Saturday, March 6, 2010

Play Nice

I used screen capture for this post

What's going on there?

Now that is how you can tell Mr. Shelley's comfortable in the ring Eh? Maybe he was dizzy from lack of food?

Seriously now, is he tired or not feeling well?

I know this was after the match, but the camera did not stay on the MotorCityMachine Guns! like it could have. Instead the camera was jumping around between them and Beer Money Inc. so we missed alot of what they were trying to convey to the crowd. But I got the impression that creative are itching to split a rift here. If you read my review for this week's show (March 4th 2010 episode) then you know I made the comment asking if Mr. Shelley reads the production notes before hand because he's reactions to things are very very believable. Almost as if he really does not know what is in store for him.
What does creative have up their sleeve for the MMG? Gold I hope.

I have said this before on here, and to anyone who will listen to me for five minutes; Alex Shelley is the greatest pure wrestler around. Maybe even in the last 15 years.

Like so many people, I tuned into Spike tv back in the fall of 2005 to check out the "new wrestling show" that was TNA, and was hooked within minutes. Part because it was truly a new wrestling show and not the same old brainless brawls/gimmicks, but I continued to watch because of Mr. Shelley. His talent has only gotten better over the last few years. His timing is perfect, his movements in the ring flawless, and he makes everyone else in the match look good.
I've compared him to a dancer, a god, and a vampire. He's that captivating. Yes I know I'm getting a bit creepy again with the romanticizing of the man, but try and argue with me on this, you just can't. Why is there no gold on this man's waist?
He should have the X-Division belt again.

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