Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Marilyn Manson is still cool right?

Stop laughing this is serious.   Well as serious as I can get.
I am doing a writing exercise, and need to create a character that is cutting edge, only my age is showing. Big time.
The character a 25 year old girl.     Me, a 36 year old woman.    See the issue.  

I got my musical taste from my Uncle.  Uncle was a metal head, and so was I.   Sepultura, Pantera, My Dying Bride, COC, Testament, Overkill, Motley Crue (Nikki Sixx is still a god!)  you get the idea.  I have a younger sister Ninja, who I used to go to concerts with back 13 years ago, boy bands mostly.  Her tastes have gone in a different direction from day one, Ninja and I are night and day to each other.  Anyways,  my musical evolution went from Sepultura to Frank Sinatra without missing a beat. Uncle's went to classical opera.  Yeah, no joke. Getting a lift from him now is filled with opera singers on his cd player.
I know for someone who spends their life online, I am so out of touch with pop-culture.  Are goths even still goths?  Are punks even still listening to Sex Pistols ?     What's going on here?

This is the big downfall of being a writer, you spend more time alone in your own world in your own head and loose total ability to socialize.  

Someone help!   Music,  seems I need some new stuff as does my character.   Leave me some notes on what I should be adding to my music collection.

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