Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why am I still red?

I just spent the last hour bleaching out my hair. I should be white, but no, I am still red.
Dude, I just want to be ... well not red.
The last 4 times I've tried to bleach out it has not worked, and one of those was at a stylist. They used their industrial strength colour and it did nothing.

This today was a bottle job and I'm still red. A shade and a half lighter towards blonde, but red none the less.

What's going on here? There was one stylist a few years ago who could bleach me out to a perfect white, he's not around anymore. Moved. Damn it!

The last time I was at the stylist a year ago, she asked me what my natural colour was. I was my natural colour at that time, auburn red. She made a face and took in a deep suck of breath saying that it would be impossible to get much more then a lighter red as auburn are almost indestructible . Her words not mine.
So it would seem she was not joking.

So the universe wants me to stay a redhead does it? I can only guess that means that my soulmate must dig reds.

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