Thursday, April 22, 2010

The perfect date

Oh my... this will get .... Tacky. 

So, few days ago, I was having one of my normal conversations with my buddy Patrick (odd to everyone around us, normal to us)  about something we read on the internet.  And Patrick goes "sounds like he was giving you date ideas"

No I will not fill you in on what we were reading.

But, it did start a mad fit of laughter from me for about fifteen minutes.   What can I say, when something gets me going I am difficult to turn off.
and now, few days later the conversation has popped back into my head.  
I can't help but wonder,  with the release of the new Sex and the City 2 in a matter of weeks, what would be a good modern date.  Why the connection to SATC2 when I have no intention of going with anyone nor am I dating anyone to go with anyway.... Cause it's SATC2! Women in this city are buying new outfits and shoes and saving money to get to the opening night.  Trust me, it's an event.  Sadly, I won't be going the opening night, I'll have to wait a few days for the crowds to die down, besides it will be right after the Great North Wrestling has been here so you know I'll be dead broke... were was I going with this... OH Right dates.

Everyone is different.  And as I learned last summer from the string of bad ones, dating is something I lack any skill at.  No, I will not be trying that experiment up again this summer once was enough.  Dude, you do realize that last summer was the first time in 20 years I had been on a "date"
Anyway, told you it would get tacky,  anyway, my ideas of a date perfect, good, bad or otherwise seem very well, old fashioned and boring to most the people I talk to.  They seem to find bar hopping for loud concerts or general drinking matches top on the list. Second on that list being hitting the hockey games. 
Really?  I mean really?  So what you're saying is that you need to be in a loud environment where you can't have any kind of conversation with the person and be very drunk in the process.  Dude, how uncomfortable are you with yourself?

For me it's simple.   Go for coffee maybe even one of the coffee shops that doesn't get much traffic so that you have it almost to yourself, and a walk. Which gives you the chance to get close if things are working, or you know run away if they're not.  And from there, and this is the big compatibility test, head back to my apartment to watch Big Money Hustlas.  

I could never love a man who doesn't love that movie.  If a guy can sit through that film, with me, and my rewinding on Monoxide's parts - he steals the movie in the feeties pajamas- and still be comfortable enough to enjoy the movie, well...  You know, I've never met a guy who can. 

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