Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm jealous of a 16 year old...

How that happen? And um why?

Well I was out with mom today, and spotted this teenaged couple.  I sat there watching them interact and was very envious of the girl.  Not because her boyfriend was good looking, cause he wasn't, but because of the way he was looking at her.  I've seen this look before, from my male cousins when they've looked at their wives, from my male friends when they have looked at their girlfriends, when my married friend's husbands have looked at them, even once from VLHE's exhusband who came out as gay.  That look of pure animalistic desire.  That look that a man will get when he's thinking he doesn't care who's around or that he's in a public place. That look that is similar to what a hungry panther has when looking at it's prey.
A look I have witnessed  a million times in other people, but have never been able to create in a guy myself. 
So there I was, sitting around waiting for the bus watching these two teenagers cooing at each other like they were the only two people on the planet. Thinking, how did that girl create that desire in that boy?  And I found myself both jealous and depressed. 
Jealous of a 16 year old.  How much lower can I get?


Anonymous said...

If you stop obsessing about it, it will happen, the more you obsess, the more you will self fulfill your own prophecy... You'll never be happy, you'll never get a guy to look at you that way etc..

Relax and let it come to you, stop going to look for it..

ardeth blood said...

Well, then the blog would be even thinner then it already is.
Hence the new column of covering past TNA matches


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