Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dear Thunder Bay TNA Fans An Open Letter


I know you are out there, my hits tracker tells me that you are on the hunt for TNA coming to Thunder Bay.   Guess what,  I want that too!
So here's the deal,  leave a comment and help me in bringing  the X-Division to Thunder Bay.
The more people who ask, the better the chance of us getting a full on card of X-Division. 
If you're worried about being shy,  no need,  I have no shame and will be the loud mouthed redhead screaming on your behalf. 
By the amount of people who were crammed into the front doors of the Fort William Gardens last week for wrestling tickets,  it's more then obvious that we are starving for real wrestling. 
Okay Thunder Bay TNA Fans,  let's put a call into the darkness and get some X-Division to our little city.

Love Always Ardeth Blood

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