let's stick to the zombies.  Oh this looks good.   {she picks up a copy of Jane Slayre by Sherri Browning Erwin }  You like vamps and zombies?

Book Dork: That's a trick question right? 

Book Club Member:  So we're good to go on this book? Really into the zombies right now.

Book Dork: I'm a major Buffy/Angel fan. 

Book Club Member: Me too. I really am not one for Twilight though. I thought that was just pointless. Big Anne Rice fan though.

Book Dork: If you were a man it would be love

Tune in next time for another edition of Book Dork Adventures in Geekiness. 

A little hero worship never hurt

I used screen capture for this post.
The thing with addictions, sometimes rehab doesn't work and you have a slip and fall right back into your addiction.   I know I said no more silliness but... Damn it Janet!  Mr. Shelley is just so frealing hot! 
I can't help it   SIR I HAVE AN ADDICTION!   and he's beautiful I like to look at him.  Is it possible to overdose on a man?  Not sure, but I'm very willing to try. 
Okay, so I have the maturity of a cat in heat.  Alright enough creepiness for one morning, I'm off to book club, and yes I'll have another Book Dork is In  post when I get back later.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Unopened Letters to an Imaginary Husband part 7

I was asked why I started this series of posts.
There is a few reasons.
  1. I'm working the Soulmate Secret by Arielle Ford. 
  2. I believe in the Law of Attraction (remember it's just another form of magick )
  3. The blog was getting too heavy with all my rants and crying
  4. I like poetry
  5. There is nothing wrong with showing some gratitude to the universe ahead of time for bringing the right guy to me (remember it's the law of return too- what you put out you get back)
  6. The right guy might stumble across my blog and see the pretty poetry and be so taken that he has to contact me.
  7. I love the idea of love letters.  And honestly, I think men do too. 
I've been told I wear my heart on my sleeve.  Um yeah, it's covering my tattoo.  I'm a deeply emotional person, good bad or otherwise.  I'm also brutally honest.  If I love you I'll tell you, if I hate you I'll tell you, if I just want to freal you, I'll tell you that too.
Yes, I'm as immature as a cat in heat sometimes... well most the time, but I'm also loyal.
In the movie Trick or Treat (1986)  the character of Sammi Curr says "You should be loyal to your heroes or they may turn on you".   I think that goes for love too.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for April 19th 2010-Highlights

3 days late again on iTunes Canada

A.J. Styles came to the ring wearing the cuff links in his ears again and too much self tanner/make-up.   Do I have to start yelling at the make-up crew again...Stop it! The wrestlers do not need to look like oranges.

Oh look air.... hey anyone else looking forward to the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street at the end of the month?  I am...

Knock Outs tag match... I don't care

Wow alot of filler on the show tonight and you know how I feel about filler.   Oh look more air.
Time for another coffee... this is just a terrible show tonight

Then two guys I can't stand had a match ... then they both did a mini commentary on their replay.  Okay...um why?

A return match from the ppv this past weekend.  Team Flair vs Team Hogan.   Which is another group of guys I don't care for so... But it was the return of Samoa Joe.  Dude, you're looking like a bit of a zombie, that your Clockwork Orange eyes? All bugged out and spaced.

A.J. Styles went up against RVD... I don't like RVD.   Damn it Styles! lost the belt.  Really not happy at all.

I'll be back to normal with the review next week my Spudguns.

The perfect date

Oh my... this will get .... Tacky. 

So, few days ago, I was having one of my normal conversations with my buddy Patrick (odd to everyone around us, normal to us)  about something we read on the internet.  And Patrick goes "sounds like he was giving you date ideas"

No I will not fill you in on what we were reading.

But, it did start a mad fit of laughter from me for about fifteen minutes.   What can I say, when something gets me going I am difficult to turn off.
and now, few days later the conversation has popped back into my head.  
I can't help but wonder,  with the release of the new Sex and the City 2 in a matter of weeks, what would be a good modern date.  Why the connection to SATC2 when I have no intention of going with anyone nor am I dating anyone to go with anyway.... Cause it's SATC2! Women in this city are buying new outfits and shoes and saving money to get to the opening night.  Trust me, it's an event.  Sadly, I won't be going the opening night, I'll have to wait a few days for the crowds to die down, besides it will be right after the Great North Wrestling has been here so you know I'll be dead broke... were was I going with this... OH Right dates.

Everyone is different.  And as I learned last summer from the string of bad ones, dating is something I lack any skill at.  No, I will not be trying that experiment up again this summer once was enough.  Dude, you do realize that last summer was the first time in 20 years I had been on a "date"
Anyway, told you it would get tacky,  anyway, my ideas of a date perfect, good, bad or otherwise seem very well, old fashioned and boring to most the people I talk to.  They seem to find bar hopping for loud concerts or general drinking matches top on the list. Second on that list being hitting the hockey games. 
Really?  I mean really?  So what you're saying is that you need to be in a loud environment where you can't have any kind of conversation with the person and be very drunk in the process.  Dude, how uncomfortable are you with yourself?

For me it's simple.   Go for coffee maybe even one of the coffee shops that doesn't get much traffic so that you have it almost to yourself, and a walk. Which gives you the chance to get close if things are working, or you know run away if they're not.  And from there, and this is the big compatibility test, head back to my apartment to watch Big Money Hustlas.  

I could never love a man who doesn't love that movie.  If a guy can sit through that film, with me, and my rewinding on Monoxide's parts - he steals the movie in the feeties pajamas- and still be comfortable enough to enjoy the movie, well...  You know, I've never met a guy who can. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Are you loosing sleep over me?

So I'm working on the 3rd draft of my novel, and  need to ask the men reading this,   and I really need some honest feedback; how bad is a break up on your end?

My straight male friends have stopped answering my questions.  It seems I'm getting too personal with my questions. 

Actually one of my favourite songs is "You're the Reason"  by Bobby Edwards (you're the reason I don't sleep at night/I'm betting you're not loosing sleep over me/but if I'm wrong don't fail to call)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dude, do not make me google

Patrick : Like Fall Out 3

Me : What?

Patrick: Fall Out 3.

Me:  What the hell is that?

Patrick: Woman Google It.

Me: Dude! We've been through this before, Do Not Make Me Google.  I don't google.

Patrick:  Start.  Cause now I'm not  telling you.

Me:  I don't google.

This is what many conversations with my buddy Patrick are like.  He knows I am pop-culture deficient. And he's a dork. Yes I said it, dork. But he admits to his dorkdom.  Do you?
My pop-cultureness ended around 2003 when Buffy got canceled.  I sort of ended up in a weird coma when it comes to what's hip and fresh and ... yes I just used the terms hip and fresh.  See, my dorkdom is showing.

If you could feel what I'm thinking

That's a quote from an old, old Eddie Eastman song. 

It's one of those days. 
I seem to be having those alot lately.  Just kinda blah.   A ton of dishes that I just don't want to face, but at some point in the next few hours have to as, I have no clean dishes at all. Not so much as a spoon.  That's what 3 days of cooking/baking does. 

Waiting around like every week now for iTunes Canada to have TNA for download.  So far, still waiting.  I really hope they have it before the weekend you know.

I got another book in the mail for review.  Yay me. 

Well, I'm in the process of shutting down all my ning sites.  Which is sort of sad but over due.  And the reason is because Ning.com  is going to a pay site.  I just can't afford it.  Can't afford it for one site let alone the fact I was running 4.  (my company one,  my vampire site, my pagan and my horror) 
My admins team are relieved too.

But on a lighter note,  I have up my sleeve some video reviews for next week.   Hoping to have them next week. Time and energy permitting.   The book review will have to be my top to do lister for the next few days. And it's historical fiction so it's not my usual genre.

Don't worry, the wrestling columns will be up as soon as possible. 

Remember, life should be filled with food, laughter and bad camera work always.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Enjoy Your Hunk

I used screen capture for this post

Since it seems this is all I am good for....

A screen shot from the April 12th 2010 episode.
Yeah, iTunes Canada finally had it available for download.   Full week late.  Let's hope tonight's isn't too late (anything past Wed morning is late)

Monday April 19th 2010

What's up?

Did I blog about my eye doctor's on Friday? dude I can't remember. If not and I'm way to lazy to check this here blog, let me tell you what I learned.
My glasses are too strong. Yeah imagine that. So you're telling me that the last time I was in 5 years ago, the old eye doctor who worked here screwed up?
Great, thanks good to know.

I never did get last week's episode of TNA Impact on iTunes Canada, it's like they are just ... I don't know a full week behind again.

And I put up recipes on My Newfie Kitchen last night

Friday, April 16, 2010

About those Tag Team belts

I used a screen capture for this post

Dear Mr. Sabin and Mr. Shelley

Last month I posted that if I did not see those tag team belts around your waists soon, there would be hell. Well, it's been a month, and you still have no TNA belts, so I must rant and nag...

What do you mean you lost your match to Matt Morgan the evil druid and Amazing Red? How could you let them beat you? You're better then that. Much better, you know it, I know it, the fans know it, most important you know it. (wait I said that didn't I?) I was sitting there watching the show (April 12th 2010 episode) thinking for sure this time. I mean man, the odds were stacked FOR YOU, what happened? Okay so this is more a whine then a rant but... what's going on? Where in the production notes did it say "Sabin gets pinned" that makes no sense, none. I'm going to pretend that Red ad-libed that part of the production notes, cause... why man why?

Is it your schedule? Are you too busy to hold those belts right now? Is it because of your injuries? Are you unable to hold those belts right now cause you are not healed enough from your injuries to be fighting champs?
Are the belts not pretty enough and you think they would clash with your tights? You could wear jeans to the ring that would look good with the belts would it not?
Are the belts too heavy on your hips cause your waists are so tiny? That's okay, they can take the belts in or you know you could wear them around your neck like you did your New Japan Jr Tag belts. You made those look sexy all wrapped like a winter scarf.

Dude! Come on already and win the TNA Tag Team belts!!! You should have had them like ten times by now but; no you just keep teasing me with being the number one contenders for the tag belts and then don't follow through making me disappointed with you. Why do you keep teasing and taunting me like that with promises of you being the TNA Tag champs then not doing it? .... It's cause I am Canadian isn't it? Have I not shown enough support and love to you guys?
You are the greatest tag team in the last 20 years, so why have you not won those belts yet?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for April 12th 2010

I know the column is getting later in the week every week. iTunes Canada still does not have it, but Spike official website finally does so here we go...

And the first question of the night is Why ... why are you wasting my time? Then there was a lot of crap I didn't pay any attention to until I saw Brother Ray come down to the announce booth ... then he said their match was a street fight and I lost interest again...It was Team 3D/Jessie Neal vs Nash and his boys... and we are suppose to believe that that so called distraction by that Bubba feller was just .... dude I run faster then that and I'm handicap... Then Mr Yummy... er  Young came down with a hockey stick. How very Canadian of you, do it again!

Shannon Moore vs Kaz. They started with a collar tie up, which lead to Moore in the corner. Moore got a second collar tie up and a front slam on Kaz before starting to work on the arm of Kaz with a wrist lock. Kaz managed to reverse it and put him in a side headlock, hanging onto the dreadful hairdo for a hiptoss take down. Moore managed to break out of that hold and went right back to working on the arm of Kaz with a series of hard elbows. He got an armdrag on Kaz sending him across the ring before going back to work on the left shoulder. This went on for a few minutes in a back and forth sort of way. He then got an inverted atomic drop on Kaz backing it up with a leg drop before getting him in the corner with a series of shoulder blocks. Kaz battled out and got the top rope down sending Moore flying to the floor. Back in the ring and Kaz slingshots himself back with a legdrop on Moore but only a two count.   Kaz followed through with three slams into the corner then a suplex but still only got a near fall. Moore tried then for a crossbody but was cut short by landing on Kaz's knee. Moore was going for a aerial move but it took both men down to the mat. Moore then got a clothesline, spin kick and a drop kick on Kaz knocking him to outside of the ring then used a moonsault on him. Both men down. Back in the ring, and Moore went for another high risk move but Kaz caught him and used a modified necktie/bridge only getting the two count. Moore went for his corkscrew moonsault but Kaz managed to kick out. And we hit a time limit no one won.  Wow. That's impressive actually, when was the last time on television that happened?

I've said this a million times, I love Jay Lethal as Jay Lethal. Please please please drop the gimmick, get rid of the damned sparkly moo-moo. I mean man, isn't your throat sore after 3 years of doing that voice? 
 He teamed with Pope...er was suppose to but Beer Money Inc kind of used a backstage five minute beat down on Lethal. Hey maybe when Lethal comes to from the bottle shot he'll be old Jay again?

Knock Outs in a nontitle match.... don't care and damn it can't even fast forward cause I'm watching on the official website.

Robert Roode vs  the guy I don't like so... moving on.
Pope vs A.J. Styles/Wolfe in a handicap match. ... or you know not as Wolfe got a steel chair to the back as he was coming to the ring.  Well what do you expect with 4 minutes on the show and this being the main event and all, not like they were actually going to give us a match or anything.  Oh look Styles removed the damned cufflinks from his ears. Maybe he's listening to my fashion advice after all. Pope tossed Styles off the ramp onto the rails, then face first into the stairs. Finally get into the ring, Pope has Styles on his shoulders but Styles used a rake to the face to brake the hold then used a kick to the back of the skull. Flair disrupted the match and a dq was called.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! vs Matt Morgan the evil druid and Amazing Red.  Alex Shelley and Matt Morgan started it off, with w collar tie up, Shelley getting tossed like a ragdoll.  Shelley came back at him with a series of kicks but got caught with a simple shoulder block. Chris Sabin ran in but was greeted with a short clothesline both MMG are down on the mat. Morgan picked up Shelley holding him in his hesitation slam then dropped him hard where upon Shelley landed on Sabin. Dude are you two okay? Both Guns are out of the ring now. Red tagged in as did Sabin, who had Red in a side head lock. Sabin bounced off the ropes with a shoulder block to Red, then the two played leapfrog for a few seconds before Red used a headscissors tossing Sabin to the corner. Shelley tagged back in. Red got him with a hard kick to the back of the skull/neck. Dude again is he okay? Sabin came in, Red slid out of the ring, Sabin with a wicked kick from the apron flipping over Red. Beauty! Just Beauty! Back in the ring and Sabin gets a two count. Red fights back landing a hard mule kick to the jaw of Sabin sending him rocking but the Guns! managed to use a double team move on him but still only a two count.  Morgan tagged himself in and Sabin went right for him with a series of forearms but got a stiff elbow for his troubles. Shelley came in to help and got footprinted to the face. Oh God! Is Sabin alright? Morgan picked him up by the back of the neck and just slammed Sabin face first off the top turnbuckle, causing him whiplash. He then went for a stack up in the corner but the Guns! managed to slid on the second rope and get out of the way. Shelley went for a crossbody, Sabin coming in to help with the pin but Morgan tossed them both like butter. Red tagged in, Sabin is now the legal man, Red used a floatin and a sunset flip but Sabin answered with a kick to Red's face. Shelley in with a charge to the corner but Red kicked him then used a flying DDT. Sabin in, but got flipped inside out by Morgan who ran into the ring. Morgan then was setting Shelley up for his trademark hellevator but Red stole the win with a Code Red on Sabin.  Hang on!  Mr. Shelley Mr. Sabin what did I say to you like a month ago on here, if I didn't see those belts around your tiny little skeleton waists soon I was going to send you angry letters... oh I feel a rant coming on in the next post I do.

The highlight of the show this week for me was watching the little crawl screen updates that Spike Official website has at the bottom of the video.  Lovely seeing what the rest of you zombied perverts were watching while I was trying to do this review. Not even Mr. Shelley could keep my attention tonight for more then a few seconds.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ROH review... I hope -April 12th 2010

Okay guys, I have been trying to get my hands on copies of Ring Of Honor stuff.  For those of you- my Spudguns who read this on a regular basis, you know I do not have cable.  Everything I get is off the internet. Mostly iTunes Canada.
I know that ROH was being shown online every week, but for whatever reason, my "region" wasn't able to get it.  Many times I would find something only to get a message that said "that product is not supported in your region" or worse still  "item you are trying to view has been removed for copyright reasons" 
Well, I think that enough people must have complained or just you know broke rules or something because Oh My God! I got to watch the ROH episode for this past week on youtube

So here we go with my first ROH review... I hope.     ROH April 12th 2010
*It seems this is right after the latest ROH ppv and we have Tyler Black still the champ.

*Jerry Lynn vs Jake Maning (his name never came up so forgive me if I'm wrong) Jake kicked Lynn, going for a off the ropes shoulder block before Lynn turned it around landing one on him. Lynn then slapped on a side headlock, and a hip toss.  He then started to work on the arm of Maning, going for a cover but only got a two count before Maning kicked out. Lynn was then backed into the corner but spun out of the way, reversing it on him. Maning then slammed him down hard on the top rope across his neck. Maning continued then to work on the injured neck but Lynn got a near fall with what looked like a standing crossbody. Maning then used a jawbreaker before applying a submission move craning the neck of Lynn. Maning went for a top rope move but Lynn pulled a hurricanrana followed by a series of clotheslines. Lynn finished it off with a piledriver for the win.

*Steve Cornio... damn sorry drooling again. But damn! I keep forgetting he's Canadian.  He went up against El Generico . Or I should say, he trashed mouthed El Generico who ripped the clothes off Cornio... sorry got distracted.  What?  I'm a Cornio fan from back in ECW okay.

*Kevin Steen vs Eddie Edwards. Steen kicked him in the elbow before backing him into the corner, continuing to lay down forearms and punches. He then sent Edwards out to the floor, continuing to work on the injured arm. He threw him back into the ring to brake the count, but Edwards used a suicide dive knocking him down. Steen was sent hard into the rails before Edwards gave him a large boot to the jaw. Steen got the advantage once again, by dragging Edwards to the ring apron and slamming his arm hard into the ring post. He then used a steel chair against the post sandwiching the arm. Back in the ring now and Steen had him in the middle with an armlock. Edwards battled out with a series of headbutts and a armdrag hiptoss. Edwards followed that up with a kick to the skull and a headscissors take over. Steen went for a top rope swan dive but only got a two count. They started to trade blows then for a few minutes but Edwards used a suplex for the advantage. Edwards sent Steen over with a large flip, clothesline and a sit down powerbomb.  Steen came back to once again work on the elbow, but Edwards went off the top rope with a flying codebreaker. Only got a two count. Steen went for a powerbomb but only had a two count. Steen then headed up to the top turnbuckle but was caught up with a kick to the side of the skull which rocked him, but somehow came back and slapped on a crossface.  Edwards used a small package for the win.

Okay, I wish I could say this will be a new weekly column, but the best I can do is say, I'll do my best. But I will be doing a ROH review as often as I can.

Marilyn Manson is still cool right?

Stop laughing this is serious.   Well as serious as I can get.
I am doing a writing exercise, and need to create a character that is cutting edge, only my age is showing. Big time.
The character a 25 year old girl.     Me, a 36 year old woman.    See the issue.  

I got my musical taste from my Uncle.  Uncle was a metal head, and so was I.   Sepultura, Pantera, My Dying Bride, COC, Testament, Overkill, Motley Crue (Nikki Sixx is still a god!)  you get the idea.  I have a younger sister Ninja, who I used to go to concerts with back 13 years ago, boy bands mostly.  Her tastes have gone in a different direction from day one, Ninja and I are night and day to each other.  Anyways,  my musical evolution went from Sepultura to Frank Sinatra without missing a beat. Uncle's went to classical opera.  Yeah, no joke. Getting a lift from him now is filled with opera singers on his cd player.
I know for someone who spends their life online, I am so out of touch with pop-culture.  Are goths even still goths?  Are punks even still listening to Sex Pistols ?     What's going on here?

This is the big downfall of being a writer, you spend more time alone in your own world in your own head and loose total ability to socialize.  

Someone help!   Music,  seems I need some new stuff as does my character.   Leave me some notes on what I should be adding to my music collection.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Holy Anne Rice Novels Batman

I used screen capture for this post.

Holy Anne Rice Novels Batman -Did you see that episode of X-Division on TNA Epics?

That was a hard one, hard to get that out. Sorry I said that whole line out loud when typing it and it had me laughing for about ten minutes. Try it, I dare you.
What brings this up today out of nowhere? Well, come on it's TNA so for me it's never out of nowhere really. Well, I was hunting around iTunes Canada, looking for last night's show, which is not available yet and trust me I'll be checking every 20minutes till it is, and saw that they finally got TNA Epics on iTunes Canada. Very cool. So I bought the X-Division episode. Which by the by is the only one listed as having been bought by fans.
Why? Why has no one in Canada bought the Sting or Angle episodes?
Because, the X-Division episode never aired here, so fans have had to get their X-Division Epics episode (say that 7 times fast Eh?) from iTunes Canada.
And you know what, the ppv match of the Ultimate X from 2009's Bound for Glory was lovely. It was lovely and amazing. (Pun intended)
So I am watching this episode and whenever they cut to interviews with Bishoff he's rolling his eyes when he talks about the guys. Did anyone else find that insulting?

I don't know what you want from me

You hide from me when you need me most,
You rip me from myself when I need me most,
Under a pale spotlight of trust, that slowly binds us together,
I'm tired and I can't take it anymore, I need to feed but I'm nothing more then a vampire in a room of zombies, empty and alone
I don't know what you want from me, you have never said, never shown, never explained,
Is it the moisture on my lips, as you lick them sending a shiver up my spine, or is it something else that you've planted in me burning me up from the inside,
You say you are my friend but yet you haven't tried, I'm still stuck walled up brick by brick inside, while you stand there in the cold snow, ankle deep and wet
You hide from me when you need me most,
You rip me from myself when I need me most,
You're not the spirit of the show not the host
I don't know what you want from me, you have never said, never shown, never explained,
Just pointed to your chest telling me your way is the best,
I don't know what you want from me,  and I've cried begged pleaded with you to let me know, to kindly thank you, to open up just a little of your locked door,
But still you hide, like a shadow in the darkened corner of my mind, of my heart, daring me to start over again my song, to hit the beat and drag it on,
I don't know what you want from me, you refuse to say refuse to give me the time of day,
But you expect me to stay, to be waiting for you without love without passion without - you
I don't know what you want from me,

By Ardeth Blood   April 12th 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

I don't love you anymore.

 Well, yeah that's how I am feeling right now.

One couple Two spiritual paths

Can it work?

I talked on here before about having failed a wedding project back in high school (too damned lazy to go through the blog to link the post )  Well I was looking over part of the project today cause I... not even sure why,  just was... anyway, there was a list we had to make of what we wanted in our husbands.

Nothing that was important to me 20 years ago, is now.
I know that you have to compromise for any chance in any relationship.  Decide what are the little things and what are the major.

For instance,  I know finding a guy with my taste in music is not going to happen.  That's a little thing and what ipods were invented for.  I also know that finding a man who is a vegetarian, is also nearly a zero chance.  That's another little thing and the reason I firmly believe in have two sets of frypans.
But, what about the big things like religion?

Can two people who are trying to share a life together be from two completely different spiritual paths?
Most of my friends are all married and their husbands/wives are the same religion as them.  Two of my male cousins converted when they got married to their wives religion.  

I know that is something I could never do, give up my spiritual path.   Nor would I expect any man who came into my life to give up his.  
So the question is put out there, can you be part of a couple but have two very different religions?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Question: Asking Men Stupid Questions part 4

What is it with men and video games?
Every guy I have every dated/been involved with has been a game junkie. 
Every interview I have seen with celebrities, has turned to talk of video games.    What's the appeal?

Dude, I'm smart enough to know that for a relationship to work you need to have more then just trust, you need to have two tvs and two computers.  Mostly so the guy can have his video games.

Big Money Rustlas -Trailer

Okay now I'm not sure how patient I can be on this....

My Favourite Matches part 2

I used screen capture for this post

June 18th 2006
Six man elimination match Shark Boy vs Alex Shelley vs Sonjay Dutt vs Petey Williams vs Jay Lethal vs Senshi.

Shark Boy and Petey Williams started it off with a collar tie up that Shark Boy turned into a side headlock, that Williams tried to fight off. Shark Boy then went off the ropes with a running shoulder block sending Williams down. Williams then back to his feet landed a slap across the mask of Shark Boy before Shark Boy delivered a drop kick and a deep armdrag. He then continued to work on Williams arm for a few minutes before Williams got out of it. Shark Boy then gave him a back body drop. Williams came back with an inverted atomic drop then put Shark Boy in the tree of woe. Williams then was put out of the ring, Shark Boy getting the advantage again with a cross body block outside landing on him. Back in the ring, Jay Lethal tagged in. They used a few double team moves on Williams, with Lethal going for a cover but only getting a two count. Lethal delivered a backbreaker going for another cover but only a near fall. Williams now in the corner and Lethal with a float over but Williams landed a knee to the jaw of Lethal sweeping out his legs. Senshi tagged in, with a round of hard kicks to Lethal. Both men then started to exchange a series of chops, before Lethal gave him a drop kick. Senshi went off the ropes but was caught midmove by Lethal who used a flapjack on him putting him face first into the mat. A forearm from Lethal who then went off the ropes. He was stopped short by a mule kick from Senshi which gave Senshi a near fall. Alex Shelley tagged in. They used a double team move on Lethal before Shelley decided to work on the neck of Lethal with a necktie bridge. Lethal countered turning the necktie choke around on Shelley, which only lasted a few seconds before Shelley turned it around once more adding a backbreaker. He got a two count. Lethal turned it back to his advantage for a moment with a jaw breaker but as he came off the ropes, Shelley landed a mule kick to him. Shelley went for an off the ropes move himself, but was caught up in a hiptoss take over, and a low drop kick. Sonjay Dutt tagged in. He got Shelley in a headscissors take over, following it with a deep arm drag. He used a drop toehold and two standing moonsaults before getting a near fall. Now in the corner Dutt went for a top rope move but Shelley pulled him down onto the rope giving him a very intense rope burn. Shelley continued to use the ropes in his favour, then added a spinning kick for good measure. He got a near fall. This lead to a double leg take down and a perfect moonsault off the second rope. Another near fall. Then he did tagged Shark Boy in with a bit of a mind melt. The rest of the guys got into the ring then for a six pack suplex (Shelley, Williams, Senshi over) Shark Boy sent a few chops to Dutt, then a kick and a shoulder block from outside the ring. Dutt then delivered a few running elbows to Shark Boy who is now in the corner. This was countered with a stiff boot by Shark Boy. He went for the deadsea drop but was stopped, which he then used a neck breaker on Dutt. Shark Boy up to the top rope for an elbow drop but missed letting Dutt slap on a standing moonsault. Shark Boy has been eliminated. Shelley came in with a knee to the shoulder of Dutt, sending him into the corner with an extended leg to the throat of Dutt. Dutt then gave a open hand slap to the jaw of Shelley, who came back at him with a round kick to the back of the skull. Dutt went off the top rope but missed, as Shelley tossed him back into the corner and used a double kick to the back of his knees. Lethal tagged in with a drop kick on Shelley. Shelley managed to get the upper hand again with a simple face plant into the second turnbuckle then set Lethal up for his medium drop kick pushing the back of Lethal's neck hard into the second turnbuckle. Beauty. Shelley followed up with a brainbuster and top rope senton that backfired on him as Lethal got the knees up. Things in Lethal's favour now as he slapped on a full nelson overhook getting the pin on Shelley. Alex Shelley was eliminated. Everyone jumped into the ring and there were flying round houses everywhere for a few moments. Senshi was sent out of the ring by Dutt, then Williams went off the top rope with a cross body onto Senshi. Lethal used a suicide dive on Williams, Dutt top turnbuckle moonsault on all three men outside of the ring. Lethal and Williams in the ring. Lethal used a springboard but Williams got out of the way, but Lethal got him with a kick to the face. Williams then slapped on his Canadian Destroyer for a pin on Lethal. Jay Lethal was eliminated. Dutt in the ring with a series of kicks to Williams. Williams was in the corner managed to move and reverse things on Dutt with a hard leg drop on the ring apron. Williams got a near fall. Williams drops Dutt on the ropes, going for a running move but didn't see Senshi tag himself in. Senshi had a massive running clothesline on Williams. Senshi and Williams both climbing the ropes, Dutt used a flip on Williams Senshi landed his double stomp on Williams getting the pin. Petey Williams was eliminated. Dutt then gets a hurricanran off the top rope on Senshi followed by a low drop kick but only a two count. He backed this up with a spinning DDT before Senshi used another double foot stomp but only got a two count. Dutt used a jawbreaker on Senshi then climbed the ropes but was caught with the knees. This gave Senshi the advantage where upon he landed a vicious looking double drop kick to the face of Dutt sending him crashing into the corner. He had him in the tree of woe ending it with a double foot stomp to the head getting the win. Senshi went on to the ppv Slammiversary as the number one contender for the X-Division belt.

 What I liked about this match, besides the obvious screen shot, were the unique moves Shelley was introducing into it, mostly against Lethal.  There really wasn't anything too predictable in this match at all, and the pace was strong.  The guys were quick with their moves, as well, the overall length of this match gave it; it's credit. This was also the first many of us had seen Senshi. I had not seen him wrestle as his former ego Loki, but his style was definitely a compliment to the rest of the guys in this match.

Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm jealous of a 16 year old...

How that happen? And um why?

Well I was out with mom today, and spotted this teenaged couple.  I sat there watching them interact and was very envious of the girl.  Not because her boyfriend was good looking, cause he wasn't, but because of the way he was looking at her.  I've seen this look before, from my male cousins when they've looked at their wives, from my male friends when they have looked at their girlfriends, when my married friend's husbands have looked at them, even once from VLHE's exhusband who came out as gay.  That look of pure animalistic desire.  That look that a man will get when he's thinking he doesn't care who's around or that he's in a public place. That look that is similar to what a hungry panther has when looking at it's prey.
A look I have witnessed  a million times in other people, but have never been able to create in a guy myself. 
So there I was, sitting around waiting for the bus watching these two teenagers cooing at each other like they were the only two people on the planet. Thinking, how did that girl create that desire in that boy?  And I found myself both jealous and depressed. 
Jealous of a 16 year old.  How much lower can I get?

My Favourite Matches

I used screen capture for this post

You have all heard me saying for the last few months how unimpressed I am with the whole direction TNA Impact has gone. I keep complaining but no one is bothering to listen. Or are they? I read other fan sites and I know I am not the only one who feels this way. So, this will be a new column; don't worry, I'll still do the weekly review of the new Impact episodes every week; but this new column will be about matches from old episodes that I thought rocked. So let's kick 'er off shall we.

X-Division Match from Sept 14th 2006
Alex Shelley vs Chris Sabin

We start with an armbar on Sabin who countered with his roll through flip, reversing it on Shelley before taking him down to the mat. Shelley managed to kick off putting distance between them both. We move into a side headlock on Shelley, who broke the hold going back to working on Sabin's shoulder before sweeping out the legs from under Sabin. Shelley then had control of the match by standing on Sabin's wrist. Back to a standing position, and Sabin switches it putting another side headlock on Shelley. Sabin then off the ropes with a hard looking shoulder block sending Shelley down. Sabin then uses his cartwheel/armdrag tossing Shelley across the ring. Shelley then bounces off the ropes with his spinning underarm hook, following it with a knee to the stomach. He then put Sabin face first into the top turnbuckle before the counter of a headscissors sending Shelley outside of the ring. Suicide dive by Sabin knocks both men out for a moment. Back into the ring and Shelley delivers a hard forearm to the side of the skull of Sabin, rocking him. They back and forth with the forearms for another few moments. Shelley breaks the rhythm with a rake to the eyes, snapmare and a kick. It only gave him a two count. Shelley then went for a double leg takedown before landing one of his beautiful moonsaults, which missed. Sabin then is flipped over the top rope to land on his feet on the apron, giving Shelley a fist to the jaw before setting up his springboard dropkick. Shelley stumbled back into the corner and Sabin came charging at him with a straight kick to the side of the skull. Both men are tangled in the ropes. Sabin gets his wits about him and hangs Shelley in the tree of woe for his hesitation drop kick. Beauty. He got a two count but Shelley grabbed the bottom rope for the break. Nice. Shelley then comes back with his mule kick and a running drop kick. Lethal/Dutt/Devine case a small distraction letting Sabin use a rollup small package for the win.

 What I liked about this match, it was no-nonsense. Even with the little distraction at the end it still focused on the men in the ring. This was at a point when Chris Sabin had held the X-Division belt only twice and Alex Shelley had been tagged up with Johnny Devine as the Paparazzi. I actually liked the paparazzi angle Shelley was doing at that time, it was different and somehow natural. It seemed to me though that they were just tossing him with anyone trying to create a tag team that never really gelled. (Nash, Devine, Aries) Sabin and Shelley as the MotorCityMachine Guns! Beauty. Like a gift from Dionysus.  Shelley and Sabin against each other in a match, genius pure and simple. 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for April 5th 2010

I used screen capture for this post. 

iTunes Canada was 3 days late again.  Dude, are you going to do this on the weeks of every live show? We have readers on this blog. Not as many as I would like, but readers none the less. Maybe I need to bring back the Sabin hair gimmick and get the return of the Sabin fans to the blog?

So we have a pointless flashback from last week then we go to an interview with the Knock Outs. Okay, you all know my rule about talking about the Knock Outs, but honestly, where are they all?  Velvet Sky was saying how they -the TNA Knock Outs- have revolutionized the business, but in the last 4 months I have not seen anything new or revolutionary from the TNA women's division. It looks like the same stale old dren that the other company offers.  I was impressed back 3 years ago when the Knock Outs made their debut, now my fast forward button can't go fast enough.
Fix the frealing opening already it's still crap. No, I'm not difficult to please, just bored. Dude I have been a fan for 31 of my 36 years on this planet, and I really do not want to see the same stuff over and over and over again. On the rare time I do, I buy the dvd.  All you're giving me is old production notes from WCW with a fresh slice of moldy cheese on the plate.

Our first match which was by the by is after the 20minute mark;  has already started and is between Storm and RVD.  Storm sends RVD into the corner, RVD floats over then puts a boot to the face of Storm. RVD uses his roll through/monkey flip to toss Storm across the ring. Storm sent RVD into the other corner but RVD countered, sending Storm off the ring apron with a kick. He then went for a baseball slid, but Storm caught him and slammed him into the rails. RVD used a shoulder block from outside the ropes but Storm countered with a mid rope DDT. He went for a pin but only got a two count. Storm followed this with a vertical suplex, and a rear chin lock in the middle of the mat. RVD fought out of it, and was going off the ropes, Storm tried for a knee to the jaw but RVD grabbed his leg going for a roll up.  Only a two count. RVD then used his trademark spinkick before both men started trading fists. Another high spin kick from RVD which gave him a chance to set up for his rolling thunder. Storm managed to come back with a spinning heel kick to the skull and a the eye of the storm. RVD came back with a front slam and his split legged moonsault for the win.  Boo.

Homicide vs Rob Terry for the Global title. He's calling himself the Freak? Dude, really? Homicide did not wait, he jumped him as the bell was being rung. Kick to the stomach followed by a chop, did nothing. Much as the next set of chops. Homicide went off the ropes but ended up with a clothesline for his troubles. Terry followed this up with a choke slam that sent Homicide flying across the ring. Homicide then tried for a monkey flip but failed, before Terry got him in a long held press slam. Homicide then got tossed the other end of the ring via a deep hip toss. Homicide tried for a corner move but was caught in a front slam.  Terry got the win. What the freal was that?  I'm talking the end of the Global match, which had Terry standing there bleeding from a evil harsh chair shot that by the by never took him down, didn't even phase him,  but the fact Orlando Jordan came out with I don't even want to know what splattered on him... What the freal is the deal with Jordan? No second thought, I don't want to know at all.  Just toast him already.

Knock Outs match... don't care. Tara won the first round getting a key to a locked box she got her spider back . Daffnay won the second round getting a key to a locked box she lost and had to do a strip tease. Velvet Sky won round three got a key to a locked box, she got the open contract to any match. Angelina Love won the final round getting a key to the locked box she won the belt.

Ladder match between Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson. Anderson jumped Angle, and had him down in the corner where he was stepping on his throat before using a punch/kick combo. The bell was then rung and we see Anderson with Kurt Angle on his shoulders for a drop roll. The ladder was then brought into the ring, as Angle started to show some fight. Anderson then suplexed him onto the ladder. Kurt recovered enough to give Anderson a belly to back suplex on the ladder himself. Kurt then followed it up with a few closed fists before starting to send Anderson into the ladder, but Anderson ducked and reversed it sending Kurt face first into the ladder. Anderson then started up the ladder, but was not high enough as Kurt grabbed him for an Angleslam.   Anderson is now outside of the ring on the floor. Kurt was at the top of the ladder, Anderson came back in toppling it and Kurt went over the top rope hit the apron and fell hard onto the floor.  Dude that was like a 14 foot drop! The crowd started to chant  "holy s**t" which the censor crew could not censor proper. Anderson back up the ladder, somehow Kurt got up and onto the top turnbuckle drop kicking the ladder out from under Anderson. Both men down and with good reason. Kurt back up to his feet with a over head suplex on Anderson. How is he even breathing let alone standing? Kurt placed Anderson on the ladder and went back to the ropes for a top rope moonsault. He picked up Anderson and tossed him shoulder first into the ring post, and started up the ladder again.  Anderson the used the chain of Kurt's metal to choke him out. Anderson then climbed up for the key that was hanging there.

Okay I adore Jay Lethal.  As Jay Lethal not as Macho Man. Please, please please drop the gimmick.  I have been begging you to, nagging you to drop the gimmick for the last year and a half.   Just drop the gimmick and be the old Jay Lethal.

Anyone else feel like just watching old episodes of the Trailer Park Boys?  or Durham County?
 Pope's promo was good.  Dude, I will find a way to get your trenchcoat righty-ho righty-ho.

Doug Williams  vs Generation Me in a gauntlet match.  My money's on Williams as I really don't care much at all for Generation Me. Jeremy started dude two words for you 1) hair  2) cut Williams used an armbar but Jeremy countered causing Williams to go for the ropes to break the hold. Williams then took out the legs of Jeremy sending him into the corner, but Jeremy countered with a moonsault/cross body combo. Williams came back at him with a simple open hand slap getting him against the ropes but Jeremy got a boot up landing it square in Williams face. This he followed up with a outside shoulderblock and a springboard powerbomb planting Williams face first. Williams shook it off and used his chaos theory suplex for the win of this first round. 
Second round was Max who used a suicide dive to get into the ring landing on Williams. Max then ducked a clothesline before using a drop kick but only got a two count. Williams was then sent across the ring hitting the one corner then the other as Max went for a scoop slam and a flying leg drop. Williams then out of nowhere used a front choke small package forcing Max to tap.  Yay. I like Williams.

Wolfe vs Pope.  Wolfe did not wait and ran down the ramp at Pope, but was greeted with a hard fist. Wolfe was thrown into the ring, but still managed to get an upper cut on Pope as he was climbing into the ring, getting the advantage. Pope fought back but was cut short by a knee to the chest followed by Wolfe's flying hammerlock. Pope was placed on the top turnbuckle where upon Wolfe used his double chop setting up for the tower of london but it was countered. They got out of the corner, with Pope using a open palmed thrust. Pope followed that up with his DDE for the win.  Then Styles came out of nowhere looking normal for the first time in months knocking into Pope and the camera man who got crushed under everyone.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! vs Team 3D for the number one contenders spot. Chris Sabin and Brother Ray started off with a collar tie up which Brother Ray turned into a armbar.  Sabin countered it reversing it on him. Mr. Sabin Have I nagged yet about the boots? No well consider this me asking what the hell is up with those laces you wear? I know you've been doing the footwear like that for awhile now but ... Brother Ray managed to roll out of it, landing a hard right on Sabin's jaw. Sabin countered with a series of forearmss and kicks, looking like he had things under control, but he didn't. Brother Ray placed one perfectly timed boot to the face sending Sabin hard to the mat. He was going for a second round, but Sabin rolled and got him with a mule kick.  Beauty. He backed it up with a springboard cross body but it only got him a near fall. Alex Shelley tagged in and they used a double team move on Brother Ray. Brother Ray came back at Shelley with a vicious chop sending him staggering back and then tagged in Devon. Devon had Shelley down on the mat, using a headbutt to the lower back for added pressure. Shelley was heading for a tag but was cut short when Devon grabbed him slapping on a bear hug. He broke the hold and landed a kick to the jaw of Devon, rocking him. Sabin tagged back in crossing to the far corner with a forearm to Brother Ray before turning his attention back to Devon with a running forearm. Brother Ray came back into the ring, Sabin caught him with a mule kick then went to the top rope for a double drop kick on them both. Brother Ray got to his feet and went charging but Sabin ducked and Brother Ray continued on landing the clothesline on Devon in the corner. Sabin then used a flying kick to the back of the skull on Brother Ray, before turning his attention back on Devon. Double team from him and Shelley on Devon with their stereo kicks. Shelley tagged back in and went off the top rope for a cross body while Sabin held Devon in a neckbreaker. Got only a two count. Brother Ray then from behind with a double clothesline taking both MMG to the mat. He then picked up Sabin in a scoop slam as Devon went to the top rope landing a What's Up on Sabin.  Boo. Then Nash and his boys came down to the ring ruining the match. Double Boo. And you can see that Shelley got marked up but it didn't work proper because he had been sweating.

So to sum up my thoughts this week,  if you are downloading from iTunes and missing the old TNA like I am,  just skip this week and down load the episode from June 18th 2006.  Which was a great episode...

How far are you willing to go?

Working on draft 3 of my novel, and am wondering... would a male masturbation scene be taking it too far?   Would that cross a line that just would destroy the core of the plot?
Hard to say.  Some people have already told me my novel is difficult to swallow.   Yeah, I threw good taste out the window the second I started working on the last draft. 

And what brought this thought on this raining morning over coffee?  

Well to be honest, I'm still waiting for this weeks TNA Impact to be available so I can do the weekly review, and decided to work on one of the main characters while I wait.  He needs to be given more personality.  That and I had a crazy conversation last night with a buddy about an old match from the Best of the X-Division vol 2.  (June 18th 2006 you can find it on iTunes even, 6 man contenders match)
My editor and my friend's mom who read the last draft both feel he's the strongest character in my novel. My Antagonist. My Heel.  So now I am just trying to get a better handle on this character, so to speak.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Devil's in my head

Quoting L.A. Guns from the song "Long Time Dead" from the Vicious Circle album.
Why... cause that's what I am listening to right now... on cassette!  Yeah it's that old. And discontinued from what I am told so I have not been able to find it on cd.

Anyway, the 10 of Swords,  or as my friend Erin likes to say  "The 10 of S words."  old SNL skit from like a million years ago when SNL was still worth something.  I did a reading this morning, and that damnable card popped up again, and again again and again... you get the idea it's haunting me.
Usually this card is shown as someone laying face down in the gutter with 10 sharp swords/daggers/knives in their back and skull with a large puddle of blood under them.   Nice Eh? 

Well, actually it is.
It's a very deceiving card, the term don't judge a book by it's cover was made for this card.  Yes, it is a card of pain.  Pain in the past. This card is a card of balance, forgiveness, self esteem and rebirth. Things are never as bad as they seem. It's a card that is telling you to -roll with it- the situation is over, time to grieve if necessary but relief is now at hand.  The end of a cycle and preparing you for the next.

I haven't figured out just what it's screaming at me about today, but I'm sure I will at some point.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Who knew paperwork would have such heavy lifting

I just ripped apart chapter 1 of the novel.   Moved page 9 to page 1, deleted page 2, reduced a character to two sentences in a flashback scene, turned everything between page 3-8 into the flashback scene.

Dude, that's alot of heavy lifting, beat out now from all that jazz.  Surprisingly very hungry now too.  Nice workout for the mind.  And considering you know that the zombies ate my brain there last month it's a big workout. 

Psst why did the zombies eat your brain again?

Well Spudgun, remember I said I would schedule sending that email to Mr. Shelley after I let the zombies eat my brain...  

Muse me

Someone left a comment the other day on one of my other posts, asking me what I am looking for in a man.  My reply was actually really snotty.  Totally asshole of me. 
The last 24hours because of a crazy situation of information coming to my attention, information I have to admit I didn't like finding out,  I have been thinking.  
I've talked about the fact that I need to have a guy in my life or at least a crush in order to be creative.  I need a Muse.
I've never admitted it before, but what I want out of a guy is to be his Muse.  I've never admitted it before because I never believed I deserved to be seen that way.  But it's what I want. 
So to answer the person honestly and without venom, I want to inspire a man. 

I 'm guessing that is  big key to finding the One, my soulmate,  (yes remember we've gone over this a million times, I believe in soulmates)   he'll have a new creativity when he meets me.  I'll be his Muse.

Egotistical - no.  Honest for the first time in years - honest to myself anyway.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Is that all I am to you

I once read on Patricia Kennealy 's blog that everyone is someone's groupie.  I don't know if she came up with that or if she was quoting someone else, but I am quoting her.

Well it would seem, everyone else on the planet has a groupie but me.   Though it would seem that according to my buddy Patrick (who I would normally call Buddy #P but since he said he hated that code name and I'm pissed at him right now -his real name it is), I am a groupie for our tag team.   Really?  That's funny, I was always under the impression that groupies either frealed the celebrity or was like a mommy to them.  Last time I checked I had done neither for our tag team.  This label really upsets me. 
It's as if he's saying that I am not good enough to be anything of real value to anyone.
Seriously, if that's how my friends view me, then it's time to pack up completely. 

To quote Lynn Redgrave in the movie Midnight   "like a mouse running up an elephant's leg with rape in mind."  My buddy Patrick said during our conversation  "no one notices that mouse."    Very true, and I am feeling like that little mouse.  Only I've been tossed off landing against a tree shattering my spine and dying in horrible pain. 

All I have to say is if there is if the idea is true that everyone is someone's groupie, if I've got any they better stand up and shake the cobwebs off cause it would be nice to know.

What do you mean you missed the plot hole?

My friend's mom was going over a copy of draft 2 of the novel and she found a plot hole. Large one too at that. My editor did not find this plot hole.
Great wonderful lovely. Like I am not having enough issues with the frealing thing. Now I have to figure out how to fix it, how far back into the story to go and sew up the mistakes.
Someone remind me again why I became a writer? Oh right because it's all I ever wanted to be since I was 3. Right, I knew that. That and well Elvira, and I've already tried and failed at that back in college in the early 1990's.

Some of my art

Why?  Oh god only knows why I am daring to make a bigger hoser out of myself, but I am.
Okay, you're getting a taste of my failures now.  And I've failed at everything I have tried my hands at, art, poetry, music, television, plays, films, the only thing I haven't failed at is comedy and that's only cause I haven't tried comedy yet.

This is the one painting I keep getting asked if it's for sale.  No it's not.  It took me a year to do, and I was not smart enough to right down the mix for the skin colour.  There is about 5 different colours in the mix for the dead skin.  I call him   "The Incubus"

This is a poem I wrote last year on March 28th 2009 that was turned into a song for a friend's play.

Somehow I died that night
Covered in memories of forgotten times
he spilled the wine
blacked out on a canvass of a better line
coked out and strangled by his own design

seems he loved me not as much as I loved him
seems he loved me not as much as the powered white lines fine
well I died that night
covered in memories of broken rhymes
locked out of moments that should have been mine

I died that night
burned out and battered like a prized fighter in a caged fight
lord knows I gave and I tried
but I somehow died that night

his vision cleared
but left his eyes bloody and wide
his smoke cleared
but left him sweating like a cop  was tailing him high
his vision cleared
but I had died that night

seems he loved me not as much as I loved him
seems he loved me not as much as the powered white lines
well I died that night
covered in memories of broken rhymes
locked out of moments that should have been mine

I died that night
I died
I died that night
I died
lord knows I gave and I tried
but somehow I died that night

Here's another poem I wrote back in 2001 under the name Harley Lilith Noir   it's called  "Duet"

The partnership is born mist the mass confusion, over screaming the play, playwright, actors
Burning moonlight in their veins, the desire of hot flashes, gel covered lights, 
foot -candle-spot
The dance begins, tone on tone, the microphones combine intertwine a duet of mass reality, 
voices purge their sorrows, mixing-combining-liquid creamed,
Eyes closed throats thrown open, the final notes nothing but a high pitched scream,
The music's over, microphones recharged as the crowd applaud 
Flowers-carnations-roses appear, at their feet, shoes scuffing on their silky petals,
As the partnership dissolves in the nothingness, 
Shadows emptiness embracing the night,
Until the next duet -until the theater is filled once more from wall to wall,
Against locked doors

And the poem that Paula, Buddy #P, and everyone I talked about in this post here that everyone wanted me to either send to the guy or post.  Called "Stolen Moment" Well, I'll post it and if he reads it great if not ...   

Just a stolen moment
A piece of your time
A wordless glance
Maybe I' ll be fine
Your attention I feel the need to seek
Even though I know you are a million miles out of my league
Just a stolen moment
A second of your time
A polite nod
Maybe I' ll be fine
Your attention I feel the need to seek
Even though I know you are a million miles out of my league
What draws me to you I will never truly know
I guess that is part of your charm part of your show
Just a stolen moment
A piece of your time
A silent smile
Maybe I' ll be fine
Your voice the ultimate temptation
Your eyes demonically divine
Just a stolen moment
One half second of your time
It's all I ask as I memorize every fine line your face has to offer
Before you move back into the crowd and continue your day
A glance, a soft smile, a happy wink
I will return your way
To let you know if you ask I will give to you
Just a stolen moment

So there you go.  Pieces of me in all my morbid glamour

You know those days when you feel like a fake

Yeah, it's one of those.  I just had to recommend a book that I thought was dren.
Book club journal thingie, with more nonsense then anything else in it.  There are hundreds of these things on the market all designed to make your reading experience more orgasmic then it truly is.
I've got one from a few years ago that is just a basic to the point book club journal.  A section for your to read list, a section for what the book club has read and their comments, with a few quotes thrown in for the cutesy floweriness of it.  
This one today, that I had to recommend,  I just wanted to say don't waste your time or money.  But I could not, so instead I just gave the list of what it offers.  
That makes me a fake today.  I don't like being a fake.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Sex files... I don't get it

Okay, I was just going around the internet, and the topic of the day seems to be ... bedazzling your nedan.

What?  Huh?  Why?  

So this proves just how unsexy, unpopcultured I am, cause I think that is stupid.  Very stupid; pointless even.   I just don't understand the whole desire to wax/shave everything off to look like a porn start to begin with, and now to dress it up with fake gems to make it look less bare.  

If you don't like the look of a naked nedan, don't get the Brazilian.   Simple yes?
I guess I'm just way too 1950's for my own good.  Or whatever. 

Friday, April 2, 2010

What you learn from Oprah

I used to be a complete devotee of Oprah.  God knows how much I spent between 2001 and 2008 on her magazines every month.  I even signed up for every newsletter her website had.
When I got rid of cable back in 2006, it was one show I missed... for awhile.  Well, I never canceled my email newsletters I still get those every day.
And today's lists this as Poetry Month.

Poetry Month!  Really?  the girl says in her best Miz impression.  REAALLLYYY?
Remember few days ago I was jammering on about how I had written a poem a full year ago for a guy and did not have the guts to send it, and how I needed a sign from the universe... well damn it janet.  I think that might be a sign. Maybe. 

Seriously, poetry is one of the most intimate things you can give someone.  I'm serious here. There isn't another form of creativity or gifts that are more personal then a poem. Yes, poetry and lyrics go hand in hand, they are the same thing after all, and many people don't think of music as intimate, but trust me it is.  When you are moved by a great song, or energized by your favourite band, think about the words, the voice the way you react.  

No, I'm still too much a coward to give the guy the poem, but remember this, Jim Morrison of the Doors was a master at both. Many called him Dionysus in human form, and Dionysus was the god of both poetry and music.

Follow me. 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sex appeal What makes you melt?

I used a screen capture for this post

In season 6 of SATC, Carrie is talking about Berger, and what she calls the "zas-zas-zu" that little gesture that makes your stomach flip every time you see your crush.

For me, it's a laugh or smile or smirk. Same simple little gesture but with three different results.
Or one result if you really want to know. Me melting completely.

You've heard me talk on here before about Mr. Shelley's smile/smirk/laugh. And you know I dig comedians. Rik Mayall is one of my all time favourites. But it's not just the movement of the lips, it's the attitude that comes with it. The way a guy's eyes will light up when he's smiling, the little laugh lines that dig into his skin. I've said before about Sheamus having a fabulous smile, which lights up the place. That said, men need to smile more. Specially wrestling Heels.
Maybe it's that smirk all bad boys seem to be able to pull off with just the right amount of sexy abandon, or the innocence that a real smile can add to a guy who normally is the shy quiet one.

The fact that alot of men smile out of nerves when they blush, it adds to the idea that they are all yours. Even when they're not, or for that matter not that innocent.

Which brings me to the smirk. That little sideways smile usually accompanied by a slight nod and light grunt. Always leaves me wondering what's that guy thinking?
Dangerous. Very very dangerous. A properly timed smirk, can be as welcome an invitation as a properly timed kiss. And just the right dash of mystery can send a swoon through me.

I don't know about anyone else, but for me a simple smile and a willingness to laugh is always a turn on.

This was suppose to be a Sex and the City moment but once again I got distracted by a beautiful man.

Life should be about food, laughter and bad camera work always.

Dear Thunder Bay TNA Fans An Open Letter


I know you are out there, my hits tracker tells me that you are on the hunt for TNA coming to Thunder Bay.   Guess what,  I want that too!
So here's the deal,  leave a comment and help me in bringing  the X-Division to Thunder Bay.
The more people who ask, the better the chance of us getting a full on card of X-Division. 
If you're worried about being shy,  no need,  I have no shame and will be the loud mouthed redhead screaming on your behalf. 
By the amount of people who were crammed into the front doors of the Fort William Gardens last week for wrestling tickets,  it's more then obvious that we are starving for real wrestling. 
Okay Thunder Bay TNA Fans,  let's put a call into the darkness and get some X-Division to our little city.

Love Always Ardeth Blood


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