Monday, April 5, 2010

What do you mean you missed the plot hole?

My friend's mom was going over a copy of draft 2 of the novel and she found a plot hole. Large one too at that. My editor did not find this plot hole.
Great wonderful lovely. Like I am not having enough issues with the frealing thing. Now I have to figure out how to fix it, how far back into the story to go and sew up the mistakes.
Someone remind me again why I became a writer? Oh right because it's all I ever wanted to be since I was 3. Right, I knew that. That and well Elvira, and I've already tried and failed at that back in college in the early 1990's.


Paula said...

can't give much as advice on the plot hole unless I could take a peak at it. If the editor didn't miss it then I would stick with what the editor says in that instance

ardeth blood said...

Actually, I went back over the story and my friend's mom is right. The way I have it written right now, there is a underlining element that makes zero sense. It is a massive plot hole.
The editor should have picked up on it.


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