Monday, April 5, 2010

You know those days when you feel like a fake

Yeah, it's one of those.  I just had to recommend a book that I thought was dren.
Book club journal thingie, with more nonsense then anything else in it.  There are hundreds of these things on the market all designed to make your reading experience more orgasmic then it truly is.
I've got one from a few years ago that is just a basic to the point book club journal.  A section for your to read list, a section for what the book club has read and their comments, with a few quotes thrown in for the cutesy floweriness of it.  
This one today, that I had to recommend,  I just wanted to say don't waste your time or money.  But I could not, so instead I just gave the list of what it offers.  
That makes me a fake today.  I don't like being a fake.

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