Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Devil's in my head

Quoting L.A. Guns from the song "Long Time Dead" from the Vicious Circle album.
Why... cause that's what I am listening to right now... on cassette!  Yeah it's that old. And discontinued from what I am told so I have not been able to find it on cd.

Anyway, the 10 of Swords,  or as my friend Erin likes to say  "The 10 of S words."  old SNL skit from like a million years ago when SNL was still worth something.  I did a reading this morning, and that damnable card popped up again, and again again and again... you get the idea it's haunting me.
Usually this card is shown as someone laying face down in the gutter with 10 sharp swords/daggers/knives in their back and skull with a large puddle of blood under them.   Nice Eh? 

Well, actually it is.
It's a very deceiving card, the term don't judge a book by it's cover was made for this card.  Yes, it is a card of pain.  Pain in the past. This card is a card of balance, forgiveness, self esteem and rebirth. Things are never as bad as they seem. It's a card that is telling you to -roll with it- the situation is over, time to grieve if necessary but relief is now at hand.  The end of a cycle and preparing you for the next.

I haven't figured out just what it's screaming at me about today, but I'm sure I will at some point.

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