Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dude, do not make me google

Patrick : Like Fall Out 3

Me : What?

Patrick: Fall Out 3.

Me:  What the hell is that?

Patrick: Woman Google It.

Me: Dude! We've been through this before, Do Not Make Me Google.  I don't google.

Patrick:  Start.  Cause now I'm not  telling you.

Me:  I don't google.

This is what many conversations with my buddy Patrick are like.  He knows I am pop-culture deficient. And he's a dork. Yes I said it, dork. But he admits to his dorkdom.  Do you?
My pop-cultureness ended around 2003 when Buffy got canceled.  I sort of ended up in a weird coma when it comes to what's hip and fresh and ... yes I just used the terms hip and fresh.  See, my dorkdom is showing.


Anonymous said...

Yeah he is like that.

Ardeth Blood said...

Um... okay why do I have the feeling I was just hosed?


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