Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Sex files... I don't get it

Okay, I was just going around the internet, and the topic of the day seems to be ... bedazzling your nedan.

What?  Huh?  Why?  

So this proves just how unsexy, unpopcultured I am, cause I think that is stupid.  Very stupid; pointless even.   I just don't understand the whole desire to wax/shave everything off to look like a porn start to begin with, and now to dress it up with fake gems to make it look less bare.  

If you don't like the look of a naked nedan, don't get the Brazilian.   Simple yes?
I guess I'm just way too 1950's for my own good.  Or whatever. 


Paula said...

I don't understand how people peirce that area of their body that can't feel very good? I mean pretty soon no one will be wearing clothes period at this rate. That is where I am old fashioned I guess the only thing I would peirce is ears that's it

ardeth blood said...

I can't stand piercings.
Couple of ex boyfriends/lovers had body piercings and it just turned me off.
I had my ears done when I was 10 and let them grow in.
My friend Viva-Loca Homegirl Esq has her nedan pierced and it got infected when she was pregnant. That's what she gets for doing something stupid.

Paula said...

I had my ears done they have long since closed up too much effort to deal with. And why on earth would you peirce a sensitive area knowing that it might get infected oweee

ardeth blood said...

She was always out there.
Like I said, I just do not like piercings at all.


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