Monday, April 12, 2010

One couple Two spiritual paths

Can it work?

I talked on here before about having failed a wedding project back in high school (too damned lazy to go through the blog to link the post )  Well I was looking over part of the project today cause I... not even sure why,  just was... anyway, there was a list we had to make of what we wanted in our husbands.

Nothing that was important to me 20 years ago, is now.
I know that you have to compromise for any chance in any relationship.  Decide what are the little things and what are the major.

For instance,  I know finding a guy with my taste in music is not going to happen.  That's a little thing and what ipods were invented for.  I also know that finding a man who is a vegetarian, is also nearly a zero chance.  That's another little thing and the reason I firmly believe in have two sets of frypans.
But, what about the big things like religion?

Can two people who are trying to share a life together be from two completely different spiritual paths?
Most of my friends are all married and their husbands/wives are the same religion as them.  Two of my male cousins converted when they got married to their wives religion.  

I know that is something I could never do, give up my spiritual path.   Nor would I expect any man who came into my life to give up his.  
So the question is put out there, can you be part of a couple but have two very different religions?

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