Friday, April 2, 2010

What you learn from Oprah

I used to be a complete devotee of Oprah.  God knows how much I spent between 2001 and 2008 on her magazines every month.  I even signed up for every newsletter her website had.
When I got rid of cable back in 2006, it was one show I missed... for awhile.  Well, I never canceled my email newsletters I still get those every day.
And today's lists this as Poetry Month.

Poetry Month!  Really?  the girl says in her best Miz impression.  REAALLLYYY?
Remember few days ago I was jammering on about how I had written a poem a full year ago for a guy and did not have the guts to send it, and how I needed a sign from the universe... well damn it janet.  I think that might be a sign. Maybe. 

Seriously, poetry is one of the most intimate things you can give someone.  I'm serious here. There isn't another form of creativity or gifts that are more personal then a poem. Yes, poetry and lyrics go hand in hand, they are the same thing after all, and many people don't think of music as intimate, but trust me it is.  When you are moved by a great song, or energized by your favourite band, think about the words, the voice the way you react.  

No, I'm still too much a coward to give the guy the poem, but remember this, Jim Morrison of the Doors was a master at both. Many called him Dionysus in human form, and Dionysus was the god of both poetry and music.

Follow me. 

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