Monday, April 5, 2010

Is that all I am to you

I once read on Patricia Kennealy 's blog that everyone is someone's groupie.  I don't know if she came up with that or if she was quoting someone else, but I am quoting her.

Well it would seem, everyone else on the planet has a groupie but me.   Though it would seem that according to my buddy Patrick (who I would normally call Buddy #P but since he said he hated that code name and I'm pissed at him right now -his real name it is), I am a groupie for our tag team.   Really?  That's funny, I was always under the impression that groupies either frealed the celebrity or was like a mommy to them.  Last time I checked I had done neither for our tag team.  This label really upsets me. 
It's as if he's saying that I am not good enough to be anything of real value to anyone.
Seriously, if that's how my friends view me, then it's time to pack up completely. 

To quote Lynn Redgrave in the movie Midnight   "like a mouse running up an elephant's leg with rape in mind."  My buddy Patrick said during our conversation  "no one notices that mouse."    Very true, and I am feeling like that little mouse.  Only I've been tossed off landing against a tree shattering my spine and dying in horrible pain. 

All I have to say is if there is if the idea is true that everyone is someone's groupie, if I've got any they better stand up and shake the cobwebs off cause it would be nice to know.


Paula said...

I don't see us as groupies I see us as wanting to talk about wrestling. I always thought a groupie would be stalked out at the matches be paying the ridiculous money to see them wherever they are. Cause then it would mean I am a groupie to wwe since I don't write about anyone specifically. I write about them in general and call out a few of the wrestlers that I don't think are being seen in the right light such as it is.

ardeth blood said...

Put it this way, I've yet to come in contact with them so groupie should not be a label given to me.

Frantic- yes. I admit my immaturity on the topic of the MMG; I can't deny that I act like a total hoser over them. It's written all over this blog.


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