Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Holy Anne Rice Novels Batman

I used screen capture for this post.

Holy Anne Rice Novels Batman -Did you see that episode of X-Division on TNA Epics?

That was a hard one, hard to get that out. Sorry I said that whole line out loud when typing it and it had me laughing for about ten minutes. Try it, I dare you.
What brings this up today out of nowhere? Well, come on it's TNA so for me it's never out of nowhere really. Well, I was hunting around iTunes Canada, looking for last night's show, which is not available yet and trust me I'll be checking every 20minutes till it is, and saw that they finally got TNA Epics on iTunes Canada. Very cool. So I bought the X-Division episode. Which by the by is the only one listed as having been bought by fans.
Why? Why has no one in Canada bought the Sting or Angle episodes?
Because, the X-Division episode never aired here, so fans have had to get their X-Division Epics episode (say that 7 times fast Eh?) from iTunes Canada.
And you know what, the ppv match of the Ultimate X from 2009's Bound for Glory was lovely. It was lovely and amazing. (Pun intended)
So I am watching this episode and whenever they cut to interviews with Bishoff he's rolling his eyes when he talks about the guys. Did anyone else find that insulting?

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